Thursday, February 01, 2007

Top Ten

Tonight I was running with my ipod and was able to daydream (while listening to the Rocky theme song of course) and come up with my top ten for the year 2007. I also biked 13 miles and did an upper body workout including abs... So I am a little fired up and have big goals

1) Run a marathon in Paris in April and raise $6000 for the Leukemia Foundation
2) Do the Tri in June at Lake Sammamish in Issaquah
3) Swim from Seward Park to Mercer Island
4) One 12 hour Adventure Race
5) The Big Fat again, but this time with lots of training!
6) Hit Whistler and Sun Valley two more times for boarding season (at least), and keep up with my snowboarding schedule at the Summit this year.
7) Help with the food and allergy initiative foundation chapter my sister started
8) Paint five paintings that I love
9) Private Trapeze (I need to step it up a notch)
10) Back to belly dancing and abs class -it was when I was the most happiest in life, could have been life- but it was part of it!

Ok – 11- most important – Do great things for people, life changing.

Wait 12 (This isn’t going to ever stop is it?) – be the best aunt I can possibly be.

13… on beach in the sun…I loved my Maui runs.

14. Work hard!

inch by inch


DARTvg said...

I like what you've done with the site...looks good. Did you say swim from seward to Mercer? Watch out for sharks.

THRILL said...

I have heard of rootbeer whale but but sharks? From my friend's dock to Mercer its .93 miles. They will be in rowboat. Thanks about the site.. after those goals, my next will goal will be to make it as an althete on your site.. your goal should be to make it to my funny people list. ha. I am so funny.