Monday, December 12, 2011

Sarcasm from the peanut gallery

So it has taken me a few months to accept my lack of skill set to finish what I call my biggest race...CP. But not only do I forgive myself I wish Just today I rode 76 miles on my mt bike and thought that was failing. :). Winters get hard around here.. Even though we trail run, occasional mt bike and keep up with weights the intensity and the duration is 1/10. I am leaning pretty heavy on the 100k or 50k in Ireland. When I think of it - I zone out and workout harder and feel really happy. I think it's a sign. I will promise once I make my decision I won't be moving or buying a new home weeks prior. Nothing but train. Although I would never trade finishing CP for the home I live in now, it's truly the best thing in my life beside family (which includes D and C) - and also the move and no training is the excuse I give myself...however I can sleep at night saying I never have been happier in my life... So I need some races to suffer through and put the smack down on my training. I give myself one week to make a big race calendar (and small races) for 2012. And what I say I'm going do I will or at least leave everything I have out there. I am also applying for paramedic school which also makes me happy. Looking forward to the rest of December and 2012.