Monday, June 25, 2007

Surf Lesson(s)

I went surfing with Jason Saturday. Photo was when he was in the shallow area taking his dog surfing (whom did better than I). We drove near half this island for a good spot. Me, "good spot? Let's try a wave pool." I got pumpled. Brutilized and had a couple waves of mother nature slamming and pulling me down showing me whose boss. I didn't stand up. I was just releaved to catch on enough to be laying on my board riding a wave instead of being thrown. One time I was slam dunked which felt like 8 feet only to come up to a wave smacking me down harder. I also ended like five wave layers out even tho I was paddling like mad to come in, thinking, "great where's my gu if I get lost out to sea?"

Jason starts yelling "hey come here. Come by me. " I was thinking "he is kidding right? does he really think I'm not trying to get to him? All I want to do is be close I'm scared out here. The waves were even bigger out there.

Then today I went out with Susie. I got up. We were in iddy biddy waves and she was more of the hands on approach. I had fun both times. No fear today. Saturday was fun but a little shaken. I am going again tomorrow. Hopefully something in between. I will post a picture of Susie. Her friend took pictures. Need to get them.

Friday I ran from Alix's to the Four Seasons. Best check point I have ever seen. The bell boy was like welcome back. Handed me an iced towel and bottle water. I went and changed into a bikini and hung out there all day. When I was running up the hills instead of "I think I can. I think I can. 'It was Four Seasons. Four Seasons'."

I'm going to stay there my last two nights, whenever that will be.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bamboo Forrest

oh wait that's me not the bamboo forrest, just through that picture in for my mom, last one with all that hair color. Next one, BLONDE. (She has called me every day about it) :P
Self Photography :)

Back to Bamboo Forrest.

Bamboo Forrest - I can't even explain it, but will attempt it. Lets just say a top five experience for sure and I am still in awe. I can not even begin to explain life or living in the moment. Even in some of my greatest experiences I'm still day dreaming or catching myself not living in the moment. Like scuba diving I start day dreaming and all of sudden I'm Ichiro at bat or kicking George (Rush) St Pierre a++ (even tho he is my idol). But at the Bamboo Forrest I was so present. I didn't have any other thoughts then what I was seeing. I could have lived and stayed there forever. First the trail of bamboo I felt like I jumped into an unreal world, the trail was gorgeous, peaceful, muddy in some spots and dry in others, but the bamboo all looked the same, so surreal. Then the rocks, some difficult rock jumping to rock climbing. Then jump in swim to a waterfall then out again up to the next water fall. One time using bamboo to rock climb (also to reppel) then swim through another pool of water with gorgeous water fall. Then there was the rope climb. I felt a little weak on the rope. Need to lift more. But I made it. Then we swam a pretty nice swim to the last water fall. Swimming was so cool and refreshing. Someone in our group said, "I feel like we are in a movie." Just swsimming then turning the corner, just surrounded by bamboo, rocks and water, then the water fall. Felt prehistoric -nothing has changed. Like it was a movie set or we were preserved in a time warp. (Um how did you like the five ways I decribed prehistoric?)

I didn't take camera in. I needed both hands, and one swim was pretty long for holding camera in the air. I wish I had photos. AMAZING.

Today we went to fishbowl to snorkel. Climbed down in lava rock for a three mile hike. It was also amazing.

Tonight we have kick boxing, not like areobic dance. Real kick boxing.

Also Alix Kung Fu Lesson will involve the move mittens of death.

I have not had any soda, I drink just water and nuun. I only have three tablets left.
Zero fast food and no fried food.

(I could have broke that down to three sentences - no fast food, amazing workouts, amazing trails and swimming)

two commandough recruits and me running on beach

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alix Boot Camp and Rehab

Alix has zero body fat, healthy and very athletic. I decided after being at the beach with her the first day, I say, "you make me never want to eat at McDonalds again." She is like "yeah, we won't be eating at McDonalds" -she even rallied locals for a McDonalds watch - I am not allowed. Jokingly I say, "I eat what you eat for now on." but then it suddenly became all to real and we are taking this literally. I have eaten more veggies and fruit then I have ever have. Her beverage of choice, water. So that means zero soda. You might also guess natural fruit bars instead of ice cream...

She is also teaching me Kung Fu. We run, we swim and we are taking a Hip Hop Class. Which was very hard for me to focus, I never knew I was that long without muscles. It was throwing me off and in additiona I have zero rhythm.

I am taking her to her first official race. She runs she just hasn't entered any races. She also is a massage therapist and said "I am curing of you of your insomnia." I am truly at the alix boot camp rehab. I love it.

We went to Charlie Murphy - Hilarious.

Tonight we go to an outdoor film festival.

We went down to an awesome pools of water down these cliffs, so steep you use ropes to get down, (the ropes look a little eroded from the salt water). It was gorgeous.

Monday, June 11, 2007

bossy racer spectator

This is the last guy out of the water for the maui triathalon

I'm not sure what got into me (except my personality) -or that I just got short coursed a puzzle at the beast (yeah I know?????) AND we were there before the cut off time - she was like it's been taking too long for people, I am like "you have got two puzzle heads right here" phew let that go still losing sleep over that.. back to the story, so watching this guy swim in the water for .93 mile for a an hour forty minutes, and every volunteer and local in the water surrounding this guy to bring him in, locals with their surf boards, the kayak angels, a swimmer going back out and mentally coaching him through, and then the guy on the megaphone yells, "ok, there is a cut off after an hour and fifteen so we need to give this guy a big cheer when he comes in because it's the end of the race for him"

I say "you are NOT cutting this guy off" and him being in local in hawaii (very laid back), and every volunteer and spectators were cheering at my reply he says, "time cut off is when this guy comes in" -you would have thought we just watch the guy come in first we all cheered so hard. When he finally stood up out of the water, I cried and cried and CRIED...

and I saw him get on his bike and take off... now this is a day worth living. Good job Albert! (At least that is what is family was calling him, I assume it's his name)

I am flying to Oahu for a trail run race this weekend.

My neices surgery went well and she woke up and said, "that was not as bad as I thought"

Also my mom told me before she went under they gave her drugs and she said, "mom you have four eyes, no make that three eyes" I love her. Glad she is good. Hard to be so far away on a day like today.