Thursday, August 31, 2006

Goals -photo back in time...

Since May 2 (1st beast for me, 2nd of the season) I have done three small adventure races (not to be taken lightly -hard for me -Just shorter time wise then some of the big kid races) and 5 running races. -even during broken elbow manage to get my races in... This is the first year on my mt. bike.. in fact first adventure race was May 2nd, 1st time mt. bike riding bike. My goal is to get two more adventure races in this year-(at least.) One big bike race and 5 little races on weekends.
I need to train more. Ride more. Run more and get back into lifting weights. My doctor said "you can ride your bike in two more weeks...." um, ok.. if he could have only seen me the other day. ...but since I have been riding, I assume its safe and probably very smart to lift light weights. Picture is Beast 3 with JVG, DAM, me and RVG.. fun race... their energy alone could bring you through a race!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My own ego

This blog will be all about my training.. but every once in a while when your feeling crushed in a sport.. you might want to know.. i am still taking names at poker and got first place.. mama needs a lot of shoes.. like some merrils or montrails. '

The Beast

My confidence was low because Saturday night I was stricken with the top cold of the season. I ran on Saturday too leaving my wee little calves a bit sore.

Then the PMS thing and then the thing.. You feel like every ounce of your soul and blood is just missing.. And you wonder where you will get this energy to do any kind of racing at all.

I let that get in my head a bit.. and it gave me some nerves. WAY too afraid to let D or RVG down.
Once I got to the race, the excitement didn't pick up for me quite yet... everyone was all happy, giddy, throwing jokes back and forth. D was perfectly arranging things.. and I was still stuck inside my head. I wish D and I were joking.. or talking.. but he was organizing.. i was what.. ?Probably doing nothing (shoot to D's blog "I wish JP would do something beside sit there.. maybe like take down her bike or something?")

But when we moved our bikes out to the grass, started getting maps...that's where the magic happened and i got out of my head.. back into the game. The first part was running (more of little sprint) while one teammate would stamp the map with the the three check points in the water. RVG decided to take that task (as well as being the navigator). It was great to run along side D and RVG - then see RVG sprint to the check points. He is fast and has this good energy he carries with him. He also causes furry around him... people say things "like follow Dart" etc.. for check points.
We got back to our bikes rather fast. Shoes, transitions, quick, yet.. my fatal mistake.. that damn extra layer.. when will I learn? I swear I just had this same experience Saturday.. and what? by Tuesday, I am oblivious that with the amount of exercise I am not going to heat up.
so cursed again by the jacket!!! AND I could tell it was a thorn in RVG's side to, cuz his pack wouldn't quite close and he was losing things... and it was just a nuisance. Even looking at the damn jacket, knowing it was mine.. it still looked f-ing sloppy. (The jacket comes back.. don't you worry)... any way, on bikes.. that is where.. the game went off again. I felt this exhaustion i have not felt yet racing.. or anything to this date.. i was warm, thought i was sick and just drained... i was like "I am a minute into this thing..." and then the spiral happened .. back in the head.. and i was like "i hate myself.." but then i looked up and saw Ryan running with my bike and his bike and my body just kicked back up and kept thinking just run, get out of head, who cares your tired, look at what your teammate is doing for you. LOOK.. he's a machine!!! So then when we finally were able to climb back on to the bikes .. I felt good. great. i had confidence.. and i had a new found appreciation for my team comes first, fears and inward thoughts on the back burner.. never again to be found when racing.... so we hit what i would call BLISS or a magical trail.. like the movies.. like the hobbits, harry potter.. that isn't even mystical enough.. but we had to follow these pink flags.. i all of sudden loved the pink flags and got into the groove... i felt i was riding stronger, but I hear, "use your trigger finger.." so i gave it all i got and decided by all my might (remember D is holding up his end -RVG carried my bikes) give it all you have.. and so i did. I came across fear and said, "Pedal Pedal Pedal" and the fear was gone. It was awesome. In fact i know the goal was to get out of the trail... but i could have rode it even longer. I did come down a sketchy hill. Took a few deep falls. Was also proud to watch D. He looked strong. I loved it.

After the bikes, back down to the barn, and let the foot race begin. This is where my knees hurt before my lungs did.. but again.. it was small pain compared to the beginning and then it felt great... there was a point we bushed wacked following RVG's lead.. and it just makes me giggle.. you feel like this little animal out there.. one minute you believe in this race and then you have your cynical side.. thinking WTF? but all in a good way! it's the best game on earth.. i want to play more more more.. and longer.. and stronger.

when we crossed over the bridge and the rain started to come down I felt so alive. not in my head. proud of us. proud of D. loved D. Loved RVG. Thought of JVG and her dad out there, thinking its so great to be alive.

last round of the running, RVG had a bush wacking again to gain lead.. and all instincts had him right, he just didn't know he didn't quite have his little runners in tow. next time. next time.

We got to the barn, more people there then i was hoping (just for placement sake) however the loud cheer and happiness from other AR felt great.

I met friends that i was a TA angel for. Greeted with a PBR.... D still organizing... me still needing attention (back to his blog) -is she ever going to get her gear together.. or just keep on chatting..

it was fun. i want and need to do it again. each time.. i think i didn't work out enough.. how do i work out more???

Oh and that jacket.. RVG finally after jumping down to the river and climbing up was like “Do me a favor and get this sweater off my back.” He did say it in the friendliest way he could, but that thing was a bitch. Remember that!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Tonight is our race at Tolt McDonald. Someone sent those emails around where you fill in the blanks.. and I can't believe I want to get there so bad.. cuz that was one my answers.. I feel like time is ticking at work.. i never fill those out.. well I did this time. I am going to keep great detail in my mind to write tomorrow.. but this was the email sent and my answers.. YEE HAW.. c'mon TOLT. bring it!

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. On a beach in the sun drinking a Corona .
2. racing a race that is about to happen in 3 hours with D and R (the anticipation is killing me)
3. At the spa
4. On the top platform for a Gold Medal in the Olympics.. I will take any sport besides the one where they broom their way down the bowling alley~

Monday, August 28, 2006

trail run -lots of roads for a trail run. ???

um -about to rip my toenail off.. that is just the bottom of my toe .. which doesn't hurt at all. the top does. the doctor won't remove it with out a shot.. i refused a shot.. give it a couple of days and it will be enough i can yank it off myself.

after our race on Saturday - i slightly lifted my toenail up, lots of blood came out.. then i pushed harder down on it... LOTS of blood. like black blood.. it took a lot of the pressure off and it was kind of cool to look at.

I took 2nd and got a silver medal for my age group. if you would put 20-39 i still would have got 2nd.. :) it was not my best run, i didn't feel great the first mile. i did a clothes change in the middle of it.. two miles were up hill.. my calves are killing me.. However.. i know i need to work on my first mile, being prepared outfit wise.. this off the shirt in the middle of the race is crazy.

Last half mile a girl try to out sprint me. I never let her pass me.. she was drafting me the whole way.. (can you draft in running?).. someone yelled 1/2 mile.. and her little feet were hitting the pavement fast and hard. So then I kicked in too .. I never let her pass me, in fact that was the only part of the race that was great. she would kick it up, and i would kick it up again.. it was like she tried harder, boom, i tried harder.. . I could feel where she was at all times.There was 10 feet wide across.. she could have passed me using any part of that ten feet... and i stayed in my path.. moving less the a half a feet ONE time.. next time.. i should say, "excuse me.. would like to pass?"+

I seriously wonder what my time would have been if i had raced that way from the start.. or least my first my mile was different, or my outfit.. or or or or or.. no more "what if's?" I am going into the next race way different... and I am going to start training.

D did say, "I wonder what would happen if you trained for these races.. or this your training?"

good point.

I can't decide

Tolt -Thursday


Hot digity! Rode with D and RVG.. this is D.. he was going over what seemed like a big jump and he doesn't know that his landing is a rock. RVG just kept saying "stay right after your jump"

we were on the other side (i went on the other side) . I was wee nervous for D.. but BAM.. perfectly landing. D increases 5 percent each time.. me 1 percent. Which means I need to get on my bike ten times more.

I had a great ride. one big fall (there were several falls - just one big one) it knocked the confidence out of me. I finally got it back. RVG had lots of training. He is one of the best trainers. He was great. D was great.. it was so much fun. YEE-HAW

Monday, August 21, 2006

pedal pedal pedal

ok, Tolt.. the incline killed me this time. Killed me...
My chain fell off too (I did not switch gears going up either)..
i was pre granny, just something wrong. so once it was put back on, i had to ride one gear tougher than normal… and that is all it took. Flattened me. Exhausted.
Trails were great. Changed from my egg beaters (purely psychological after break) and I used all the advice by d and r. it worked. i had a better ride. and again love hate relationship with riding.
my elbow hates me. I ate an awesome prime rib sandwich. oh that’s not riding.. um, I loved that i increased one percent! a solid one percent... long way too go.
my race is next Tuesday. running, mt biking and some water adventure... crazy.. excited. nervous.
(ride Sunday August 20th, tolt mcdonald)

Thursday, August 17, 2006

tolt mcdonald had a farm

e i e i yee-ouch!

love hate relationship with the biking.

love - d, rvg, jen, and brent. all great advice. fun. much patience..

hate- my elbow.. the fall i took - i actually have a bruise on my broken elbow - stop reading if you think "how stupid she rode with broken elbow" -way more stupid things in life ahead.

love - that i increased my biking ability one percent.

love - when i went through the same loop around and had higher level of confidence.

love -we rode 13 miles. tough. technical. and fun.

love - ah, yeah.. more love than hate.. i love that i have so much learning ahead. its like a game, its just the beginning.. and there is only UP from here.

love -i am now solid 4 percent out of a 100. I am not stopping until 110 percent.

people say it's a boy thing when it comes to how strong or how you ride.. and the natural aspect, I won't accept it. i am going to ride like a boy. even if i have to join a 14 year old bmx racing team. i will get there. (not saying boys are better than girls. its a style i am looking for, and i bet 80 percent of the boys would want JVG style... so that style.. boy thing or not. BOLD, STRONG, CONFIDENT.. and ready to roll!) Bring it!

ah, just had feedback - and i also know i need to stay clipped in a little more. i am a little weaker mentally then before i broke and will clip out or not clip in on some gnarly stuff.. however - NO MORE.. i fell regardless.. clip and kick it!

> Jill-
> -Coasting with feet horizontal and getting more comfortable on the bike.
> -Weight transfer. Ie moving weight from the front tire to the back tire. Maybe popping a wheelie over a curb or 2x4, which requires weight to be back.
> -Cornering and turning
> -Shifting

Monday, August 14, 2006

just the beginning

Two weeks after I busted my elbow (riding single trails in black diamond with Hart) I finally am back for training. My doctor said “8 weeks until you can bike again.” What's six more weeks? As D was putting bikes on, I came downstairs, I wrapped my arm in several towels, bandage, tape and an arm warmer on top.He was like "what the hell is that?" I was like "elbow padding?" He found no amusement NOR –damn this is girl is tough…Instead he made me stop at big five and buy real elbow pads. so I bought a soft volley ball elbow pad and then hard skateboard elbows pads that I put on top. This was all in case I fell, and I did have a plan B - if I fell to use my head to break the fall. We rode iron horse trail. Total 16 miles and it was an hour and forty five minute ride. I thought D would have some words to keep me from biking but all he said was "Don't go slow." I had an easier time clipping in out then before. I’m so clickity clickity. On this ride I wasn't being dangerous or reckless... My arm feels great except a few movements are hard to do.

Side Note -I no longer feel bad about the break. There was NOTHING one could do. It wasn't even like I didn't know how to click out, I didn't even know I was falling. What I do know is I can't balance a bike at zero miles per hours.

Back to the ride -Up hill (it was only a 2.5 percent incline) we were averaging 8 or 9 miles an hour. Down, I used the hardest gears and we never coasted, so it was a good work out. Downhill 16-19 miles an hour... No fear for a girl that has *BE (and I’m not sure that is fast)

*Broken Elbow. –ha!

It rocked. I'm back (well I was only out for two weeks, can I hardly ever say I was gone? Or have I ever really been in?)

I have The Beast race 4 with D and RVG. I have 24 hour bike in Moab (same place where RVG almost died from heat stroke at the Primal Quest). They took my cast off now (did you know that?) I have this unrealistic expectation (or WANT) to do things.

Today Aug 9th -I left out lots of training since last entry (two).
I Rode with D 24 miles. Hard gears. Legs were wobbly wobbly wobbly. D likes to grind the quads. I am missing quads.

August 12th. Ran the 13 mile Cougar MT Series. Steep tough climbs! At the nine mile aid and food station I seriously stopped 10-15 minutes. There was so much food. I think their goal was to grab it and go. I couldn’t stop eating. I felt like it was the end of the race.. . I am pissed (where was RVG my TA ANGEL). Immediately after the station I fell on my arm, mile 9 – it didn’t help I still had food in both hands and my gut was full and my body was zombie-like from the food intake. My knee was in so much pain the last four miles. I dragged my leg and arm out of the trails like a character from a Tennessee Williams play. When I would scrape too much dirt I would lift my leg and start a fresh.

The uphill climbs were gnarly (as well as my time 3:37 minutes). Down hill was like cliffs and my knee hated me. When I finished I had a tall bud-lite and waited for my friend Joanna. They almost took out search and rescue team for her but instead sent out five sweepers. All the finishing stuff was gone and I made a make shift finish line with long pink ribbon to run across. Easily breakable -the same material the police tape ribbon/tape is made "DO NOT CROSS POLICE" And we all know how easy that is to break… She was so weak (after a 6 hour time) that the ribbon tape was stretching to this triangle shape not break and I already double checked for any give. I'm like, "use oomph. Strength! Run. It’s your finish line". She looked like she could use the thin tape as a hammock. Oomph was not much option.I yelled again much louder, "you finished! Use Strength" and she plunged through. I had water, bagels, hat, socks all given to previous timed finishers that I asked for before the sponsors packed it up.

Today August 12th
I went for a bike ride with D for 8 miles at Tolt McDonald. Despite what seemed like small distance (8 Miles) it was tough. The climb was brutal. I fell again… what the hek? This time I rolled like a beetle bug on to my back. It was a great tuck and roll –I must say, but my bike stayed on its side and didn't go on top of me pinning my leg. I whimpered loudly. Louder! Finally Dan came to get me out. Damn I'm sore. Mentally I feel GREAT.

I am at 3 percent where I want to be. By end September I promise to be at a solid 10. It’s going to keep on rising. I will be unstoppable!