Sunday, March 25, 2007

red rum red rum

I keep playing with my toenail and opening it back and forth saying, "red rum, red rum." No one is particularly enjoying this. The toe was only lifted a little, just newly injured from the race today. But we all have ripped toenails off before so we could put our shoe back on, or to run a race. No big deal right? But this puppy was still alive and even connected down to the nerves where they push your cuticles back (all but one piece let go) it hurt like and SOC (son of a cat) -not allowed to swear. And it was still attached to my skin under the toe, they are usually dead, so I didn’t know this about the toenail…. it was so gory it was like something out of Friday the 13th. :)

Anyway the half marathon was fun. I ran with D, we decided to go a slower pace -this was his longest running race (YEAH D!) - but at the five mile mark -the lady standing by the 5 mile sign yelled "fifty minutes" and I look around me and these mothers were around me chit chatting up a storm (nothing wrong with mothers) -just not out of breath talking about their kids, an old man right in front of me, and there it happened, that thing I do, I can't let these people beat me, I want the front, I want to go go go go, no goodbye, nada, just got a little lost in the moment and started running. My leg, toe, knee hurt, but I felt emotionally great, not winded. It was a pretty hilly run which surprised me. I finished just at two hours - D quickly did the math. I ran five miles at ten minute miles and 8:37 for the last 8. I had a lot more to give too. Darn it.

I have to post my Jamaica pictures, esp. my zip line pictures, one was a thousand feet and one was 750. There were seven total. Being in the jungle was awesome, walking up to the zips, it was like an adventure.

I also kayaked -almost lost forever. I was by myself in the kayak and the waves kept taking me out further and the wind was brutal, I did all the tricks trying going in slightly parallel, but it was tough and turned out to be a good exercise. Lesson learned; don’t go by yourself out in the ocean –no one to eat if you are lost out to sea. You will starve!

I went run at 6am on an 8 mile beach, I climbed these rocks when the beach ended and there was a little cove, and these guards (guards with guns- started yelling at me.) But hotel said it was an 8 mile beach and I knew I had only gone two –and I am almost over the rocks and they are yelling more – I finally stop look up and they were pointing to a gate, oops, “It’s easier. Ya Man?” Probably would have been but I enjoyed the climb.

We also snorkeled... just BEAUTIFUL.

I had extra stress on my mind which put a damper on the trip but there were over 20 of us so it helped a ton. Such beautiful fun people.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Cute rat pack of peeps again hitting Mr. DNA and Tapeworm, one dropped from last week, and a few invites I assume were too afraid of the rain :). The rain made this ride spectacular. We loved every moment of it.

I do love downhills.. and that thrill.

I don't love that I can easily get thrown from my bike, sideways roots kill me. The same root has knocked me off four times now!

Jen gave great tips tonight, D cleaned my shoe like a horseshoe hammering it with a stick so I could clip in, Ryan even once was manually pushing my tire to get me up a hill..(while still balanced on his bike)! yes you could say I was the weakest link but why would you? it was too fun for name calling and they all had great ride... it was a great ride.

I vow to my friends that train me..I am learning and I will try even harder. I love it out there. Gracias night riders!

DISCOVERY -Tuesday March 6

Gorgeous run along the water.. I felt great, strong, happy, running up the stairs I just felt energized, my leg had same pain but easier to ignore.. then the run came to screeching halt for someone when we made it back to the car. I say "Time" "one hour and two minutes" "oh, we need 20 more minutes" he said "I will support you, run" and "I am like you can't quit" "I completed my run not quitting, run around the parking lot" -at first I was like "what?" but then I started sprinting and going faster and faster and faster. TRULY.. I was so giddy happy. Then "TIME." Mission accomplished.

I carried this in my backpack for afterwards to keep me motivated. YUMMMMYYYYY.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nightmare after Nightmare

Lance Armstrong immediately after his marathon, "That was the hardest thing I have ever done."

I sit up with cold sweat. What the flip? and why did he say that publicly?

I am in crash course 101 for a marathon..

Tonight I ran for one hour and two minutes at a great pace at discovery. Tomorrow one hour and fifteen and stronger pace... god us help us all..even if it's just to complete a marathon. I have one month to train.. is this possible? (For those of you that have donated ignore this blog) and know that my RUN was gorgeous, the moon was large YELLOW ORANGE and near full. I have my big runs on the weekends...

Anyone want to run with me.. tomorrow?

St.Edwards March 4th

1. I am passed the point of wrecking when someone says, “good job” this came simultaneously when someone kindly pointed out even when I wasn’t being told “good job” I was always crashing in the bushes or having a little ruckus with a tree here or there.
2. Chilly Hilly prepared me greatly for uphill riding that I know I used to walk (or at least want to)... Also there is the voice of friends in my head that taught me, locking your arms, spinning, and moving more forward on the front of the bike during an uphill. I listen peeps, tell me more.
3. Tapeworm, still may be taking me down, but it sure made choosing a line and cornering so much easier on a regular trail.
4. I am still after tapeworm.
5. I can honestly say I love my bike.
6. I did a bunny hop, it was little itty bitty bunny hop – but a bunny hop none the less…
7. I was able to slightly purposely pull my front tire up (premature to say wheelie)
8. D sunk in the mud and I buzzed passed him, and one point he was near stopped and very quicksand like... I laughed and laughed…full stop and sinking, it was hilarious!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday March 3

I have always been a little on the emotional side - but AV walking - well it made my eyes water. He was already on the water until I got there and he came in for me get in a kayak and go. I asked if we could paddle together instead. He -always easy going- "sure" and I went to turn around to either look for crutches, something to help him out and I turned back and he was walking past me to grab another kayak. At the same time the woman was trying to get me a life jacket. I was still shocked, kind of loud, "YOU CAN WALK" and the lady looked at me like I was crazy but it was nice to see him without crutches.

Great day for a paddle. No one was out there, which is too bad, it was so gorgeous in its own Seattle way... I don't even think I saw a boat (I hope I didn't just post a picture and there are millions of boaters and kayaks about.) Anyway it felt good to be in the presence of the athletic AV, far cry from Harbor View. He looked fit and strong. I guess he has been paddling for awhile and able to spin... in no time...he will be at the top of his game.
Yeah AV is back!