Sunday, April 12, 2009


I need to post and back track and will later but this is start for my mom.:) My fan.

So day 7.

My running is so slow. It's killing me but I have a new guarded gate for my knee. (Plus I'm sucking wind -gasping, whatever) wussitus! Elevation? A lot of mt. bikers here.. when the trails clear up I may rent if I get some more free time. Its just mornings and little breaks when in study room. Sometime evenings off but you have to practice your practical and study for written exams. A lot of people here already have their wfr or EMT's and are just looking to get both wilderness EMT and EMT B certs at the National level. One adventure race dude, coast guards, a guy from the Navy, girls are climbers and bikers, etc. I like 29 out of the 30 people here a lot. I just don't know that person(nobody does). There are 23 guys and 7 girls. One guy just dropped out. Everyone is very active!!!! I haven't been drinking soda or eating at McDonalds. Just water and nuun. Which everyone loves my nuun and my few bottle supply is almost depleted. I saw something in the ER room that I believe 99 percent of the population would not want to see. I love the wilderness stuff (the bloody broken bones survival stuff much more!) I woke up every morning since I have got here to run with a partner at 615. Today I ran 4.5 miles.