Sunday, February 11, 2007

Soccer Ball Adventure Race

I simply need stimulus when exercising. For example in soccer, there is competition, wakeboarding -THRILL if you jump, flip, 360 or even if you do the Mac special and Superman and land to 14 stitches on your skull. In Adventure Racing -those little checkpoints keep me energized, being on a team, competing. BUT some sports, I need a little kick to get me going. I went Kayaking Saturday with Valpey -the boy (I need to clarify between the two Valpeys - well actually there are three). But, I asked him to go Kayaking Saturday. I was just paddling along -forgot everything I learned and I was high sticking (I know that's for hockey) -still my form was OFF... then all of a sudden this little kid is whaling over by the Arboretum and my blades, body and all were just moving. It all came back in a flash, and he said, "I think his mom is right there." I said "let’s get close enough to check it out. Something is wrong." (Yes very Scooby Doo like.)

As we near this man says to me, "Are you going around this island?" I said "No" he then said, "Will you? My son lost his soccer ball in the water." "OF COURSE!" We were speed demons racing for the lost ball, then the retrieval, and then all smiles NO tears. It was motivation for me to work harder and faster.

We were only out for an hour an a half. I hadn't been since my broken elbow. We took it easy until the ball incident then we kept that pace and I kept my form. It was a good day.

Saturday night I went out with AV, Marna and Rob to a fundraising party. They were auctioning people off for dates. AV immediately took his exit when I thought we should sell him. I felt terrible.

Just running by myself is hard for me. So if anyone wants to go to my marathon and be check points I have to find, it may be the only way I can finish. I get bored of my own thoughts in my head. Sometimes I am funny -but that is usually when I am trying to fall asleep at night I stay up listening to myself think. :) My Ipod works for a bit then I out think it... will somebody please go mark certain aid stations? a number on a Gatorade cup? CP’s ?Something.

Today's Valentines day run was fun, I wasn't speedy, but I kept a decent pace.

I wish someone was running with me for my big run...that would be the best, funny stories...etc

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