Sunday, June 22, 2008

top ten thoughts from two different racers...

running the pacifica trail run in 90 degrees these were the thoughts that came to mind

1. I debated eating grass for moisture

A. I was breaking the tall pieces of grass pretending to leave a trail for tracker.

2. I didn't put my foot down when a lizard passed through because I had wondered if I would skid out on it guts.

B. Thought about stealing the guy's hat in front of me and using him chasing me as motivation.

3. I wanted to be upper pack for when I passed out I had a chance for one nice person to stop and get me help.

C. Thought about what it would be like to spend the night up there when running 50 feet off the trail

4. Do I even like running

D. I am never running on a treadmill again, false sense of security

5. After eating GU I said over and over, it just as good as a glass of water and I finally realized it wasn't I wanted to know if I could actually choke on GU.

E. I craddle my waterbottle like a football pretending I was a running back.


Jason said...

jill? Jason from Moab. Lost your contact info. Found your socks and sweater left @ dewy bridge ta. Email me,

THRILL said...

socks. possibly Glens.. after the surgery of removing them. me .. didn't have a sweater or lose one. BUT i will email you tonight for contact info. Hope you are doing great! I will check with anyone to see if they are missing anything. ciao, nice to hear from you!