Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

I love Speedy Reedy

I have been very happy about our Training for the next adventure race. Lot of double workouts and mostly a lot of time on the mt bike. Thru thick and thin no weather conditions, sickness and earaches has kept us from training except today...

First stop Speedy Reedy because Mac loaned out his bike shoes and he needed to get cleats for his Sidi's that fit his other pedals.

Next on our way to Redhook brewery for a 40 mile ride on our road bikes and then all of a sudden I shut the door and little did I know, Mac's new car automatically locks. I locked everything in the car- his wallet, keys, both phones, and both set of appt keys and his spare to my apartment key... aaah.... I did have my wallet in my back jersey (very rare).

Mac put his head down and and said we don't even have helmets. He said "stay here I am riding home and will be right back." I then said "lets just go to back to Speedy Reedy buy helmets, ride to your place together and count that as part of the ride"

Then after Speedy Reedy we are on our way to be what would have been a nice little ride, snafu behind us, we can get spare truck keys at Mac's and the sun is out and then a hill comes up and I have to get out of the saddle and my left foot comes crushing down to the grown pulling the pedal and and staying clipped in to my cleat stripping it on the way down. Mac said he could tell I was hurt the way I landed on the seat then bar and didn't speak for a moment. (Might be too much to mention what the injury is) -I was in so much pain and really cranky - I just didn't even want to move or do anything.. then Mac noticed that my other pedal was not even screwed in and although he was unable to fix the left pedal he put in the right pedal as much as he could and then I rode back to Speedy Reedy with one pedal and in a bit of pain but I was cranky so it outweighed everything and just wanted to get my bike fixed.

Unfortunately it was stripped so he hard to re-thread and he mention that it was not a permanent solution and he then saw the right pedal and cranked that it. I tried to pay and even tip, he was like "no worries, go out there and ride"

They are amazing at the store. I always enjoy working with Reed and Shannon. Or all of the employees.

So then we finally rode to Mac got spare keys and it turned out to be a 10 mile ride instead of this long intended ride, for so many reasons. Despite set backs we still managed to get some training in and there plenty of training days ahead.