Monday, August 28, 2006

trail run -lots of roads for a trail run. ???

um -about to rip my toenail off.. that is just the bottom of my toe .. which doesn't hurt at all. the top does. the doctor won't remove it with out a shot.. i refused a shot.. give it a couple of days and it will be enough i can yank it off myself.

after our race on Saturday - i slightly lifted my toenail up, lots of blood came out.. then i pushed harder down on it... LOTS of blood. like black blood.. it took a lot of the pressure off and it was kind of cool to look at.

I took 2nd and got a silver medal for my age group. if you would put 20-39 i still would have got 2nd.. :) it was not my best run, i didn't feel great the first mile. i did a clothes change in the middle of it.. two miles were up hill.. my calves are killing me.. However.. i know i need to work on my first mile, being prepared outfit wise.. this off the shirt in the middle of the race is crazy.

Last half mile a girl try to out sprint me. I never let her pass me.. she was drafting me the whole way.. (can you draft in running?).. someone yelled 1/2 mile.. and her little feet were hitting the pavement fast and hard. So then I kicked in too .. I never let her pass me, in fact that was the only part of the race that was great. she would kick it up, and i would kick it up again.. it was like she tried harder, boom, i tried harder.. . I could feel where she was at all times.There was 10 feet wide across.. she could have passed me using any part of that ten feet... and i stayed in my path.. moving less the a half a feet ONE time.. next time.. i should say, "excuse me.. would like to pass?"+

I seriously wonder what my time would have been if i had raced that way from the start.. or least my first my mile was different, or my outfit.. or or or or or.. no more "what if's?" I am going into the next race way different... and I am going to start training.

D did say, "I wonder what would happen if you trained for these races.. or this your training?"

good point.

I can't decide

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