Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I got car washed

Monday Feb 20th

Murray took D and I on a run today for 6.6 miles. It was great and we all could have kept going. No one ready to pass out, I think Murray had time limitations or he might have made us go 40 plus miles, thank goodness for family obligations.

Then off to the car wash, because I was so muddy, literally it was like a one way water fight from the knee caps down. With a power blaster super soaker. It had nothing to do with D's car at all - exhibit A me being sprayed down and exhibit B. -Picture of D after car wash. I was suckered.

Then we were going to hit tapeworm, but a little storm rolled in at we hit the WAC instead for lots of upper body training and belly blasting. Again, If I could change my diet I would be so fit! But I was in such a rush to get back to see Jack that I was FORCED to eat fast food.

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