Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Cute rat pack of peeps again hitting Mr. DNA and Tapeworm, one dropped from last week, and a few invites I assume were too afraid of the rain :). The rain made this ride spectacular. We loved every moment of it.

I do love downhills.. and that thrill.

I don't love that I can easily get thrown from my bike, sideways roots kill me. The same root has knocked me off four times now!

Jen gave great tips tonight, D cleaned my shoe like a horseshoe hammering it with a stick so I could clip in, Ryan even once was manually pushing my tire to get me up a hill..(while still balanced on his bike)! yes you could say I was the weakest link but why would you? it was too fun for name calling and they all had great ride... it was a great ride.

I vow to my friends that train me..I am learning and I will try even harder. I love it out there. Gracias night riders!


Glenn said...

I will still ride with you even if you don't get better. You just need to promise to keep making the grunting noises so we always know where you are

THRILL said...

I will do both. Get better and keep sound effects! :)