Sunday, June 22, 2008

just a litle knee hang

top ten thoughts from two different racers...

running the pacifica trail run in 90 degrees these were the thoughts that came to mind

1. I debated eating grass for moisture

A. I was breaking the tall pieces of grass pretending to leave a trail for tracker.

2. I didn't put my foot down when a lizard passed through because I had wondered if I would skid out on it guts.

B. Thought about stealing the guy's hat in front of me and using him chasing me as motivation.

3. I wanted to be upper pack for when I passed out I had a chance for one nice person to stop and get me help.

C. Thought about what it would be like to spend the night up there when running 50 feet off the trail

4. Do I even like running

D. I am never running on a treadmill again, false sense of security

5. After eating GU I said over and over, it just as good as a glass of water and I finally realized it wasn't I wanted to know if I could actually choke on GU.

E. I craddle my waterbottle like a football pretending I was a running back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the plunge

Since the power house plunge in Squamish took my ego down to a level 0 (except rating still high for cuteness) - I decided that I have been giving everything about 10 percent. So I set my goals high from that Momar forward and moving it to 60 percent.

SO - the Beast comes.. what.. its supposed to be this little jaunt canoe/kayak, bike ride and small run. Which we all have come to learn EBone 3 miles could mean anything from 3 to 100 miles.

So I train.. truly, riding my road bike 40 miles on the hardest gears, I am spinning, I am riding my mt bike, I am trail running, I am running like crazy in the mornings and evenings with Capone. I am even out there kayaking, Capone has even been kayaking..(how long will this build up go on? I guess when I actually lose myself reading it too)... oh and Mac has finally honed in the navigation.

Race comes June 3rd, and we get a bit of storm. Race starts late. I am still all happy. Feeling for once, I am OVER prepared, at least from an endurance perspective, that doesn't mean speed, but it means I am not hopping into that 52 mile mt. bike race like last time only have ridden my bike like 16 miles max before...

phew get on with it.. ok... so we start off and we are nailing checkpoints and we are cruising with paddles... then comes the awful checkpoint and there is two of us in the boat and one of the two of us (jack ass) leans over to stop us from crashing into rod iron gate under a freeway and grab the checkpoint at the same time. We fell so hard, we dunked even with our life jackets, when we came up for air, all I could think of is please Mac be alive. We both simultaneously jumped up on this rail (I have ten bruises on my bottom to prove it), then mac attempted a dump of the water, and as we began to paddle, him now in front, water is still in the boat, we slowly began sinking. I couldn't stop laughing, and what an idiot I am.. oh wait I just admitted it was my fault. SHIPE.. We then had to make our way to an island, Mac flipped over the boat with one hand (kind of hulk like) and was like "get in" - i had asked if he was mad and he said "hell no this an adventure."

When we got to the biking section normally in this race a road bike would be an advantage - me with no disc break and a little tropical storm, I wanted my mt. bike. At the last leg of the bike, after the run, I swear I heard Mac say get off your bike. When I did, I slid in my bike cleats with a bike in hand on a crazy downhill for a long long time, longer than a slip and slide until I finally hit coble stone and fell bending my derailer.

So Mac needs a new partner, my looks are only taking me so far.. this giving it 60 percent is for the birds.... do I go back to zero training? Or take it to the max... I have two more races in Canada, one in Portland, a couple in Seattle, San Fran, NY and a Tahoe ride.. and that is just what I have planned so far... I am coming back.

I will say one thing about our team. WE DO NOT QUIT.. even when you ask the Magic 8 Ball "should I quit?" and it says, "all signs point to YES" we say hell no. watch out for our next race... not the trail run Sat, cuz D is betting against me and I can't feel my toes..