Thursday, February 22, 2007

a little jaunt in the park

I ran only 4.2 miles at Discovery and my poor leg and knee hate me. But one thing I feel esp. proud about it, in the past I couldn’t tell a one tree from the next or what direction I was facing. On highways or streets I know direction, but never in the trails. I listened in my Nav class and I really am now noticing my surroundings from small things to big HUGE water towers – I know you think it would be obvious.. But it wasn’t before and now I have a perspective of where I am –and I love that piece. Puzzle like. I have much more to learn but I am enjoying this process. My leg hates me but my head likes me... so I will call it an even-steven day. I have a 16 mile run on Saturday and I wish I was doing the Orcas run but I will be running on the street, I know ,OUCH.. then a Sunday 10K, I think on the street as well. :( Orcas trails sounds GORGEOUS. Good luck to my friends out there running it. You will be spectacular.


Glenn said...

You missed a great race. I could spend a week up there running, biking and paddling.


THRILL said...

I went to read your blog no post about it yet. I skipped running today and did the Chilly Hilly bike ride. It was AMAZINGLY fun.
Post about Orcas. I want to hear more about it. :) I will proabably look up results. Did you smash it?