Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm taking you down!

Someone mentioned I wasn't getting any faster and they are slower than me! They also signed me up for a race Jan 1st. In the race you plunge in the lake at the end and they pre-opted out of that piece... stay tuned.. I think I will beat their time, have a documentary of events, a lot of smack talking... even after a swim I will still come in before them.

See, I train?

Disclaimer -1st indoor running training - usually low concentration skills lead me to be flung from the treadmill but due to competition - I managed. Do not run indoors..

Monday, December 18, 2006

walk purcell walk.. - um, what?

My girlfriend Valpey came to town from NY with her husband and her family has no electricity so I offer up my home (and bed) to them while I sleep on the couch.

Saturday we went and grabbed her grandma and took her out of the retirement home and went for a movie. Then of course, coming in from NY – she had friends and family to see. So Saturday we spent our time grabbing people, and the van just kept getting more and more full.

I also stopped by a friend’s house that had no phone that I needed to check on due to some illness they have in the family – trust me – I am no mother Teresa – cuz this night ends with much Vino and debauchery (that’s an exaggeration but it sounds fun just the same) – since she was visiting. We had many people to meet. Luckily it was all by the bar by my home – all that drinking. BLEEK!

I wake up at 7:30 to my alarm, and a text page, “Are we on for the 5k?” I thought for sure it would be canceled (that is why my Saturday I drank) - but hek yeah! I all of a sudden get really excited... Then whoa, I stood up too fast...3.5 hours sleep and all that Vino. Am I nightmare or what? My head is pulsing. I have quit the drinking down to a glass here or there.. and ZERO before race days.. Damn it! I blame the power outage.

I decided, just getting out there to run 3.1 miles, will be good. I deserve any suffering.

I got the same speech, “I am running this race at my own pace, against my own time, you want to run it, go, but I am not starting in the front”

Me, “Trust me, I am only here to hang out with you and just get a run in.” I believed it when I said it. BUT LIES LIES ALL LIES.

As I stand at the back of the line I begin to feel it. That pulse from adrenaline. Then the realization, “I am behind slow poke Rodriquez (Speedy’s cousin) – and they are multiplying.”

Count down… Five seconds to race – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. nobody is moving! (Except the front people who are already a half a mile out!)

There is the ankle timer.. so I try hard not to panic, they said its on the mat which is the size of picnic blanket.. Which part of the mat? The beginning or the end?.. and as I cross over this mat, it’s still a slow walk – They have this monster clock ticking the time clock is all I can see, and I am in slow motion, not in my head but for real – and I can only hear ticking like in the tv show 24– tick, tick, tick (the show its more like tink, tink, tink), I am like I need through these people.. Then I calm myself down for one minute. Then I was off the mat, still walking I went for full on “I am not doing this for nothing!” It’s almost like I blacked out – I do remember politely barreling through people – can you do that politely?.. If so, I am sure I was polite about it… :)

Then boom, I finished 10th out of 150 women – for the 5k.
Should have would have could have… but I tell you, as cranky as I was starting off in back and it not being my best running time..10th isn’t bad – and I literally got to pass everyone but 9 girls! I had a blast.

No more 5k’s for fun. I need to move it up to the 10 to 12ks I need longer distance, and I need to be faster. I swear I am getting slower!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yo Dog it's the Jingle Bell Run

I go to the jingle bell run and everyone there HEAD to TOE is in red with bells on (literally). Except for my jacket I am dressed all in black -all the way down to my underoos.

This was no ordinary race. This was a cheerful jingling mob!

After the second wave (which we were in) it took about five minutes to get to the start line - then another five for any movement - it was a slow slow walk if that.

I wasn't planning on running this race -I just merely wanted a jaunt... which was impossible!

Finally I edge my way up to sidewalk -which is the picture above and there comes D sprinting right beside me. I was like "ah one way to get him to run fast is to put him behind slow pokes and a hoard of people." We got kicked off the sidewalk for our two minute sprint and back to the mob. I start weaving and waving through people, it was awesome and D is just moving. I wish I could have real times for him because this is the fastest I have seen him move and his stride was much different and he was enjoying passing everyone -I was like "Heavens to Bitsy D is a runner."

no one was passing. it was just a blast

Finally this lady dressed as a christmas package comes sprinting by I look at D and said "I am not going to let that box beat me" so I picked it up. That when spirits were being crushed while I am knocking through reindeers, leaping over dogs, and pushing kids a side all to beat that box, which I did. Then back to FUN..

It felt good to run three miles. There was no pressure. I felt really normal running and just loved it. Then I did my quarter mile sprint in and we waited again entering the finish line in rows for about four minutes to take our tags.

Congrats to Team Dart and Ben for their race. I am in so much regret for missing it. I even stayed in Friday night so I would be all amped to go. Since last weekend body still doesn't love food... Today I ate ok, but I only had a protein shake and cheese fondue. Not much food. Not good for me either. My water is like at zero. That's what is freaking me out.. Like right now I hate water. Who hates water? "I do" no not you that's who were talking about here... I am now going for some nuun to see if that helps...

Monday, December 04, 2006


holy cow.
my week.
Sunday night in Sun Valley November 26 - snowed in -we were in a blizzard. First flight out was Tuesday.

Monday November 27th - made one GLORIOUS day of being stuck in Sun Valley. Snowboarded HARD. Last run by myself. I stood at thet top at 10,000 feet elevation. Got the last ride up on the chair. It was so quiet and i just kept spinning in circles just in aw of the beauty, the best part, I knew I had one hell of ride going straight down, and after two day blizzard, hitting the face of the mt. it was like butter.. carving was barely a sway of the body. board forward and just down with speed (down with the sickness) ...

Tuesday flight canceled. Drove 4 hours to Boise to catch plane.

Tuesday night heavy workout.

Thursday -work and heavy lifting.

Friday December 1st. Glorious private party at the Pink Door. They announced your name when you walked down the stairs and threw gold dust in the air. They had people dressed as Toy monkeys on all the ledges of the wall banging cymbals when they announced your name. They had trapeze, juggglers, topless servers, singers, performers, and incredible wine. I felt like I just entered Vegas. It was really well done -sounds odd, cuz i have zero energy to write, but it was not tacky it was all beautifully done and classy. Then -I ate this little appetizer. I said "is this crab or lobster?" too much hestitation on her part. She said, "crab" then out for the count for two days solid. Couldn't even keep water in. Itchy lips -puffy tongue -and sick sick sick. Lobster and I are not friends.

Then the Beast on Sunday. I will write about after I get some photos and have the energy.

I just went down to starbucks I told them I think I want to just lay down on the ground. They rushed around me (that is what being a good client gets you) telling and had me taking espresso shots straight from the bar. It was like a serious matter. They are like you have five seconds to shoot it. Good to know starbucks can come to the rescue. Still feel like a zombie. But not like I could pass out and that's the important thing. Getting sick and no hydration for two days was AWFUL.
I can't wait for bed. That caffiene will probably kick in then and I will be hacked.

This is my favorite picture of all time AND normally I would wince at sleeping on a rock but I would take it right now rather than having to sit up at my desk. I never feel this bad.. that food thing -missing planes.. no water. . BOOM. I ate and hydrated so much yesterday..

photo by RVG (?) again -favorite photo of all time

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sunday November 26, Sun Valley

I am pumped. Dressed. Ready to go snowboarding.

There are two mountains, dollar – for kids – and Baldy, the Sun Valley Ski Resort.

Both my little nephews are able to go to the big Mountain – when all of sudden Mitch says, “auntie Jill will you teach me to snowboard?”

Mark replies, “remember not until your 9 buddy, I want you to be a great skie first.”

Mitchie, “I can hit every run. And I can’t wait until I am 9 I already asked Santa for a snowboard.”

Mark, “we don’t know that Santa is bringing you a snowboard buddy. Lets ski today.”

Two perspectives going on in my head, One Mitch is truly is a GREAT skier, and we can hit every run possible at the resort, and it would be just a kick ass day for boarding for me. The other is –I want to be with my nephew and I do want him to be a boarder.

Then Mitch says, “Auntie Jill – Will you teach me?”

Then Mark just looks at me, (they always do this with me and Mitch) they let me make the decision. Ultimately he will be my responsibility that day and I will be at dollar.


So I spend my day – tugging him up half a mountain and then teaching him to board.
Exhausting! On my board I have one foot released when towing him, while he stays in and I physically tow him up part of the hill. Finally he says, “I am ready for the lift.”

Um. This I defer to Mark. He also gave up skiing to be part of this lesson but just on foot.

“Can I go on the lift?”

“It’s up to your Auntie Jill”


Does this kid really love me, or is he playing me?

“Jill you need to tell them to slow down when getting on, help him on and off the chair”

The first ride went smooth –butter. I also trained him well. Best student to date. Never said, “Can you let up on me?”

I taught him point board downhill, unless stopping.. How to turn – He never will ever know the term “falling leaf” –he was just carving. He got up immediately after a hard fall and questioned what he was doing wrong or needed help. One time he almost fell and started sitting and I yelled (encouraged), “no rag doll, stand up like you do when you skateboard” and he fully got out of his fall and made awesome turns. He did take hard falls but was a great student. He has been in ski lessons and skateboarding since two and fully has no fear – easy peasy!

Then next run, -and I don’t have a lift ticket for Dollar Mt. and the guy won’t let me on the chair. I fully understand, I thought it was going to be a no lift day. However he picks Mitch up and puts him on the chair. Mitch yells “auntie Jill” To the guy I am like” he can’t get off the chair. Can I leave my board? stop the chair.” He is like “no you need a ticket.” The chair continues and Mitch is going on the chair alone. ARGH… so this it the Dollar Mt. I have begging to run up.. well, here I go. The chair goes really slow for kids. And many stops for falls off the lift. I take my board off, and run underneath Mitch. He yells down and he is kind of scared, “Auntie Jill I need to you run faster then my chair. I need to you to help me off the lift.” Does he not know that I am giving it all I got at 7 thousand feet elevation, chasing a chair and a board on my shoulder? He yells down again, “I have seen you run faster than that.”

I make it just in time to see him get off the chair – and we boarded down.

Talk about a workout.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I have Landed in SV - Friday Nov 24

I finally make it to Sun Valley and get in the car about 8pm. My sister and
family look wiped out. I'm amped up. I am ready for motivation book camp with my
sister. As I'm looking around the car and they are listless. And what's worse
is we are heading straight to their house. Panicked, "what about running up
dollar?" Elise, "did it." "Late night sledding?" "We did it?" "Weights?" "Done. "
"No. No. No. That's why I'm here. Workout. You’re my motivation. I'm in training.
I've been bragging. You guys are my Nike commercial. My sister points to her
husband, herself, and my nephews with a circular motion and says "This Nike
commercial starts at 4am and ends at 8pm. Your a budlite commercial!" I protest
"No. I did everything to get here. The bird. Remember the bird? One run?" She
says half joking, "Mark. Stop the car she can run home. " They laugh. But as
soon as my two nephews heard the news you would have thought they we're about
to watch the Olympics. Their little arms shot in the air. They began to cheer.
"Auntie Jill is running home!!!!" (and if any of you have nephews are nieces you
know you will do anything to be the hero. You are not passed bribery, endless toys
or cash flow - so when their eyes lit up. I start taking off my jacket. They stop the car.

Mark's says, "what's shoe are you wearing?
"Don't do it. May cost you a day of boarding."
To me. No brainer. Nephews? So Elise and Mark start laughing as I exit the car.
Elise is like, “other side of the road where there is a sidewalk. "
So there they are following me. Opposite side of the road. Same direction all windows down.

I started out too fast. Probably my fastest sprint to date and the finish line was not a quarter mile out. Mark yells out, "you started way too fast out of the gate you will never keep this pace."
All laughter in the car.

Except Mitch. He screams, "Auntie Jill in twenty yards you will turn
left on a corner. You have a long down hill you can keep this pace."

I'm trying but my lungs are on fire. What is wrong? Little to no air in entering my
lungs but I keep thinking down hill coming. And then there it is. Glorious! My
stride even quickens. But lung status same.

Mark yells out the window again, "how does 6 thousand feet feel on the lungs?"

more laughter.

Then it’s Clint’s turn, "Auntie Jill your butt jiggles when you run" and the car stops. I look back to see them now gasping for air and laughing in hysterics. So now I have three
hecklers and one love completely routing for me.

My downhill is about to end the car comes back up and still just laughter. I want to laugh with him but breathing is sharper.

Mitch leans over Clint out the window and yells, "Auntie Jill after
the light there is a trail. You will even beat my dad home. Trust the trail it
gets really dark..” And sure enough I see the trail. AWESOME! I hear marks car speeding up to beat me. Mitch yells again, “It ends up at by our house. It will get really
dark." And the car is almost too far in the distance but I hear, "I love you
Auntie Jill. Trust the trail.........”

I am still sprinting and that big light is illuminating the sky. So I still feel great. But the trail isn't ending. Then true to his words it went completely dark. Black. And all I hear in my head "trust the trail.” So I am running blindly. And then there finally there is light again
from their home. I still have a bit to go but I hear the lights and the sound of a car.
I'm close. I just come out the trail right in front of their car.

Elise, Mark, and Clint are still laughing. Elise said “I can’t remember laughing that hard!”

Mitchie got out of the car to high five me.
I would do anything to make him smile. I love him! I would also do anything to make my family laugh.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I can't sleep

I told myself only blog when I exercise.. . but it's 1:23 am and I can't sleep (well I can never sleep) but I have these thoughts in my head so in order to blog I had to jog in place for five minutes and do 3 jumping jacks... It would have been way more but I kicked the chair... My legs are longer than I thought.. Why can't I run faster? Anyway that is not why I was jogging in place for that question. I was thinking about what pedals AV had on his bike when he was riding and then I thought about that bird that was killed today by the plane - I assume it didn't survive... oh my gosh I need sleep and better depth perception that killed my toe.
jumping jacks...
does anybody really ever do them any more?

Thursday, November 23, 2006

laughing and crying at the same time

I got up early this morning, packed, and then went for an incredible workout -not so I could feel guilt free on thanks giving -but the workout was a preliminary to a long weekend with my sister in Sun Valley, who is non stop play hard girl and you just got to be prepared.

We had plans to snowshoe up dollar mt. late night after dinner, tomorrow snowboard by day following an early early morning sledding with the boys (my adorable nephews)- they also ski while we board. She loves hitting the gym, then running, taking the boys late night ice skating, back to snow shoeing.. and next day repeat!

Also her love for fine food, wine and the spa makes it even more glorious.

I hop out of the car at the airport literally dragging my bag, with all its snowboard gear and electronics it is heavier then me . I get to the counter and give the lady my confirmation and she said, "The plane was hit by a bird -and the plane was damaged. No flights out." I'm kind of in shock and say, "Like a flipping Terradactyl (pterodacty?) What bird could possibly destroy a plane?" ."

Then she went on to say, "Tomorrow we can put you on Delta's plane... and then her words just went blurry when it got to about three or four transfers with multiple carriers.

I am grateful (and most importantly)
1. no one was hurt
2. That I wasn't on that plane when the it was hit by a bird..

I want my sister's contagious non stop NIKE commercial life. I would love to be with my little nephews and my sister. My other sister is at Whistler. If I had any car but a mini I would be driving right now to whistler…

I am trying again tomorrow! I need run... or just run so I get motivated

Monday, November 20, 2006

5k vs 50K

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I am so proud of Hart! Holy cow! Just taking the 50k down!

I am saddened to say my 5k (which just merely a 0 off) was disastrous.

I am sick as a dog, had a small accident, and I do EVERYTHING but rest. The exact opposite advice of my coach (lesson learned "good grasshopper")

It was pouring! Pouring! Pouring! I couldn't sleep at all Saturday night so I watched Saw 2 until 2:30 am -to awake at 7 (and the words awake is to be taken lightly because there was never a real sleep).

Razor blades of fire are in my throat.

But this is when I think "Do you really bow out of 5k race for the sniffles, achy and lack of sleep or am I being a pansy?"However this was Ben first run (I think he said since he was a track star in school) and I knew he was driving a long way to get there. I kept saying "should I run with you guys, should I run?" just yeep yeep yeep of whiner.

D was like where the hek is your competitive nature? Well it came out alright, but not for my own race but for the boys crossing the finish line.

So I think, well just good practice of suffering and being miserable. Just run, don't stop. I think it was slowest time yet to date at 9 minute mile.

As I ran something instantly felt pushed on my toe, and thoughts again "do you really stop for 3 miles.. just keep going?" and I could feel the blood sloshing -the only way I knew the difference from the water in my shoes was it was warmer. I hate to say it - but once I accepted the pain I welcomed the warmness. Blood or not.

At the end. they began to announce they were pulling down the finish cones and getting ready for the tots (and this where the competitive nature came in)

I thought I was being motivation and inspirational but apparently D and Ben said I sounded different.

My perspective.. when I heard the race was a near end, I ran backwards trying to find the boys.

D's perspective - He was telling Ben that is was most important to pace himself at this point because he needed to exert his efforts and run over the finish line. I ran up to them and simply said "go go go, they are taking down the finish, sprint it out, sprint it out and began running beside them still speaking (they said yelling).

D and Ben's perspective "you f-ers. hurry up. The finish line is almost down and the tots are running what are you picnic-ing for? RUN RUN RUN RUN RUN" either way you have it, they ran it out. D said his pep talk to Ben was all for not with my "motivational speech."

He was surprised to hear my time. I then without completely whining and waiting for the most appropriate time (over dinner) took off my shoe. He was like "holy sh+t" he said that couldn't happen today. Your toe looks like a hammer hit it. The skin around the toe is missing too with a blood blister to boot. I am used to toe injuries; this is an all new breed.

we had that age old question, "why risk that for 3 miles? or do say how can you quit when you know it's only 3 miles?"

today I sucked. shamed.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pineapple Classic

and it was Classic Nov 11

My team was fantastic. I will add more when I get some photos.

We sprinted our hearts out, only to be stopped at a 30 minute obstacle.
I had to be gently reminded by my teammates., it was for fun.
This looked like the best obstacle AND it was for fun - not the olympics.

Anyway we had to carry a pineapple at all times. I would have loved more obstacles.
No backpacks were allowed to carry the pineapple.

So as I climb up a rope-y square something, I kept getting details how to do it. I wanted to whisper back, you should see me flip over a barbed wire fence... our soccer team we often kicked the ball over the fence and it was my favorite to jump over the fastest - this talent also got me handcuffed when I was 22 years old and at a Vegas Dead Show for climbing the fence - no one was even over yet and I landed on the other side, and I was like face to face with the police - who eventually let me go when the mob finally reached the top and the fence fell... any way.. I didn't even want to climb the fence, or break in but when i saw the race for the fence, something (competitive) snapped in me. (and trust me I don't feel like a winner when I realized the rest of the crowd was lacking shoes, on heavy drugs, and were eating the grill cheese at the same time)

anyway back to the pineapple.. finally we decided to stick it in my hood, so from the back I look like a yellow jacket headless girl with pineapple leaves -stems -or whatever they were.

It was great fun.

I loved my teammates. I will post pictures as soon as I get them

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

now this is friendship

Thursday November 9th

My workout got hijacked by a salsa teacher when entering my gym. She said, "Jill come to salsa it wil be fun." me always the yes man (it's the number one rule of improv -always say yes and live in the moment -unless it's immoral. ) And since the very last time I did salsa I had the biggest workout of my life, so I thought this would be fun. As it turned out it was fun but not a workout. Afterward I rode indoor bike for 35 minutes to work up a sweat.

Then I remember 10 things different about my salsa class at Laura's party

1. I had just broken my elbow
2. It was the hottest day of the year July 23 -wearing a cast
3. Sweating my ass off because of the cast
4. Took zero pain medicine so I could have a drink - causing sweat to bead on my brow and upper lip
5. My nerves in my arm felt raw and I wanted to be fun - that is about 200 calories right there - smiling when you want to die
6. Did I mention I my arm was broken and in a cast? :)
7. After our lesson we created a bunny hop salsa dance practice
8. It was a hard cast so I couldn't touch my face or lift a drink with my left arm which makes it hard to double fist or to do tequila shots
9. I didn't bitch one time because it was my friends party and I think holding in swear words when your in pain can cause you to use extra energy.
10. But alas I have true friends so when they watched me struggle with my dilema- I couldn't put salt on my left hand or bring a shot class to my mouth with left hand- they followed suit -

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

belly belly

tonights workout we rocked.
heavier weights and no relaxing in between ... again hitting every body part and frying them.
then my ab report - wish there was music to this piece.. cuz it's my focus.. and I want to see if it will make a difference.. not the music, the ab workout..
I will try again
and then the ab report "du du du dua du.."
doesn't work
any way
kings chair - 105
round ball sit ups 120
and crunches 150

i kind of feel my stomach muscles are seperated from my ribs..or is that the way it always is.. either way.. i hurt...

then rode the indoor bike for 35 minutes with a 5 minute cool down.

i need more. more. more

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


AV broke his leg Saturday riding his rode bike turning a corner. I went to visit him in Harbor View last night. It was so sad. He looked awful (I hope he doesn't read my blog) but most of all, you could feel a spirit crushed. One that has many races planned ahead and most importantly, running, biking, swimming, anything adventure or racing is his life. I usually have something to say but I had nothing. Nothing except, “glad you’re not dead." I am sure those were the most non comforting words one can hear because it means that is the only thing that is worse is death. Which isn’t true, its just the only thing that came out of my mouth.

And if to make his trauma any worse, they put him next to a guy who was either yelling on the phone, yelling at the nurse and doctor, or making awful noises. Why would they put two trauma patients together? Yes Aaron would be the ideal roommate so the other person could gather their thoughts but this guy was a maniac.

I finally just broke and said, "I know it's about your leg but that guy is killing me. I don't know how you can take him. I hate him." Aaron slowly reaches for an ear plug and lifts it. He then says, "It doesn't really help"

So when I left I felt ill. He was white. I was white. The place was lonely yet full of extremely hurt people -and the involuntary psych ward.

When I walked into the room, I didn’t even look at the first patient to give all the privacy I could. Then after hearing him yelling at the dr. I knew I had to check him out. He was screaming “I am not staying here. I am running out of here. I am giving you an ultimatum. I need to walk now. I am leaving.” While the dr. politely said, “We don’t want you moving, esp. walking and we can review again in the morning.”

So given the drama in the trauma room, I walked out slowly full on staring at his roommate.

“GREAT GASP-Y!” the guy had broken neck, back and skull. He was in so many braces, he looked locked down to the bed. He couldn’t even lift his head up. I thought why this Dr. is even wasting his time telling him he can’t leave? My reply would be– “if you really think you can walk out of here, you are welcome to go.” –um, that could be why I am not a Dr. But still! It was rather comic like - a very FAR SIDE image.

I keep thinking about it so I went for a workout at lunch to get it off my mind.
I went to abs class
Afterwards I did 60 king chair
And a hundred on the ball crunches.

Still have that lonely awful image of that room and AV.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

feast or famine

Sitting at Kevin and Julie's home years ago with D we viewed pictures of Kevin and Julie climbing Mt. Rainer - I wish I saw those pictures today I would have an even more appreciation for them. (That sentence would be beautifully followed by a "because after I climbed Mt. Rainer I could really appreciate their perseverance) but instead my appreciation comes from “after I climbed dollar mountain in snowshoes I know what suffering is” -its climbing the bunny hill for kids in Sun Valley.

However when viewing their pictures Kevin and Julie all bundled up and Julie was missing her ski goggles D says, "Why aren't you wearing goggles?" Kevin replies, "she lost hers." and d said "dude that is messed up. You should have given yours to her." and I can simply say at that moment, in my heart of hearts I know D would have given me his goggles. He would pass over his PFD, his air in oxygen tank and to any woman drowning on the boat D would step aside and give his spot in the rescue boat. BUT there is one thing for sure he won't die of, and that is starvation. If its you or him that gets the last supper, trust me, it's him.

Today at the gym he says "you look weak, what did you eat today?" I said, "Nothing." he replies "that’s not smart. You need to eat. Don't lift anymore I am grabbing you a power bar." I thought wow I must look bad, I am stressed haven't slept since Friday, can't really eat, D is making this look like 911 and he comes back unwraps the bar and looks at it and serious chomped not only the first bite but like 80 percent of it.

I had this other experience with him once before when there was no food in the home and we had one little lasagna to heat up. Well after he began eating it, he waved his hand over mouth, like indication "very hot very very hot" cuz my number one hate in life is burning my tongue. Then he continued to eat it quite rapidly and doing that thing in your mouth when it's too hot, you almost like eat and breath air in so its not touching anything in your mouth, that is when I got suspicious -his acting skills were weak, and there I was looking at near empty lasagna. So I dove in and it was luke warm (at best).

However I will give credit where credit is due and he kicked my ass again in the gym. Our workout was the most difficult yet. Hitting every body part, tripled our lunges, and doubled our stomach work out. I let go of a lot of stress, was able to eat and I will sleep tonight, if I can get my legs to quit twitching.

Friday, November 03, 2006


I ran last night in the rain and mud and loved it.I love running in the trails. It was a short run about 4.6 miles in 50 minutes. two stops. pee (see is ths important?) well maybe and matt mentioned my shoes were untied. the only shoes without yanks.

I did also come with a million outfits and was like "ok, I know part of the training doesn't come with clothing decisions but I refused to be too COLD or TOO HOT for a teammate perspective - which was crazy cuz when we met I was a wee late...and he was standing in the rain. He ran there.. um, I drove to run.

So I told him, "i think i would rather be someone well prepared and not be changing ... like last beast my leg warmers fell down and literally over my shoes I suffered through it, and i had a sweater issue (it was really a jacket)... but next race, no outfit problems. i can suffer thru cold or if I can switch and run, but I am working all this out befor racing"

however, my goals for races and life seem so simple.
be prepared clothes wise.
never give up
shoes laces won't happen again
those leg warmers OUT
and have fun with my friends when running or racing
run more with my sister
get on my bike
have fun and only chose people to train with the same way i would chose a poker or drinking buddy, someone fun (and funny), nice, honest and speaks highly of their friends.
all this is for fun, yes? I am having a blast.

one last thing, i must admit I love over prepared then under prepared (except for prime rib) but my point, going from 15 to 50 miles on a mt bike, yes accomplishment, but it would have been nice to be comfortable riding a lot longer. It just put fire under me and all of sudden I can't get out and ride or run enough - it's dreary out and I workout today.... will it be in the gym.. or outside..I vote outside.. I shall see what happens.

I have a benefit tomorrow night I rallied performers for. I love benefits. Fund Raisers. I love it. To run for a good cause, now that is a great idea... I LOVE IT ALL.

Hart also sent me a great email today and I am all fired up.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do you

Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help you god? Buddha? Someone?


Its seems when you began writing out loud like in a blog, you can't be a 100 percent honest, or can you? For instance, I read my BLACKBERRY stories and they seem more raw, more real, less censored.. Who knows, maybe no one reads this at all and I can be open as possible.

I don't have anything negative to say so it wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.. I just question my own perspective on the blog.. And edit more. Not a fan of editing. I mean for typos sure, but raw thoughts... no!

BUT this is the truth, the solid truth

I had an awesome 40 Mile Fall Classic with M and AR on Saturday. Hopefully pictures and stories to follow. I also got a blue ribbon -with details "hot ass chica" I did! I can't help what award I got... it just happened. M was very generous. I have a sad picture of AV whimpering. I can't wait to post.

Sunday it hailed and stormed in Issaquah and went for the inside the gym experience instead of our single track ride - I had honestly saved my legs and everything for this big trail ride and boom! I expressed disappointment and he (being D) in return nearly killed me in weights and my abs. I couldn’t have been more sore.

Monday was a day a rest.

Then, Tuesday October 31, I did my abs class... and it rocked. I was so obsessed one time with abs that I was lifting three days a week and going to abs class for one hour the other two days. It was a solid class. (I did however go to Bora Bora with a six pack and like a week into the trip of not doing sit ups and drinking on the beach, I could almost rest my beer on my belly). EW gross image... see? Edit. Edit. Edit.

However my drive is back.

I run tonight with Hart I am thrilled!! It's Nov 2, despite my posting saying Oct. 31.

I bike tomorrow night and run Saturday for a team that is running a Marathon in Paris. I just got the news. I am a little excited. She was a little bit interested in my nutrition (which ironically I was eating a Big Mac at the time she called) I decided to tell the truth, "It's bad" I have these meetings, trainings and a diet plan all to raise money for Leukemia.

Friday, October 27, 2006

my belly is blasted

D and I worked out for lunch and he killed me. He is the BEST PT for weights. Every part of my body is twitching and I am pretty sore.. usually that takes a day or two. He used to ask me to go with him more and I would be like, "nah" -I just was being lazy! just think how strong I would be? But now I accept easily or beg him to go, cuz I have paid for wieght trainers and he still is the best.. and it's working! I can feel a huge difference!!! My biceps make a wee little line when I flex.

I ran at Tiger last night with a group. It was pretty fun. I haven't run in like a month or so... or since that triathalon, to keep off my knee. Besides my fall, my knee felt great. Took it easy.

I hit a stump so large and landed on the ground and literally sprug up faster than I fell. My poor hand and knee... when Kim and Karen looked at the stump with their lights, I was shocked to see the size... I am like "are we in the old growth forest?" How the hek could I not see that? They were so great and even offered up their lights.. but i think it was just me!

I need a HART to HART run.. hee hee.... but i am glad it was six miles and besides the fall nothing hurt from a knee strain stand point.

I bike tomorrow with M and maybe AV. "40 mile bike Fall classic" She made the title so I can win a race.. sweet, huh? Or at least take second.. with two.. or if AV comes I am still in the top three! It will be road trails.. but using mt bike.

Sunday I am riding single track... so it should be a great workout weekend!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just GO

i have no story today except at work i felt horrible
at my workout it felt great, now i feel blah!
Bench press
Upright rows andshrugs
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extension
hamstring (is that spelled right..can't be) extensions
belly blaster with the ball
sit ups throwing the ball and catching it back

i feel so awful

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Lazy to the point I started feeling achy and whiney (wait.. that might be my normal).

I haven't worked out since Saturday in Bend (Big Fat Tour)

I just felt blue... or is it blew? no, it blew I was blue! (that's right) ANYWAY..
I finally got out of the house and rode Iron Horse for 20 miles. 10 miles up and 10 miles down.. 2 percent incline... it was a fun ride again. Then just to ruin anything good for me I ate at BIG FAT BURGER.. and stuffed myself. :)

I do work out tonight with Hart.

Wednesday D and I have the competition going on

Bench press
Upright rows and
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extensionsS
seated rows
RVG's (patented) rowing drill
Bike or run for twenty to 30 minutes.

Addendum - other team already forfeited. Darn. Next time.

I am going to have train even harder.. Next time I challenge. 100 King Chair!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


RVG and Julie (Kevin's wife) -

RVG just finished 100 MT Bike miles with Kevin -RVG looks shiney and new! .. and a still doing little Nav 101 on the side

I have to thank RVG, Hart, JVG, D and AV for all the training.. Next time I think I will train harder like instead of going from 15 miles max to 52... Thanks to D for hanging with me and to RVG for literally step by step helping me up a hill -without tow - but with training and to throw me in the dark like this.. but I am ready for more!

quote "Purcell every time you are off your bike I am snapping a photo" RVG :)

Big Fat Tour - Beautiful, eh?


This is one of those shots where the focus is on the guy that fell down the hill -but if you rewind and watch the home video -someone- me is falling... I am not doing YOGA downward dog.. this is for reals!

Photo Op (I needed a small breather)

TA (lots of food)

Why can't I get just one more hill?

BIg Fat Tour Finale (or finally!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fine Motor Skills

Imagine back when you were 3- you didn't know you didn't have fine motor skills but you were suspicious!

I, for one, knew something was off immediately!

Setting - Pre-School
Teacher - Miss Mills
Me - 3 year old student
Nickname -TROUBLE (my mom went so far as to have it printed on all my shirts) and yes people would say, "Here comes Trouble!"


We are in class making sock puppets and the googely little eyes on Miss Mills puppet were in line perfectly and directly on the face where they should be... and then it came to my turn. I used the glue with one hand, putting it directly on the back of one my googely eyes and I am shooting for above the mouth and above the imaginary nose and BOOM! It ends up on the throat of my flipping puppet. One eye makes it safely to where it belongs. This catastrophe is known as lack of fine motor skills -which you begin to develop when you are 3.

Miss Mills said, "Good job" (Liar)

However I pretended not to notice but that haunted me for a long time… not looking at the puppet, but being in full alignment and then having an eye go so awry.

HOWEVER -I am back to square one. I have a beautiful ride, a beautiful story, a great 50 Mile TOUR which to write about and until I get my fine motor skills back I can't! I am typing (or rather pecking with one finger). I am not even sore as much as I don’t have fine motor skills, like little hand movements, cutting, zipping, opening things, typing, using keys.. Etc…is this a level above sore.. and sore is coming?

Has this ever happened to anyone? Is this due to the ride? Or do I have a deeper problem?

I have a brilliant story to be told... Oh please bring back my dexterity!

Well I will write it tomorrow regardless, I will persevere! Because there is an amazing story to be told with beautiful pictures and many people to thank and I loved every moment of it!

Monday, October 09, 2006

mud spa and Capital Forest MTB

Primal Quest Top -watch ESPN2 430
muddy, but not cute! tough!
Halloween? Blue- JVG Primal QuestRVG- Primal Quest Survivor and mud Repellent?

Friday, October 06, 2006


Just a simple game of twister. That's all I ask. Not much. Well I would have to
like twister. I didn't find it much fun as a kid or even as an adult (and we
actually have gotten twister as a suggestion in improv. So I have even played
make believe twister.) Nothing really jumps out at me. Except today. Twister
would be delightful. I don't even need a partner to play with.

This all started yesterday because I can't even walk. Not because I am sore (that story comes next) but I am ree ree. (I’m sorry, kid with special needs.) All I was doing was walking on the sidewalk and my feet slipped so fast under me like I had a banana skateboard below. I hit the ground hard and the thug and lost air from my chest sounded awful -even to my own ears. And as if I was in hell and they said move the one body part that hurts the most and move it to red –I had done just that. I landed on my swollen palm from Mt biking. Didn’t even use the other hand, arm, or body to catch myself.

Four men on the streets were helping me up. One grabbed my blackberry
that slid ten yards and smashed into a building. I swear there were little
birdies circling my head. Yet I know I just landed on my hand –which couldn’t hold the fall because of the pain, and then full body crashed.

I walked home because I had to go ride my bike. I scrambled around for socks.
Does anyone know this pain? I kept moving forward until I realized I was out of
it when I was trying to put my biking gloves on my feet.

I finally get my head normal and pain to where I can think, and ride 22 miles to Alki and back and a little more.

My legs burned the whole way (and again not because of the ride itself) but my special Olympic Lunge Competition (OLC) around the WAC. I am dead sore. I woke up in the morning and had only one sit up left in me from my king chair victory and had to scootch the rest of my body out of bed. I walked passed the shower turning it on. Then sat down to pee and I had the most sadistical laugh. I couldn't stand back up. Had I been in a retirement home I would have push the red emergency button for someone to save me from the john. I begin thinking grey bars in the handicap bathroom sounded nice about now. I used the wall the counter and made it to the shower.

My point. There isn't a part of me that could really play twister. I can't decide if the dream to play twister is because that would mean I could lean on either hand or arm and I could stretch... or is merely that I wish I just enjoyed the simple life of the blue, green, yellow and red dots.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Little Mermaid Takes RVG out of The Race

What would be a friendly team building, turns into a weight competition and goes south fast when Little Mermaid aka JP -knocks RVG out being a contender for the victory. D and RVG were both slam dunks for the weight competition until the kings chair -however - Regardless of D's poor performance on the KC, LM saves the day and knocked RVG out of the game with her 42 lifts to his measely 41.

Bench press
Upright rows and shrugs
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extensions
Seated rows
RVG's (patented) rowing drill
Bike for 20 minutes just D and JP
Basketball -just RVG

Friday, September 29, 2006

and the Oscar Nominees are

RVG –in TIGER MT -when you watch this character you are amazed that he can tow two people up tiger MT while singing metalica crossed with a little bit of improv. He shows strength, determination, leadership skills and is respected and admired not only from an audience perspective but through the other two characters as well. He shows no mercy! He does at times, in jest or to motivate, let the other two characters know where they stand. One example is when JP was wheezing ¼ up Tiger (while in tow) RVG turns back and says, “I would have been up to the top 9 minutes ago” RVG has JP exhausted, bruised and tired after riding three hours, he again says, “That loop takes me an hour and ten minutes, however I was able to appreciate the little things I have never noticed before, for example that little spider crossing in my path.” He stays loved with his humor, training techniques and his funniness never stops even when he opens his mouth and catches a moth.

JP- in TIGER MT -Her character was a little raw and hormonal. This was very obvious. She played this role very well; her head and biking was like a roller coaster ride. She went from “shit I suck that I have to be towed” to seconds later having much gratitude for RVG and trying as hard as she could. She was forced to ride ahead so the boys could stop and take the same route with much more speed. Saddened by her skill set, then she would flip a switch and nail some crazy roots, rocks and drop offs. This character might be needy because when she was speeding and making gnarly drops she wanted to have witnesses, again very hormonal, but then her head flipped back to normal and into the game and she was having a blast and loved the adrenaline. But even within the movie itself –the two other characters, RVG and D commented on her acting ability and sound affects. They told her they couldn’t determine if her screams meant she was hurt, scared, or having a great time. So they commanded her to do explosion noises for fun, and when hurt to yell, “Shepard a sheep is down”

D in TIGER MT. He rode hard, showed strong skill sets and NO fear. Hits everything he can and picks up much speed during the movie. He started off in the prequel early May, taking it easy, and never losing control now to quoting, “To live you have to be willing to die.” He wants to go faster and faster, taking every jump and risking it all for speed. Once behind JP (who once again believed she was working hard) He said, “Step it up” and begins to really sound like RVG. But the most dramatic moment of the night, -and I really liked the angle is the view and perspective was from JP, first you hear a sound of fall, a crack and JP looks over, her headlight illuminating the scene (and the sky) and one branch broke, then another and another, D rolling and rolling down the cliff with the bike, and nothing is strong enough to stop this abominable force, and at one point, D is making no verbal sounds, not even agony – picking up even more momentum…JP can’t determine its branches breaking or bones and screams “D are you ok?” No answer… JP dismounts her bike running to the scene and D continues to fall…finally, he stops, all is quite –even the little spider RVG befriended had to take a peak, and finally D moves and says, “I’m fine.” D standing in the middle of the cliff, immediately JP realizes he isn’t dead or broken she begins to snap photos while laughing.

And the Oscar goes to… D for the fall:

JP is still stunned by no Oscar for her overall hormonal cuteness and bad ass bitchen riding.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vertical World

D and I took a class last night and there were only three students... So one of us had to pair up with the teacher why we practiced the my delight, D gets paired up with the other guy. The reason I am thrilled about this is D- will make you do the exercise over and over and over and over (actually I don't think this blog can hold as many characters as I would need to describe over and over). HOWEVER -my best example is when we were getting certified in Cancun, at the bottom of the ocean -when you have to do your drills... and they make you take your mask off, in the salt water, open eyes, find your mask, put it back on and clear it. You hope you can make it once... and then never think about it again! D- on the other hand doesn't feel comfortable with this (because it's painful) so he has to do it again and again, making the class do it again and again.. Don’t get me wrong, it's the smart way to go and it can save your life... But still!
So then when it came to climbing... I got paired with D. She looks at us and asks our weight and goes, oh, hmm “She might go in the air.” D has this look; I think it has been designed for me and only me... He smiles, dead eye contact and he thinks real loud "I like you, but I don't trust you.” He often does this in poker hands and can get me to bust into a smile...and I lose the hand! So as he about to climb... he gives me that look, "I like you, but I don't trust you." ... fair enough.. I did laugh... Smile... And when he did repel, I did come off the ground and had to get pulled back down...

exhibit A - where is the trust?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

slacker or destiny?

Ok... it has been killing me about not doing the Black Diamond tri -even though I only signed up to beat my swim time. It was killing me. Felt like a quitter! However (here is me justifying) - it was a race I signed up less than 10 days prior and I just did a tri two weeks ago. BUT back to what’s killing me.. I STILL need to beat that swim time... And the season is getting colder.. And that is a goal within this year…

I had so much panic by not doing the race that “race packet pick up night” I drove all the way to Black Diamond to tell the lady (and that is me being nice calling her, "the lady") that I was not picking up my packet and now out of town, flying to New York. She replied back, "so." - it took me three hours to drive there in traffic... a lot of sweat and tears.. Calling my trainer, and friends for advice all over the world…eating myself alive.. What kind of person would not do a race they signed up for?

BUT when LV found out I wasn't going to NY for her Birthday she said, "but that is all I wanted for my Birthday, I thought you were surprising me!” UGH…that.. then the trapeze.. I buckled...

BUT -There is point for anyone who has stuck through this so far…

I just read the Black Diamond Results and in big red BOLD writing their disclaimer said…

"Due to a disconnected cable on the swim finish box, many athletes did not get a recorded swim finish.”

I would have CRIED! I don’t wear a watch when swimming, running or biking. I would have never known...

Anyway, I promised my trainer I would start wearing a watch/heart monitor biking…BUT it’s so hard to run late when you have a watch on… you feel so guilty.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Triathlon Transformation

New Disciplines

Volley Ball

Trapeze 02:02:09.0 Run1 00:20:31.6 T1 00:05:36.0 Volleyball 01:58:38 T2 03:01:53 Drink 09:20:50.1 Finish 19:57:03.9

Trapeze –Rocked. We went four times more than a full class. Currently sitting up, breathing, and laughing HURT my stomach.

Run 1 Distance between the trapeze and outside volley ball court through the park. Gorgeous.

T1 – Total picnicker... sat and ate a ham and cheese sandwich and guzzled grape Gatorade.

Volleyball –Great time. Felt very alive. One bad hit on my right knuckle (which is so bruised and swollen). I have a sand burns from dives (I don't even think I was near the ball).

T2 – Shameless. Walked to Laura’s home, many stops to grocery stores... Than a pedicure, shower, make up, flat iron. (First in Tri-Record)

Drink – One of the top parties of all time! We made Jell-O shots that look like dice, and everyone had snake eyes… when LV or I would cut a perfect square, they made it to the plate, any mistakes…. We ate…

I would write more... But way too exhausted!

Friday, September 22, 2006


I just got the pictures from my NY trip.. and I am 98 percent positive my arm is healed enough to Trapeze again.. so I am going to Vegas next weekend... while the girls will be drinking at the pool, i will be flying!

FLYING! ...please catch me!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

6:55 am swim

I am NOT a morning person, and lately... Not really a water person (all because of this swim)... pretty soon i thought I won't even hop in a bath, shower, etc.. Then today a break through...
Don't you love those?

Hart's offer was 6:00 swim or 7:00? My reply, "7:00, I'm a monster in the morning."
He quickly replied “6:55 I will see you there.”

So since the pool is in my building. I set my alarm for 6:45, put my swim suit on, sweats, and held my goggles and swim cap in my hand and prayed that he didn't call. (The whole world is blowing up around us and there is poverty, death, disease… and I like to keep my praying in house -like maybe my trainer won't show up).

So with all my gear on, my bed becomes my TA and I lay down.. "Please don't call" - but if he does -I'm dressed, ready to go and Hammer Gel espresso under my pillow...

Phone rings exactly on time... "Purcell, Hart, downstairs, meet you at the pool."

I hate mornings.. And I have hated my swimming...

After adjusting to the water, I thought, "I really like water.” I have been blowing all this out of proportion. Matt has been a strong teacher and I nearly doubled my strength from first lesson. That's huge! (Again, I had a 32 minute swim time). I think the intimidation of being out there the first time and not a strong swimmer has put evil thoughts in my head about water. BUT I love water. I love water sports. Wakeboarding. Scuba Diving. Pools. Bathing…etc…....So I felt the love for the water today.
This might be my weakest sport yet. But I will take five minutes off that swim time!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Charlie's Angel meet TRI

I think I can cut ten minutes off my time.. um, quit posing.. wait.. i am out here for the fame.. funny thing i didn't know at that point i was getting my picture taken..... so was i smiling like that the whole time? ok, a little more concentration.. a little less acting like a runner...and do you like 70's hair?

I need a shark

I think right now, it's the only way to cut 5-10 minutes off my swimming time.. if I were being chased by a shark, ... even it caught up with me and chomped me all up, it would be a cool way to die... i mean way better than drowning...right?

Thursday, Sept 14 thru Sunday, September 17 Training.

Thursday - Rode bikes with D. Swam for 30 minute (in a four foot pool).

Friday - Hart and I had swim lesson, it was a little tougher than my swim a lap (stop), catch a breath.. etc.. it was more of real workout.. my lungs were expelled of all energy.. I could even feel it in my heart.. i guess a push I haven't even felt when running before.. just mere exhaustion and it wasn't as intense as he could have made it. But he saw my limitations.. still can push me harder than I can push myself. Amazingly so.

Friday night, -John Daley workout.. um, no wonder the guys has off golf days. My Saturday was so lame, it was my day of rest anyway.. but I didn't even enjoy it. I did go to a wedding in Orcas, but was definitely dragging.. No drinking until the end of October.

Sunday, Bike Ride with D we had a comedy of errors. Two popped tires, only one tube, and a fall (me - on pavement.. that took like 15 minutes to happen.) I hit this tiny tiny curb wrong, and I skid across it forever.. I couldn't even unlock myself from the curb.. The noise was loud and annoying and sounded painful. And the whole time I am like, "that's me and I am screwed!"
However since broken elbow I have this new tuck and roll thing... very ninja turtle like. And I was unclipped and rolling once bike hit the ground... D said, "That sounded a lot worse than it was" - I was still on the ground, bonked head., scraped and my hip hurt, and I am like nodding.. And then a little girl in the background screams, "Mommy did that girl just fall from her bike?" Just let’s say right after falling everything out of the gate I heard I had to edit any external dialogue and breath in and out before I spoke. " I'm fine. Let's go." D said, "You got that tuck and roll thing down." It was funny. We had to laugh.

It wasn't great exercise... but fun riding.
Tonight I swim, then hop on stationary bike... I don't like the idea.. but I have no lights.. next purchase.. a great light for bike… I have theatre tonight too.. So my training will have to start after ten.



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paparazzi Finds Hart at Cyclocross 201

we arrive for cycloscross 201 and I step out of the room for just one minute and I come out to Hart in a full on photo shoot. I tried to pop in but he jokingly said, "You’re ruining my photo op!" or was he joking...? Apparently they were doing some press for their class... right spot at the right time? or ultra athlete in class? I think the latter.

Anyway, I had NO idea what to expect. Especially since we skipped 101 and went straight for 201. –Rock Stars! However, I read anaerobic... I truly thought lifting weights.

But by definition - I added the third (sometimes dictionaries protect you from the truth)


(of an organism or tissue) living in the absence of air or free oxygen.
pertaining to or caused by the absence of oxygen.
Pure Hell

We rode a course designed for fast starts, clicking in and out, clicking off with only one foot and running while clicking out. The toughest part of class was picking up the bike and running with it - that is where I learned #3 above. I looked at Matt and said, "I thought this was anaerobic?” again somehow in my mind I just thought of us curling our bikes, doing bike presses, etc... And he said, "You sound like your breathing hard to me." I am like, "I know, aerobic" - he is like, "no anaerobic -without oxygen." He was dead on about that. That’s when I let him know we might have different opinions of what fun is.

However once that moment kicked in where you do have fun, class was over too fast. I would be interested in doing another cyclocross class. I would even do one of their races. I felt high energy afterwards, then I really wanted to go riding, but it was pitch black out.

Hart is a good mental coach too... He keeps you positive.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Yet, I couldn't get in the pool.
I signed up for Black Diamond Tri immediately after my last race. I need a reminder NEVER to do anything so irrational again!
I have less than a week and half to get a decent swim.
HOWEVER -I stood at the edge of the pool last night at 10:10 and didn't want to go in.
It was cold! ha! pool! cold? I stood there forever. FinallyI had to have a serious talk with myself, trying to bring back the swim in my head and remembering not moving forward.
Funny. I was exhausted just after a few laps... maybe the dog paddle for 32 minutes is easier on body then a full on swim. I did practice for a few laps - it was much nicer then being in the lake. so easy to quit after a few laps. I am going to need a serious swim in the lake, or I will be right back in the middle of that nightmare I was at last week. ARGH!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Big Escape

I was the last one out of the water (except the other guy who was taken away in
an ambulance). I biked strong to decent but not much people to pass when your so far away from the rest of racers.

Friday (prior to race Sunday) we pulled up to Mercer Island and got out of the parking lot to view and ride where "The Escape From The Rock" will take place. We followed the arrows and came unto an open field -empty. In the far distance there were honey buckets. D said "This must be it, I like how organized they are". He loved their
emptiness and cleanness and he felt that was organized. The air was very
electrifying. Nobody was there but just knowing there would be fun, chaos and a
thousand racer made the air energized. We rode our bikes across I90 and
the route the best we could. We rode down to the water to check it out. Fun.
Fun. Fun. Only 9 mile ride. The bike will be 12 for the race. Half mile swim. 2.5 mile run.

Saturday. One day before the race I stood in line to register. 3rd in line.

Sunday 620 pick up. 7:00 am arrival. Need to set up TA.

What if I drown?
My entire swimming career (or I shall career with water) is baths, chasing
the rope for wake boarding (scuba - where they insist no swimming just kick with
legs) and a dip in the pool and getting to the edge with a dog paddle. I
have not even swam an half mile in my entire life total.

I was damn organized and proud of my set up. Then the water. Oh the water. We stood why the guy spoke and spoke. Is it me? Or is he just not funny? Then he asked if john ____ was out there. (can’t remember his last name) He said, " John how many times have you done this race?" he yelled back "5." The announcer said "John is blind, his son will assist him.” Me. Tears.

Then his son sang the national anthem and we all sang. I have to say for a bunch of swimmers (some of us not swimmers) we were as good as any church choir –I suspect, I never have attended church…. I cried again. More like teary eyes.

Then the water. I opted for the wetsuit for buoyancy. A lot of good that did me when I was swimming in circles. One time I just needed a big break and decided to do backstroke. I went backwards for 1/10 of a mile before the kayak angel yelled "your swimming backwards." Ugh. The swim never got much better. Although I didn’t move at any pace, there was never even a remote thought, give up. Shore. Stop. It was like, you will get through this. You will make it out. Just never stop. I wasn't even tired as much as kicked in the face, choked by water and just didn't move forward.

My transition rocked. Pulled off wetsuit. Dried only my feet and put on socks
and my bike and ran out of their until I could mount bike (three ambulances
stopped my path running out of the water, which was actually counted as run 1) well the ambulances didn’t really stop me actually D grabbed me by the collar and held me back (after my poor swimming performance he didn't see me as leaping through aid cars as

So off to my bike ride. I stuffed one gu in my pocket and water bottle was already on bike. Didn't catch many too bikers since they had about a 25 minute lead time. Biking was fun.
Fast. I rode hard. D said my time was pretty decent. I then ran my bike and just
switched shoes. Another awesome TA but I had to pee. I think I had cross the
running line too which counts against running time. Running I rocked. Left at
the end of this pack was the weak and the tired. I was very much alive and
picked them off one by one. To one guy I caught up to I said, "red, purple and grey ahead
we pass them" so he stayed with me. Then next I said “down hill six runners ahead
starting with older guy –lets pick them off one by one.” so we sprinted down. Then on the turn around we just kept calling them out to each other then just passed them. Then the run was over. I wish I knew it was that short I had so much more to give. I didn't
nearly run it as fast as I could. It was 2.5 miles I ran in 19 minutes. My time said 20 but I ran back over cross to use the bathroom… WHY? I should
have sprinted that thing. Damn. Anyway. I put my arms up in the air and demanded
a clap from people watching people come in. Crossed over finish line and they handed me a medal. I prefer a medal being put on rather
than handed to. I had a small cry again.. just emotional that day. Just an eye watering cry.

I signed up for the black diamond tri Sept 24. I am no longer denying anyone asking me for a swim.. The answer is YES. YES. YES.


Swim 00:32:08.0 Run1 00:02:57.6 T1 00:02:36.0 Bike 00:56:38.8 T2 00:01:53.3 Run2 00:20:50.1 Finish 01:57:03.9

Friday, September 08, 2006


Here is my first painting sold.

I was never going to sell my art, just for me, or my family but..friends that are like family asked for me to paint one for their home. i already miss her.

I am biking lightly tonight 10-15 miles to practice for Sunday. Same course as race course.

I have to go Saturday to see if I can even register.

I am putting together a tough biking schedule after this weekend. I have a 50 mile mt. bike ride coming up in less than a month. I am not even close to where I need to be. I need to bike bike bike. bike.. and then BIKE~!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

how many corn dogs can a girl eat?


Holy cow... Since the beast I have eaten FOUR! I will not add any of my other my food intake, but lets say my bank account is hurting from McDonalds and Starbucks abuse.

And my work out... Um, a dip in the pool...

and the only good training, and it was low impact because it was my first time paddling since my arm injury... but an hour and half ocean kayaking on Sept 5th. that's it!

so.. the question was posed by D, do you use these races for training for adventure races. The answer must be yes, because I can't get out there to train without some force! I need a course. People. Trainers. Someone...

Anyway. I am going to do Escape from the Rock this Sept 10th (This Sunday). Swimming, Biking and Running.
It might be a sad sad image for me to be dog paddling such long distance... I should have trained. Eating corn dogs and drinking beers isn't cutting the mustard! (Well, there was mustard)... so the only way I know how to train is to put myself in a race.. They kick my ass.. But I need it!

Peace out.. And pray they allow water wings.

Fast transitions.
Staying afloat in the water.
Enjoying myself.
Properly dressed.

Oh I received a nice email from D about what RVG said -it looked like a forward email, or maybe d just made it up J but I am reading it over and over, cuz i am kicking myself for not being as strong as I wanted to be and it sounded like encouraging words.
"it was cool to see you guys keep up with Alex and his girlfriend late in the race. Even though you thought you might have been dogging it you guys never stopped and kept moving. Also Jill was tough after each of her falls she stood up and kept moving, kind of inspiring. It was cool to see you guys get pumped about dropping that team in the single track too. We did lots in the three hours it took us."

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Goals -photo back in time...

Since May 2 (1st beast for me, 2nd of the season) I have done three small adventure races (not to be taken lightly -hard for me -Just shorter time wise then some of the big kid races) and 5 running races. -even during broken elbow manage to get my races in... This is the first year on my mt. bike.. in fact first adventure race was May 2nd, 1st time mt. bike riding bike. My goal is to get two more adventure races in this year-(at least.) One big bike race and 5 little races on weekends.
I need to train more. Ride more. Run more and get back into lifting weights. My doctor said "you can ride your bike in two more weeks...." um, ok.. if he could have only seen me the other day. ...but since I have been riding, I assume its safe and probably very smart to lift light weights. Picture is Beast 3 with JVG, DAM, me and RVG.. fun race... their energy alone could bring you through a race!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My own ego

This blog will be all about my training.. but every once in a while when your feeling crushed in a sport.. you might want to know.. i am still taking names at poker and got first place.. mama needs a lot of shoes.. like some merrils or montrails. '

The Beast

My confidence was low because Saturday night I was stricken with the top cold of the season. I ran on Saturday too leaving my wee little calves a bit sore.

Then the PMS thing and then the thing.. You feel like every ounce of your soul and blood is just missing.. And you wonder where you will get this energy to do any kind of racing at all.

I let that get in my head a bit.. and it gave me some nerves. WAY too afraid to let D or RVG down.
Once I got to the race, the excitement didn't pick up for me quite yet... everyone was all happy, giddy, throwing jokes back and forth. D was perfectly arranging things.. and I was still stuck inside my head. I wish D and I were joking.. or talking.. but he was organizing.. i was what.. ?Probably doing nothing (shoot to D's blog "I wish JP would do something beside sit there.. maybe like take down her bike or something?")

But when we moved our bikes out to the grass, started getting maps...that's where the magic happened and i got out of my head.. back into the game. The first part was running (more of little sprint) while one teammate would stamp the map with the the three check points in the water. RVG decided to take that task (as well as being the navigator). It was great to run along side D and RVG - then see RVG sprint to the check points. He is fast and has this good energy he carries with him. He also causes furry around him... people say things "like follow Dart" etc.. for check points.
We got back to our bikes rather fast. Shoes, transitions, quick, yet.. my fatal mistake.. that damn extra layer.. when will I learn? I swear I just had this same experience Saturday.. and what? by Tuesday, I am oblivious that with the amount of exercise I am not going to heat up.
so cursed again by the jacket!!! AND I could tell it was a thorn in RVG's side to, cuz his pack wouldn't quite close and he was losing things... and it was just a nuisance. Even looking at the damn jacket, knowing it was mine.. it still looked f-ing sloppy. (The jacket comes back.. don't you worry)... any way, on bikes.. that is where.. the game went off again. I felt this exhaustion i have not felt yet racing.. or anything to this date.. i was warm, thought i was sick and just drained... i was like "I am a minute into this thing..." and then the spiral happened .. back in the head.. and i was like "i hate myself.." but then i looked up and saw Ryan running with my bike and his bike and my body just kicked back up and kept thinking just run, get out of head, who cares your tired, look at what your teammate is doing for you. LOOK.. he's a machine!!! So then when we finally were able to climb back on to the bikes .. I felt good. great. i had confidence.. and i had a new found appreciation for my team comes first, fears and inward thoughts on the back burner.. never again to be found when racing.... so we hit what i would call BLISS or a magical trail.. like the movies.. like the hobbits, harry potter.. that isn't even mystical enough.. but we had to follow these pink flags.. i all of sudden loved the pink flags and got into the groove... i felt i was riding stronger, but I hear, "use your trigger finger.." so i gave it all i got and decided by all my might (remember D is holding up his end -RVG carried my bikes) give it all you have.. and so i did. I came across fear and said, "Pedal Pedal Pedal" and the fear was gone. It was awesome. In fact i know the goal was to get out of the trail... but i could have rode it even longer. I did come down a sketchy hill. Took a few deep falls. Was also proud to watch D. He looked strong. I loved it.

After the bikes, back down to the barn, and let the foot race begin. This is where my knees hurt before my lungs did.. but again.. it was small pain compared to the beginning and then it felt great... there was a point we bushed wacked following RVG's lead.. and it just makes me giggle.. you feel like this little animal out there.. one minute you believe in this race and then you have your cynical side.. thinking WTF? but all in a good way! it's the best game on earth.. i want to play more more more.. and longer.. and stronger.

when we crossed over the bridge and the rain started to come down I felt so alive. not in my head. proud of us. proud of D. loved D. Loved RVG. Thought of JVG and her dad out there, thinking its so great to be alive.

last round of the running, RVG had a bush wacking again to gain lead.. and all instincts had him right, he just didn't know he didn't quite have his little runners in tow. next time. next time.

We got to the barn, more people there then i was hoping (just for placement sake) however the loud cheer and happiness from other AR felt great.

I met friends that i was a TA angel for. Greeted with a PBR.... D still organizing... me still needing attention (back to his blog) -is she ever going to get her gear together.. or just keep on chatting..

it was fun. i want and need to do it again. each time.. i think i didn't work out enough.. how do i work out more???

Oh and that jacket.. RVG finally after jumping down to the river and climbing up was like “Do me a favor and get this sweater off my back.” He did say it in the friendliest way he could, but that thing was a bitch. Remember that!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tonight is our race at Tolt McDonald. Someone sent those emails around where you fill in the blanks.. and I can't believe I want to get there so bad.. cuz that was one my answers.. I feel like time is ticking at work.. i never fill those out.. well I did this time. I am going to keep great detail in my mind to write tomorrow.. but this was the email sent and my answers.. YEE HAW.. c'mon TOLT. bring it!

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On a beach in the sun drinking a Corona .
2. racing a race that is about to happen in 3 hours with D and R (the anticipation is killing me)
3. At the spa
4. On the top platform for a Gold Medal in the Olympics.. I will take any sport besides the one where they broom their way down the bowling alley~

Monday, August 28, 2006

trail run -lots of roads for a trail run. ???

um -about to rip my toenail off.. that is just the bottom of my toe .. which doesn't hurt at all. the top does. the doctor won't remove it with out a shot.. i refused a shot.. give it a couple of days and it will be enough i can yank it off myself.

after our race on Saturday - i slightly lifted my toenail up, lots of blood came out.. then i pushed harder down on it... LOTS of blood. like black blood.. it took a lot of the pressure off and it was kind of cool to look at.

I took 2nd and got a silver medal for my age group. if you would put 20-39 i still would have got 2nd.. :) it was not my best run, i didn't feel great the first mile. i did a clothes change in the middle of it.. two miles were up hill.. my calves are killing me.. However.. i know i need to work on my first mile, being prepared outfit wise.. this off the shirt in the middle of the race is crazy.

Last half mile a girl try to out sprint me. I never let her pass me.. she was drafting me the whole way.. (can you draft in running?).. someone yelled 1/2 mile.. and her little feet were hitting the pavement fast and hard. So then I kicked in too .. I never let her pass me, in fact that was the only part of the race that was great. she would kick it up, and i would kick it up again.. it was like she tried harder, boom, i tried harder.. . I could feel where she was at all times.There was 10 feet wide across.. she could have passed me using any part of that ten feet... and i stayed in my path.. moving less the a half a feet ONE time.. next time.. i should say, "excuse me.. would like to pass?"+

I seriously wonder what my time would have been if i had raced that way from the start.. or least my first my mile was different, or my outfit.. or or or or or.. no more "what if's?" I am going into the next race way different... and I am going to start training.

D did say, "I wonder what would happen if you trained for these races.. or this your training?"

good point.

I can't decide

Tolt -Thursday


Hot digity! Rode with D and RVG.. this is D.. he was going over what seemed like a big jump and he doesn't know that his landing is a rock. RVG just kept saying "stay right after your jump"

we were on the other side (i went on the other side) . I was wee nervous for D.. but BAM.. perfectly landing. D increases 5 percent each time.. me 1 percent. Which means I need to get on my bike ten times more.

I had a great ride. one big fall (there were several falls - just one big one) it knocked the confidence out of me. I finally got it back. RVG had lots of training. He is one of the best trainers. He was great. D was great.. it was so much fun. YEE-HAW

Monday, August 21, 2006

pedal pedal pedal

ok, Tolt.. the incline killed me this time. Killed me...
My chain fell off too (I did not switch gears going up either)..
i was pre granny, just something wrong. so once it was put back on, i had to ride one gear tougher than normal… and that is all it took. Flattened me. Exhausted.
Trails were great. Changed from my egg beaters (purely psychological after break) and I used all the advice by d and r. it worked. i had a better ride. and again love hate relationship with riding.
my elbow hates me. I ate an awesome prime rib sandwich. oh that’s not riding.. um, I loved that i increased one percent! a solid one percent... long way too go.
my race is next Tuesday. running, mt biking and some water adventure... crazy.. excited. nervous.
(ride Sunday August 20th, tolt mcdonald)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

tolt mcdonald had a farm

e i e i yee-ouch!

love hate relationship with the biking.

love - d, rvg, jen, and brent. all great advice. fun. much patience..

hate- my elbow.. the fall i took - i actually have a bruise on my broken elbow - stop reading if you think "how stupid she rode with broken elbow" -way more stupid things in life ahead.

love - that i increased my biking ability one percent.

love - when i went through the same loop around and had higher level of confidence.

love -we rode 13 miles. tough. technical. and fun.

love - ah, yeah.. more love than hate.. i love that i have so much learning ahead. its like a game, its just the beginning.. and there is only UP from here.

love -i am now solid 4 percent out of a 100. I am not stopping until 110 percent.

people say it's a boy thing when it comes to how strong or how you ride.. and the natural aspect, I won't accept it. i am going to ride like a boy. even if i have to join a 14 year old bmx racing team. i will get there. (not saying boys are better than girls. its a style i am looking for, and i bet 80 percent of the boys would want JVG style... so that style.. boy thing or not. BOLD, STRONG, CONFIDENT.. and ready to roll!) Bring it!

ah, just had feedback - and i also know i need to stay clipped in a little more. i am a little weaker mentally then before i broke and will clip out or not clip in on some gnarly stuff.. however - NO MORE.. i fell regardless.. clip and kick it!

> Jill-
> -Coasting with feet horizontal and getting more comfortable on the bike.
> -Weight transfer. Ie moving weight from the front tire to the back tire. Maybe popping a wheelie over a curb or 2x4, which requires weight to be back.
> -Cornering and turning
> -Shifting

Monday, August 14, 2006

just the beginning

Two weeks after I busted my elbow (riding single trails in black diamond with Hart) I finally am back for training. My doctor said “8 weeks until you can bike again.” What's six more weeks? As D was putting bikes on, I came downstairs, I wrapped my arm in several towels, bandage, tape and an arm warmer on top.He was like "what the hell is that?" I was like "elbow padding?" He found no amusement NOR –damn this is girl is tough…Instead he made me stop at big five and buy real elbow pads. so I bought a soft volley ball elbow pad and then hard skateboard elbows pads that I put on top. This was all in case I fell, and I did have a plan B - if I fell to use my head to break the fall. We rode iron horse trail. Total 16 miles and it was an hour and forty five minute ride. I thought D would have some words to keep me from biking but all he said was "Don't go slow." I had an easier time clipping in out then before. I’m so clickity clickity. On this ride I wasn't being dangerous or reckless... My arm feels great except a few movements are hard to do.

Side Note -I no longer feel bad about the break. There was NOTHING one could do. It wasn't even like I didn't know how to click out, I didn't even know I was falling. What I do know is I can't balance a bike at zero miles per hours.

Back to the ride -Up hill (it was only a 2.5 percent incline) we were averaging 8 or 9 miles an hour. Down, I used the hardest gears and we never coasted, so it was a good work out. Downhill 16-19 miles an hour... No fear for a girl that has *BE (and I’m not sure that is fast)

*Broken Elbow. –ha!

It rocked. I'm back (well I was only out for two weeks, can I hardly ever say I was gone? Or have I ever really been in?)

I have The Beast race 4 with D and RVG. I have 24 hour bike in Moab (same place where RVG almost died from heat stroke at the Primal Quest). They took my cast off now (did you know that?) I have this unrealistic expectation (or WANT) to do things.

Today Aug 9th -I left out lots of training since last entry (two).
I Rode with D 24 miles. Hard gears. Legs were wobbly wobbly wobbly. D likes to grind the quads. I am missing quads.

August 12th. Ran the 13 mile Cougar MT Series. Steep tough climbs! At the nine mile aid and food station I seriously stopped 10-15 minutes. There was so much food. I think their goal was to grab it and go. I couldn’t stop eating. I felt like it was the end of the race.. . I am pissed (where was RVG my TA ANGEL). Immediately after the station I fell on my arm, mile 9 – it didn’t help I still had food in both hands and my gut was full and my body was zombie-like from the food intake. My knee was in so much pain the last four miles. I dragged my leg and arm out of the trails like a character from a Tennessee Williams play. When I would scrape too much dirt I would lift my leg and start a fresh.

The uphill climbs were gnarly (as well as my time 3:37 minutes). Down hill was like cliffs and my knee hated me. When I finished I had a tall bud-lite and waited for my friend Joanna. They almost took out search and rescue team for her but instead sent out five sweepers. All the finishing stuff was gone and I made a make shift finish line with long pink ribbon to run across. Easily breakable -the same material the police tape ribbon/tape is made "DO NOT CROSS POLICE" And we all know how easy that is to break… She was so weak (after a 6 hour time) that the ribbon tape was stretching to this triangle shape not break and I already double checked for any give. I'm like, "use oomph. Strength! Run. It’s your finish line". She looked like she could use the thin tape as a hammock. Oomph was not much option.I yelled again much louder, "you finished! Use Strength" and she plunged through. I had water, bagels, hat, socks all given to previous timed finishers that I asked for before the sponsors packed it up.

Today August 12th
I went for a bike ride with D for 8 miles at Tolt McDonald. Despite what seemed like small distance (8 Miles) it was tough. The climb was brutal. I fell again… what the hek? This time I rolled like a beetle bug on to my back. It was a great tuck and roll –I must say, but my bike stayed on its side and didn't go on top of me pinning my leg. I whimpered loudly. Louder! Finally Dan came to get me out. Damn I'm sore. Mentally I feel GREAT.

I am at 3 percent where I want to be. By end September I promise to be at a solid 10. It’s going to keep on rising. I will be unstoppable!