Monday, August 28, 2006

Tolt -Thursday


Hot digity! Rode with D and RVG.. this is D.. he was going over what seemed like a big jump and he doesn't know that his landing is a rock. RVG just kept saying "stay right after your jump"

we were on the other side (i went on the other side) . I was wee nervous for D.. but BAM.. perfectly landing. D increases 5 percent each time.. me 1 percent. Which means I need to get on my bike ten times more.

I had a great ride. one big fall (there were several falls - just one big one) it knocked the confidence out of me. I finally got it back. RVG had lots of training. He is one of the best trainers. He was great. D was great.. it was so much fun. YEE-HAW

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