Monday, December 28, 2009

Addendum (from previous post)

Ok, lard ass was a little extreme especially when I caught my reflection in the mirror when I was working out. Very very scrawny! This does not change how I feel and what I know about my diet and this program Sparkpeople (an Iphone application) I am not fully convinced of yet. It does point out the obvious -I eat way to much fat but I had no idea my protein what so low. I have weighed in every morning which is new and won't last probably passed today. Its really not important but interesting. The only time I usually know my weight is at the doctor. So small goal, lower fat and sugar and add protein. One problem with a person like me who craves sugar and fat foods is the application may be dangerous. I was trying to type in coffee so I could add it to my daily diet and up comes a list of coffees including Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts has the highest amount of calories with milk and sugar. A normal person would think, "don't drink the coffee there" -I think, "why is there so much calories, does it taste better?" My friends on the East Coast go there so I think this is a must try - so I go to dunkin donuts and it taste like water (the first day) and now I am addicted four days in. See what kind of OCD I am dealing with, knock 1,2, 3!

Onward to better things. Although the temperature in not blazing in AZ for lying around the pool it is perfect temperature for riding and running. You can actually feel the sun on your face and that is good enough! I love it. The picture above is Pinnacle Peak. Its a nice run.

McDowell Mountain.

I could go there every day. It cost six dollars for one vehicle into the park and they encourage mt biking. They give you up a map of all trails and have you pumped up even before you can park. The trails there are endless for biking and they have three different race courses to train on.

One ride we did was really like a track but a slight uphill and coming down was super fast with lots water poles to go over. It was amazingly fun. One ride -I read later was mostly for hikers and horses was so rocky my arms felt fuzzy on the uphills and downhill.

It was amazing the different types of terrain in one place. We go back tomorrow or run pinnacle peak again. Our hotel is staring right at Pinnacle asking for you to run it. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

anything to be faster.. not about well being

of course I am kidding. what I am eating right now could give me a heart attack.

After being in the car for 25 hours plus I had a lot of time to reflect and eat a lot of double doubles, slurpees, candy and anything else in the junk food category and I came to the conclusion I am a lard ass disguised in medium fit body.

I would like to believe I could just eat what I want and not obsess or feel guilty about the foods I eat and enjoy. There is a happy medium for sure. In fact I have a TON of wiggle room before I hit happy medium.

There are a million more foods I can enjoy and continue with the bacon burgers and cupcakes if I add nutrition. I can finally feel the weight of all these foods I currently eat and I think its slowing me down, causing insomnia, etc.

I have written down the last few days worth of food I have eaten without calories or measurement just to see it on paper. It is truly alarming.

Its a whole lot of common since that fast food should not be on a healthy eating plan, some times its just the easy route and sometimes I just crave it. So instead of a strict diet I am just planning on adding in vegetables (don't make fun of me, if you grew up on canned string beans you wouldn't like vegetables either) :), I need to add a lot more water, protein and vitamins.

Since I started writing down and knowing I am going to have to write down what I eat, I have already skipped on the fast food and starting eating relatively healthy. I had my first carrot. Just checking if anyone was paying attention or not. I do like raw vegetables and will start there. I also did my first weigh in when it comes to possibly shedding pounds. I don't mind my weight if I can transform some of my fat to muscle but I don't want to lose fat and muscle because very important I keep my buff arms and ripped six pack....:)

It's nice to be out of Seattle and have some healthy goals while I am away. I am Mt biking tomorrow with Mac and Martin. Really looking forward to it. Also taking Capone on a trail run. Should be a great day.

I need HELP!