Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Do you

Swear to tell the truth, the whole truth so help you god? Buddha? Someone?


Its seems when you began writing out loud like in a blog, you can't be a 100 percent honest, or can you? For instance, I read my BLACKBERRY stories and they seem more raw, more real, less censored.. Who knows, maybe no one reads this at all and I can be open as possible.

I don't have anything negative to say so it wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings.. I just question my own perspective on the blog.. And edit more. Not a fan of editing. I mean for typos sure, but raw thoughts... no!

BUT this is the truth, the solid truth

I had an awesome 40 Mile Fall Classic with M and AR on Saturday. Hopefully pictures and stories to follow. I also got a blue ribbon -with details "hot ass chica" I did! I can't help what award I got... it just happened. M was very generous. I have a sad picture of AV whimpering. I can't wait to post.

Sunday it hailed and stormed in Issaquah and went for the inside the gym experience instead of our single track ride - I had honestly saved my legs and everything for this big trail ride and boom! I expressed disappointment and he (being D) in return nearly killed me in weights and my abs. I couldn’t have been more sore.

Monday was a day a rest.

Then, Tuesday October 31, I did my abs class... and it rocked. I was so obsessed one time with abs that I was lifting three days a week and going to abs class for one hour the other two days. It was a solid class. (I did however go to Bora Bora with a six pack and like a week into the trip of not doing sit ups and drinking on the beach, I could almost rest my beer on my belly). EW gross image... see? Edit. Edit. Edit.

However my drive is back.

I run tonight with Hart I am thrilled!! It's Nov 2, despite my posting saying Oct. 31.

I bike tomorrow night and run Saturday for a team that is running a Marathon in Paris. I just got the news. I am a little excited. She was a little bit interested in my nutrition (which ironically I was eating a Big Mac at the time she called) I decided to tell the truth, "It's bad" I have these meetings, trainings and a diet plan all to raise money for Leukemia.

Friday, October 27, 2006

my belly is blasted

D and I worked out for lunch and he killed me. He is the BEST PT for weights. Every part of my body is twitching and I am pretty sore.. usually that takes a day or two. He used to ask me to go with him more and I would be like, "nah" -I just was being lazy! just think how strong I would be? But now I accept easily or beg him to go, cuz I have paid for wieght trainers and he still is the best.. and it's working! I can feel a huge difference!!! My biceps make a wee little line when I flex.

I ran at Tiger last night with a group. It was pretty fun. I haven't run in like a month or so... or since that triathalon, to keep off my knee. Besides my fall, my knee felt great. Took it easy.

I hit a stump so large and landed on the ground and literally sprug up faster than I fell. My poor hand and knee... when Kim and Karen looked at the stump with their lights, I was shocked to see the size... I am like "are we in the old growth forest?" How the hek could I not see that? They were so great and even offered up their lights.. but i think it was just me!

I need a HART to HART run.. hee hee.... but i am glad it was six miles and besides the fall nothing hurt from a knee strain stand point.

I bike tomorrow with M and maybe AV. "40 mile bike Fall classic" She made the title so I can win a race.. sweet, huh? Or at least take second.. with two.. or if AV comes I am still in the top three! It will be road trails.. but using mt bike.

Sunday I am riding single track... so it should be a great workout weekend!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

just GO

i have no story today except at work i felt horrible
at my workout it felt great, now i feel blah!
Bench press
Upright rows andshrugs
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extension
hamstring (is that spelled right..can't be) extensions
belly blaster with the ball
sit ups throwing the ball and catching it back

i feel so awful

Monday, October 23, 2006

Lazy Lazy Lazy

Lazy to the point I started feeling achy and whiney (wait.. that might be my normal).

I haven't worked out since Saturday in Bend (Big Fat Tour)

I just felt blue... or is it blew? no, it blew I was blue! (that's right) ANYWAY..
I finally got out of the house and rode Iron Horse for 20 miles. 10 miles up and 10 miles down.. 2 percent incline... it was a fun ride again. Then just to ruin anything good for me I ate at BIG FAT BURGER.. and stuffed myself. :)

I do work out tonight with Hart.

Wednesday D and I have the competition going on

Bench press
Upright rows and
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extensionsS
seated rows
RVG's (patented) rowing drill
Bike or run for twenty to 30 minutes.

Addendum - other team already forfeited. Darn. Next time.

I am going to have train even harder.. Next time I challenge. 100 King Chair!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


RVG and Julie (Kevin's wife) -

RVG just finished 100 MT Bike miles with Kevin -RVG looks shiney and new! .. and a still doing little Nav 101 on the side

I have to thank RVG, Hart, JVG, D and AV for all the training.. Next time I think I will train harder like instead of going from 15 miles max to 52... Thanks to D for hanging with me and to RVG for literally step by step helping me up a hill -without tow - but with training and to throw me in the dark like this.. but I am ready for more!

quote "Purcell every time you are off your bike I am snapping a photo" RVG :)

Big Fat Tour - Beautiful, eh?


This is one of those shots where the focus is on the guy that fell down the hill -but if you rewind and watch the home video -someone- me is falling... I am not doing YOGA downward dog.. this is for reals!

Photo Op (I needed a small breather)

TA (lots of food)

Why can't I get just one more hill?

BIg Fat Tour Finale (or finally!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fine Motor Skills

Imagine back when you were 3- you didn't know you didn't have fine motor skills but you were suspicious!

I, for one, knew something was off immediately!

Setting - Pre-School
Teacher - Miss Mills
Me - 3 year old student
Nickname -TROUBLE (my mom went so far as to have it printed on all my shirts) and yes people would say, "Here comes Trouble!"


We are in class making sock puppets and the googely little eyes on Miss Mills puppet were in line perfectly and directly on the face where they should be... and then it came to my turn. I used the glue with one hand, putting it directly on the back of one my googely eyes and I am shooting for above the mouth and above the imaginary nose and BOOM! It ends up on the throat of my flipping puppet. One eye makes it safely to where it belongs. This catastrophe is known as lack of fine motor skills -which you begin to develop when you are 3.

Miss Mills said, "Good job" (Liar)

However I pretended not to notice but that haunted me for a long time… not looking at the puppet, but being in full alignment and then having an eye go so awry.

HOWEVER -I am back to square one. I have a beautiful ride, a beautiful story, a great 50 Mile TOUR which to write about and until I get my fine motor skills back I can't! I am typing (or rather pecking with one finger). I am not even sore as much as I don’t have fine motor skills, like little hand movements, cutting, zipping, opening things, typing, using keys.. Etc…is this a level above sore.. and sore is coming?

Has this ever happened to anyone? Is this due to the ride? Or do I have a deeper problem?

I have a brilliant story to be told... Oh please bring back my dexterity!

Well I will write it tomorrow regardless, I will persevere! Because there is an amazing story to be told with beautiful pictures and many people to thank and I loved every moment of it!

Monday, October 09, 2006

mud spa and Capital Forest MTB

Primal Quest Top -watch ESPN2 430
muddy, but not cute! tough!
Halloween? Blue- JVG Primal QuestRVG- Primal Quest Survivor and mud Repellent?

Friday, October 06, 2006


Just a simple game of twister. That's all I ask. Not much. Well I would have to
like twister. I didn't find it much fun as a kid or even as an adult (and we
actually have gotten twister as a suggestion in improv. So I have even played
make believe twister.) Nothing really jumps out at me. Except today. Twister
would be delightful. I don't even need a partner to play with.

This all started yesterday because I can't even walk. Not because I am sore (that story comes next) but I am ree ree. (I’m sorry, kid with special needs.) All I was doing was walking on the sidewalk and my feet slipped so fast under me like I had a banana skateboard below. I hit the ground hard and the thug and lost air from my chest sounded awful -even to my own ears. And as if I was in hell and they said move the one body part that hurts the most and move it to red –I had done just that. I landed on my swollen palm from Mt biking. Didn’t even use the other hand, arm, or body to catch myself.

Four men on the streets were helping me up. One grabbed my blackberry
that slid ten yards and smashed into a building. I swear there were little
birdies circling my head. Yet I know I just landed on my hand –which couldn’t hold the fall because of the pain, and then full body crashed.

I walked home because I had to go ride my bike. I scrambled around for socks.
Does anyone know this pain? I kept moving forward until I realized I was out of
it when I was trying to put my biking gloves on my feet.

I finally get my head normal and pain to where I can think, and ride 22 miles to Alki and back and a little more.

My legs burned the whole way (and again not because of the ride itself) but my special Olympic Lunge Competition (OLC) around the WAC. I am dead sore. I woke up in the morning and had only one sit up left in me from my king chair victory and had to scootch the rest of my body out of bed. I walked passed the shower turning it on. Then sat down to pee and I had the most sadistical laugh. I couldn't stand back up. Had I been in a retirement home I would have push the red emergency button for someone to save me from the john. I begin thinking grey bars in the handicap bathroom sounded nice about now. I used the wall the counter and made it to the shower.

My point. There isn't a part of me that could really play twister. I can't decide if the dream to play twister is because that would mean I could lean on either hand or arm and I could stretch... or is merely that I wish I just enjoyed the simple life of the blue, green, yellow and red dots.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Little Mermaid Takes RVG out of The Race

What would be a friendly team building, turns into a weight competition and goes south fast when Little Mermaid aka JP -knocks RVG out being a contender for the victory. D and RVG were both slam dunks for the weight competition until the kings chair -however - Regardless of D's poor performance on the KC, LM saves the day and knocked RVG out of the game with her 42 lifts to his measely 41.

Bench press
Upright rows and shrugs
Seated dumbbell curls
Triceps extensions
Seated rows
RVG's (patented) rowing drill
Bike for 20 minutes just D and JP
Basketball -just RVG