Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yo Dog it's the Jingle Bell Run

I go to the jingle bell run and everyone there HEAD to TOE is in red with bells on (literally). Except for my jacket I am dressed all in black -all the way down to my underoos.

This was no ordinary race. This was a cheerful jingling mob!

After the second wave (which we were in) it took about five minutes to get to the start line - then another five for any movement - it was a slow slow walk if that.

I wasn't planning on running this race -I just merely wanted a jaunt... which was impossible!

Finally I edge my way up to sidewalk -which is the picture above and there comes D sprinting right beside me. I was like "ah one way to get him to run fast is to put him behind slow pokes and a hoard of people." We got kicked off the sidewalk for our two minute sprint and back to the mob. I start weaving and waving through people, it was awesome and D is just moving. I wish I could have real times for him because this is the fastest I have seen him move and his stride was much different and he was enjoying passing everyone -I was like "Heavens to Bitsy D is a runner."

no one was passing. it was just a blast

Finally this lady dressed as a christmas package comes sprinting by I look at D and said "I am not going to let that box beat me" so I picked it up. That when spirits were being crushed while I am knocking through reindeers, leaping over dogs, and pushing kids a side all to beat that box, which I did. Then back to FUN..

It felt good to run three miles. There was no pressure. I felt really normal running and just loved it. Then I did my quarter mile sprint in and we waited again entering the finish line in rows for about four minutes to take our tags.

Congrats to Team Dart and Ben for their race. I am in so much regret for missing it. I even stayed in Friday night so I would be all amped to go. Since last weekend body still doesn't love food... Today I ate ok, but I only had a protein shake and cheese fondue. Not much food. Not good for me either. My water is like at zero. That's what is freaking me out.. Like right now I hate water. Who hates water? "I do" no not you that's who were talking about here... I am now going for some nuun to see if that helps...

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