Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I think saying, "I shall conquer the tapeworm" was pre-mature.. The more I stay on my bike, the harder it gets. :) That course can never get old - you can just go up different levels. I'm not sure I am at a level yet.. but I will be sure to tell you when I am.

I went with a rat pack of friends to tapeworm tonight (the cutest rat pack of people you have ever seen). It was so COLD starting, but I swear I have JVG's voice in my head from a race once, "start off cold, don't overlayer" its like Galadriel's voice in Lord of the rings - I hear it when I about to put on two fleece, a neck warmer, ear muffs, gloves, and long johns and underoos...because once I didn't listen and I was running and changing at the same time, I was so overheated I wanted to die.. so now the voice enters my head tonight, in the dead of darkness, wind below 20 degrees, snowing and I am like -maybe I need a fleece and then I hear it, "you will heat up trust me" - and then it is so!

I swear this Under Armor shirt with my Arcterxy jacket has been my perfect combo. I can't stand the happiness. Two minutes into riding I was perfect temperature and never thought once about the weather, except how beautiful and light the snowflakes were.

I did think "DAMN IT I SUCK" on a couple of endos or bad turns. The whole course is designed for tight cornering and I was like a kid in a big wheel, my radius was off. Cool thing is I didn't need to rush to keep up because of the twist and turns they could see me and truthfully I am so loud with sound effects - (I am like my own little beacon). I was trying HARD to stay on my bike, hit the roots and trying hard not to cry. KIDDING. kind of.

I would say better than last ride but a long way to go. I need MORE technical training and just to RIDE RIDE RIDE.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Chilly Hilly

What I started out was going to be a 10k, turned into the Hilly Chilly.
and I say today A+! Minus 10 points because I was late meeting D causing us literally to pedal, my fastest in my life, to an almost pulled away ferry but they let us on. Plus 10 points (Bringing us back to A+) –because of my lateness D assisted in a medical 911 when a man walking right by him went into a seizer. I said, “You saved his life.” He said “Assisted someone in need.” People thought the man was drunk so he was being ignored but D helped him, got him to the ground, and had 911 to the scene. So with all the frenzy, He said, “Jill never again.” I shed a tear. I hate it when I let people down but truthfully it was the man lying on the ground with all that vulnerability just made me sad. BUT only one tear. So before anyone could say stop crying I was done. Glad that guy was ok.

I nailed and I mean NAILED my attire, what I packed, water, my nuun, protein and my food intake. I was never too warm, too cold.. I was just right. I wouldn’t let D stop for any picnicking. Only bathroom stops. I did see him wash his Rudy’s, but I realized he wears contacts so it was forgiven and he waited for me at the tops of many hills when he could have looped me, so I am far from saying no washing the glasses.

3 miles in I was just enjoying this little old ride when D came back from the top of hill to me and said, “Can we get a little more power out of those legs, put it in middle middle stand up if you have to but if you need to double your speed, grandma just passed you. Or we are going to short course it” That was not tough love, that’s just tough. BUT I did once say I want to be faster and I am biking with a guy that loves pure anaerobic hell in the quads. I was up for the challenge and usually I don’t respond well to that kind of feedback, but the word short course FRIGHTENS me. It worked; I gave it all I got.

It lit me up and I did pedal strong and rode ten times faster then I was riding previously. But one hill, I was in granny granny and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I saw a lot people getting off their bikes and I decided my goal for this hill would not be speed (thank goodness I was going two miles an hour) but this time but to stay on my bike –which I accomplished.

Mind you, everyone was on road bikes and D and I were on Mountain Bikes. We got a lot more feedback from people then expected. It was a conversation starter, like “awesome job being on Mt. bikes. Etc. was it longer? I would never have done that without a road bike... Etc...”

It was such an incredible ride. I had an incredible high from it. I could have definitely kept going. The ride was 33 miles and truly was hilly!

I love the buzz of the energy of people heading back on the ferry. I loved it all. It was fun to hear people cutting out, doing the short course – I would not revel in ones failure, but I was surprised we didn’t have any of the complaints, or do the shorter course. We heard complaints about temperature, food, hills, and the course, etc.

However we were the majority – most everyone else had an incredible ride.

And I also got the, “your riding, preparedness, awesome attitude made up for any lateness, this day rocked.” Then I got knuckles.

Riding home from the ferry was the only moment I was not as excited about - chilled down, but it went so fast, and those hills seemed so easy peasy after that ride!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

a little jaunt in the park

I ran only 4.2 miles at Discovery and my poor leg and knee hate me. But one thing I feel esp. proud about it, in the past I couldn’t tell a one tree from the next or what direction I was facing. On highways or streets I know direction, but never in the trails. I listened in my Nav class and I really am now noticing my surroundings from small things to big HUGE water towers – I know you think it would be obvious.. But it wasn’t before and now I have a perspective of where I am –and I love that piece. Puzzle like. I have much more to learn but I am enjoying this process. My leg hates me but my head likes me... so I will call it an even-steven day. I have a 16 mile run on Saturday and I wish I was doing the Orcas run but I will be running on the street, I know ,OUCH.. then a Sunday 10K, I think on the street as well. :( Orcas trails sounds GORGEOUS. Good luck to my friends out there running it. You will be spectacular.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


we were little speed demons today on the hill.. they said lots of new snow, but your ride to ride the chair ratio is off... I need Whistler.:) I did have a blast, laughed a ton, it was WINDY and as always ate yummy food.

My brother-in-law ruptured his Achilles Tendon - it was completely severed. His surgery was really early this morning and he came to late to mid evening. They live on a golf course and he golfs more than anyone I know and that is all he really talks about.

My sister R bought him a trip to Pebble Beach for Christmas and that was the first thing he mentioned when he came to is how sad he was about their trip.

My heart aches for him for his recovery road ahead. He is just the greatest nicest guy and FUNNY.. and he has two little girls that he is dying to teach sports and instead they love flowers, dishes, and anything pretty.. it kills me (funny kills me) to watch him try to teach Halle baseball, she says, "now why would want to do this?" she is so cute and tiny.

They had to do a spinal. YEE. He is in a hard cast and can't move for awhile and then when he does he won't be able to place his foot down for six months!!! Then of course rehab. He injured it playing football. Not the same brother in law with the Nike life, this is the brother in law with the golf life..

I have heard (and this is just hearsay -did I use that right?) that the Achilles Tendon is was one of the most painful injuries, surgery and recovery. He isn't talking about physical pain yet. He just is CRUSHED.

Maybe I buy him Wii Golf.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I got car washed

Monday Feb 20th

Murray took D and I on a run today for 6.6 miles. It was great and we all could have kept going. No one ready to pass out, I think Murray had time limitations or he might have made us go 40 plus miles, thank goodness for family obligations.

Then off to the car wash, because I was so muddy, literally it was like a one way water fight from the knee caps down. With a power blaster super soaker. It had nothing to do with D's car at all - exhibit A me being sprayed down and exhibit B. -Picture of D after car wash. I was suckered.

Then we were going to hit tapeworm, but a little storm rolled in at we hit the WAC instead for lots of upper body training and belly blasting. Again, If I could change my diet I would be so fit! But I was in such a rush to get back to see Jack that I was FORCED to eat fast food.


Marna and I entered the building and they say "sorry no kayaking 40 knot winds too dangerous." Seconds later Valpey enters and Herby says, "Valpey, are you taking them out?" "Yep" "Ok take the triple" Marna looks at me and says, “What just happened to ‘too dangerous’?" I wasn't sure, but I was THRILLED.

There were some sail boats that looked tipsy but there is NO WAY there was forty knot winds.

We were a well oiled machine synchronized piston firing with perfect form.

On the way back I said, as I was enviously looking at Marna's beautifully warm kayaking gloves, "Valpey, are your hands cold?" "Yes." "What do you do?" "Pretend they are somebody else’s and keep going." "Oh"

Coming back into the wind we were still kicking, until I mention it again,
"Ok, well my hands keep staying my OWN hands as much as I pretend they are somebody else’s they are frozen (again as Marna's gloves are growing to look like Mickey Mouse’s gloves but made with Gortex).

Now I have made him stop paddling, focus on his own hands and he says, "I put them under my shirt on my skin." That’s when things went a little south, Marna says, "Did it just get worse?" and turns back to see we aren't a well oiled machine, we were a trio with a motor who I made stop paddling because I brought focus to his hands over and over and they are now under his shirt on his skin.

Marna yells out to me, "WE SUCK" and I want to yell back "I hate the word WE in times like this" but she is laughing, I am laughing, We are going backwards, our paddles are clinking and clanking with each other. We did suck. We just lost our motor.

Minutes later when we were all working again (Valpey), I say, "we should auction him off at our fundraiser with a kayaking lesson." He says, "YOU are auctioning me off?" and I went to mumble just as instructor... But Marna shot me the look. The look of, "remember a party ago when we got left because you wanted to auction of AV and we have this wind we are facing and when he quit for two seconds we were screwed." So I was silent.

I like the idea for my fundraiser though to auction off trainers instead of dates. But this will be approached again when I don’t have my life in my hands (cold hands).

Pictures below; the three of us on our Voyage.

Marna with all of her cuteness.

Eric with his long hair - which will be gone and short short tomorrow. BRIGHT BLUE with WHITE. Yep I know. He is a youth leader at a church; this might be the only thing that could make me attend his service, nothing more fun then joining in a heckling group from 13- 17 years old. But now that I look at it.. Not sure short, white and bright blue will be Valpey. Sad. Cute little Valpey hair all gone. I will post a photo my next Popparzi moment when I hunt him down.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

my fake Danielle Steel Voice

The morning is February 13th and it's gloomy, not just outside but in the depths of my very soul. This isn't any normal day; this is the day I have to get a cap on my tooth -my molar. Oh where has time gone? It seems like just yesterday I had lost that original baby tooth and the tooth fairly visited me in my dream leaving me a shiny fifty cent piece. Now, the years have passed and it shattered on a chip. (yes how messed up is that? oops back to story) I take a deep breath and head out the door to my car and begin driving to what seems a lifetime journey. Memories are flooding back to my last visit. The sounds, the drills, the saw. I feel woozy and I roll down the window as sweat beads up on my forehead. The horror is rushing in my head like the wind is into the car. The last visit I had to get a root amputation. Petty as it may seem, I thought one clip of the root and it would be over.. instead.. oh I can't even speak about it.. I just drive. I can make it. I finally arrive and it seems days or weeks have gone by in just one little drive from Seattle to Bellevue. But alas, I am here. I open the door and get out of the car. The dentist's office smell has leaked out into the fresh air, the noise of the saw clouds my thoughts and I jump as the sound of my own car door being shut startles me. I laugh quietly to myself. My heart beats louder with each step and before I make it to the door, the full memory is being replayed over and over in my head.. First they sliced both sides of the tooth from the top of the gum, to where the root ends, They peel backed the gums exposing all the nerves and that poor root (ten stitches total.) This is where the horror begins, I thought they would have a clipper or some technology, but they had this little saw and it took two long hours of that root to finally detached itself from the rest of the body of the tooth but did it really ever let go?... Sometimes at night I think I can feel it but I am not sure if its my own imagination..

Ok, can't take the voice... even though I am writing it. So I can't imagine reading it.

However my last visit was a root amputation - I have an incredible picture - I won't post it though because someone said I am the ONLY one that thinks it's cool.
Two - this visit seem like a piece of cake compared to last, esp. with the nitrous and the paraffin dip with my hands.

However at the end of the day, my tooth hurt and I needed to go to the wellness center. I showed up so early for my appointment - I decided to run out all the anxiety on a treadmill. The pain was a bit much, so when I finished I was just in more pain and full of anxiety. They shot me up with vitamins in my gluts. Yes. ugh.

I am making my goal to go to the WAC for at least five times a month.

Then next day BACK to the wellness center of Feb 14, talking about knee pain, eating healthier and anxiety. Then I had a tough workout with weights -again anxious but it helped so much. Then off to eat a lot of cheeses to counter balance my workout - but it was VDAY.

Saturday February 17th I hit Tapeworm. D set up drills before and after. It helped a lot. There were a few shortcut I took last time because a secret friend would say "Jill come this way" to catch up me up with everyone. This time, any near chance of a bushwack I had a big road blocker stopping me and said "go around, stay on your bike, you need to learn." TOUGH LOVE.

Anyway.. Sunday- I paddled today for near two hours. Actually it was an hour and 43 minutes. I will blog that in a bit. I have to post pictures and a fun story.

I am going back to Tapeworm tomorrow after my run at Bridal Trails. I told you.. Tapeworm...someone is after you, 3.. 4....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Soccer Ball Adventure Race

I simply need stimulus when exercising. For example in soccer, there is competition, wakeboarding -THRILL if you jump, flip, 360 or even if you do the Mac special and Superman and land to 14 stitches on your skull. In Adventure Racing -those little checkpoints keep me energized, being on a team, competing. BUT some sports, I need a little kick to get me going. I went Kayaking Saturday with Valpey -the boy (I need to clarify between the two Valpeys - well actually there are three). But, I asked him to go Kayaking Saturday. I was just paddling along -forgot everything I learned and I was high sticking (I know that's for hockey) -still my form was OFF... then all of a sudden this little kid is whaling over by the Arboretum and my blades, body and all were just moving. It all came back in a flash, and he said, "I think his mom is right there." I said "let’s get close enough to check it out. Something is wrong." (Yes very Scooby Doo like.)

As we near this man says to me, "Are you going around this island?" I said "No" he then said, "Will you? My son lost his soccer ball in the water." "OF COURSE!" We were speed demons racing for the lost ball, then the retrieval, and then all smiles NO tears. It was motivation for me to work harder and faster.

We were only out for an hour an a half. I hadn't been since my broken elbow. We took it easy until the ball incident then we kept that pace and I kept my form. It was a good day.

Saturday night I went out with AV, Marna and Rob to a fundraising party. They were auctioning people off for dates. AV immediately took his exit when I thought we should sell him. I felt terrible.

Just running by myself is hard for me. So if anyone wants to go to my marathon and be check points I have to find, it may be the only way I can finish. I get bored of my own thoughts in my head. Sometimes I am funny -but that is usually when I am trying to fall asleep at night I stay up listening to myself think. :) My Ipod works for a bit then I out think it... will somebody please go mark certain aid stations? a number on a Gatorade cup? CP’s ?Something.

Today's Valentines day run was fun, I wasn't speedy, but I kept a decent pace.

I wish someone was running with me for my big run...that would be the best, funny stories...etc

Thursday, February 08, 2007


This sums up my night last night

My riding = flat
leg warmers = flat
tire = flat
my humor = flat

The people and trails were fun and technical. Yes peeps were both fun and technical.
But I felt a tiny bit discouraged, but today I am itching to go back there. I will make the tapeworm my friend or beat it the ground. I am coming back for you!

Tonight I ran with Team in Training and it felt great. I came home soaked in the bath with one knee out with ice on it, two Ensure shakes, Nuun and a one pound bag of beef jerky... I know I'm eating in the tub! Gross or awesome?

Night Rider

Check out this dude!

BMX Bandits

If they had BMX Bandits II - I think JVG and I would be cast. Only problem is she would have to be my stunt double (and half the guys in the movie too) and still be the main character. While she was flying through tapeworm I was flying in the air to the ground. (They might cast that guy lurking in the back as the evil villian - I think he could "hold his own" riding)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Top Ten

Tonight I was running with my ipod and was able to daydream (while listening to the Rocky theme song of course) and come up with my top ten for the year 2007. I also biked 13 miles and did an upper body workout including abs... So I am a little fired up and have big goals

1) Run a marathon in Paris in April and raise $6000 for the Leukemia Foundation
2) Do the Tri in June at Lake Sammamish in Issaquah
3) Swim from Seward Park to Mercer Island
4) One 12 hour Adventure Race
5) The Big Fat again, but this time with lots of training!
6) Hit Whistler and Sun Valley two more times for boarding season (at least), and keep up with my snowboarding schedule at the Summit this year.
7) Help with the food and allergy initiative foundation chapter my sister started
8) Paint five paintings that I love
9) Private Trapeze (I need to step it up a notch)
10) Back to belly dancing and abs class -it was when I was the most happiest in life, could have been life- but it was part of it!

Ok – 11- most important – Do great things for people, life changing.

Wait 12 (This isn’t going to ever stop is it?) – be the best aunt I can possibly be.

13… on beach in the sun…I loved my Maui runs.

14. Work hard!

inch by inch