Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'm taking you down!

Someone mentioned I wasn't getting any faster and they are slower than me! They also signed me up for a race Jan 1st. In the race you plunge in the lake at the end and they pre-opted out of that piece... stay tuned.. I think I will beat their time, have a documentary of events, a lot of smack talking... even after a swim I will still come in before them.

See, I train?

Disclaimer -1st indoor running training - usually low concentration skills lead me to be flung from the treadmill but due to competition - I managed. Do not run indoors..

Monday, December 18, 2006

walk purcell walk.. - um, what?

My girlfriend Valpey came to town from NY with her husband and her family has no electricity so I offer up my home (and bed) to them while I sleep on the couch.

Saturday we went and grabbed her grandma and took her out of the retirement home and went for a movie. Then of course, coming in from NY – she had friends and family to see. So Saturday we spent our time grabbing people, and the van just kept getting more and more full.

I also stopped by a friend’s house that had no phone that I needed to check on due to some illness they have in the family – trust me – I am no mother Teresa – cuz this night ends with much Vino and debauchery (that’s an exaggeration but it sounds fun just the same) – since she was visiting. We had many people to meet. Luckily it was all by the bar by my home – all that drinking. BLEEK!

I wake up at 7:30 to my alarm, and a text page, “Are we on for the 5k?” I thought for sure it would be canceled (that is why my Saturday I drank) - but hek yeah! I all of a sudden get really excited... Then whoa, I stood up too fast...3.5 hours sleep and all that Vino. Am I nightmare or what? My head is pulsing. I have quit the drinking down to a glass here or there.. and ZERO before race days.. Damn it! I blame the power outage.

I decided, just getting out there to run 3.1 miles, will be good. I deserve any suffering.

I got the same speech, “I am running this race at my own pace, against my own time, you want to run it, go, but I am not starting in the front”

Me, “Trust me, I am only here to hang out with you and just get a run in.” I believed it when I said it. BUT LIES LIES ALL LIES.

As I stand at the back of the line I begin to feel it. That pulse from adrenaline. Then the realization, “I am behind slow poke Rodriquez (Speedy’s cousin) – and they are multiplying.”

Count down… Five seconds to race – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.. nobody is moving! (Except the front people who are already a half a mile out!)

There is the ankle timer.. so I try hard not to panic, they said its on the mat which is the size of picnic blanket.. Which part of the mat? The beginning or the end?.. and as I cross over this mat, it’s still a slow walk – They have this monster clock ticking the time clock is all I can see, and I am in slow motion, not in my head but for real – and I can only hear ticking like in the tv show 24– tick, tick, tick (the show its more like tink, tink, tink), I am like I need through these people.. Then I calm myself down for one minute. Then I was off the mat, still walking I went for full on “I am not doing this for nothing!” It’s almost like I blacked out – I do remember politely barreling through people – can you do that politely?.. If so, I am sure I was polite about it… :)

Then boom, I finished 10th out of 150 women – for the 5k.
Should have would have could have… but I tell you, as cranky as I was starting off in back and it not being my best running time..10th isn’t bad – and I literally got to pass everyone but 9 girls! I had a blast.

No more 5k’s for fun. I need to move it up to the 10 to 12ks I need longer distance, and I need to be faster. I swear I am getting slower!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yo Dog it's the Jingle Bell Run

I go to the jingle bell run and everyone there HEAD to TOE is in red with bells on (literally). Except for my jacket I am dressed all in black -all the way down to my underoos.

This was no ordinary race. This was a cheerful jingling mob!

After the second wave (which we were in) it took about five minutes to get to the start line - then another five for any movement - it was a slow slow walk if that.

I wasn't planning on running this race -I just merely wanted a jaunt... which was impossible!

Finally I edge my way up to sidewalk -which is the picture above and there comes D sprinting right beside me. I was like "ah one way to get him to run fast is to put him behind slow pokes and a hoard of people." We got kicked off the sidewalk for our two minute sprint and back to the mob. I start weaving and waving through people, it was awesome and D is just moving. I wish I could have real times for him because this is the fastest I have seen him move and his stride was much different and he was enjoying passing everyone -I was like "Heavens to Bitsy D is a runner."

no one was passing. it was just a blast

Finally this lady dressed as a christmas package comes sprinting by I look at D and said "I am not going to let that box beat me" so I picked it up. That when spirits were being crushed while I am knocking through reindeers, leaping over dogs, and pushing kids a side all to beat that box, which I did. Then back to FUN..

It felt good to run three miles. There was no pressure. I felt really normal running and just loved it. Then I did my quarter mile sprint in and we waited again entering the finish line in rows for about four minutes to take our tags.

Congrats to Team Dart and Ben for their race. I am in so much regret for missing it. I even stayed in Friday night so I would be all amped to go. Since last weekend body still doesn't love food... Today I ate ok, but I only had a protein shake and cheese fondue. Not much food. Not good for me either. My water is like at zero. That's what is freaking me out.. Like right now I hate water. Who hates water? "I do" no not you that's who were talking about here... I am now going for some nuun to see if that helps...

Monday, December 04, 2006


holy cow.
my week.
Sunday night in Sun Valley November 26 - snowed in -we were in a blizzard. First flight out was Tuesday.

Monday November 27th - made one GLORIOUS day of being stuck in Sun Valley. Snowboarded HARD. Last run by myself. I stood at thet top at 10,000 feet elevation. Got the last ride up on the chair. It was so quiet and i just kept spinning in circles just in aw of the beauty, the best part, I knew I had one hell of ride going straight down, and after two day blizzard, hitting the face of the mt. it was like butter.. carving was barely a sway of the body. board forward and just down with speed (down with the sickness) ...

Tuesday flight canceled. Drove 4 hours to Boise to catch plane.

Tuesday night heavy workout.

Thursday -work and heavy lifting.

Friday December 1st. Glorious private party at the Pink Door. They announced your name when you walked down the stairs and threw gold dust in the air. They had people dressed as Toy monkeys on all the ledges of the wall banging cymbals when they announced your name. They had trapeze, juggglers, topless servers, singers, performers, and incredible wine. I felt like I just entered Vegas. It was really well done -sounds odd, cuz i have zero energy to write, but it was not tacky it was all beautifully done and classy. Then -I ate this little appetizer. I said "is this crab or lobster?" too much hestitation on her part. She said, "crab" then out for the count for two days solid. Couldn't even keep water in. Itchy lips -puffy tongue -and sick sick sick. Lobster and I are not friends.

Then the Beast on Sunday. I will write about after I get some photos and have the energy.

I just went down to starbucks I told them I think I want to just lay down on the ground. They rushed around me (that is what being a good client gets you) telling and had me taking espresso shots straight from the bar. It was like a serious matter. They are like you have five seconds to shoot it. Good to know starbucks can come to the rescue. Still feel like a zombie. But not like I could pass out and that's the important thing. Getting sick and no hydration for two days was AWFUL.
I can't wait for bed. That caffiene will probably kick in then and I will be hacked.

This is my favorite picture of all time AND normally I would wince at sleeping on a rock but I would take it right now rather than having to sit up at my desk. I never feel this bad.. that food thing -missing planes.. no water. . BOOM. I ate and hydrated so much yesterday..

photo by RVG (?) again -favorite photo of all time

Friday, December 01, 2006

Sunday November 26, Sun Valley

I am pumped. Dressed. Ready to go snowboarding.

There are two mountains, dollar – for kids – and Baldy, the Sun Valley Ski Resort.

Both my little nephews are able to go to the big Mountain – when all of sudden Mitch says, “auntie Jill will you teach me to snowboard?”

Mark replies, “remember not until your 9 buddy, I want you to be a great skie first.”

Mitchie, “I can hit every run. And I can’t wait until I am 9 I already asked Santa for a snowboard.”

Mark, “we don’t know that Santa is bringing you a snowboard buddy. Lets ski today.”

Two perspectives going on in my head, One Mitch is truly is a GREAT skier, and we can hit every run possible at the resort, and it would be just a kick ass day for boarding for me. The other is –I want to be with my nephew and I do want him to be a boarder.

Then Mitch says, “Auntie Jill – Will you teach me?”

Then Mark just looks at me, (they always do this with me and Mitch) they let me make the decision. Ultimately he will be my responsibility that day and I will be at dollar.


So I spend my day – tugging him up half a mountain and then teaching him to board.
Exhausting! On my board I have one foot released when towing him, while he stays in and I physically tow him up part of the hill. Finally he says, “I am ready for the lift.”

Um. This I defer to Mark. He also gave up skiing to be part of this lesson but just on foot.

“Can I go on the lift?”

“It’s up to your Auntie Jill”


Does this kid really love me, or is he playing me?

“Jill you need to tell them to slow down when getting on, help him on and off the chair”

The first ride went smooth –butter. I also trained him well. Best student to date. Never said, “Can you let up on me?”

I taught him point board downhill, unless stopping.. How to turn – He never will ever know the term “falling leaf” –he was just carving. He got up immediately after a hard fall and questioned what he was doing wrong or needed help. One time he almost fell and started sitting and I yelled (encouraged), “no rag doll, stand up like you do when you skateboard” and he fully got out of his fall and made awesome turns. He did take hard falls but was a great student. He has been in ski lessons and skateboarding since two and fully has no fear – easy peasy!

Then next run, -and I don’t have a lift ticket for Dollar Mt. and the guy won’t let me on the chair. I fully understand, I thought it was going to be a no lift day. However he picks Mitch up and puts him on the chair. Mitch yells “auntie Jill” To the guy I am like” he can’t get off the chair. Can I leave my board? stop the chair.” He is like “no you need a ticket.” The chair continues and Mitch is going on the chair alone. ARGH… so this it the Dollar Mt. I have begging to run up.. well, here I go. The chair goes really slow for kids. And many stops for falls off the lift. I take my board off, and run underneath Mitch. He yells down and he is kind of scared, “Auntie Jill I need to you run faster then my chair. I need to you to help me off the lift.” Does he not know that I am giving it all I got at 7 thousand feet elevation, chasing a chair and a board on my shoulder? He yells down again, “I have seen you run faster than that.”

I make it just in time to see him get off the chair – and we boarded down.

Talk about a workout.