Monday, June 11, 2007

bossy racer spectator

This is the last guy out of the water for the maui triathalon

I'm not sure what got into me (except my personality) -or that I just got short coursed a puzzle at the beast (yeah I know?????) AND we were there before the cut off time - she was like it's been taking too long for people, I am like "you have got two puzzle heads right here" phew let that go still losing sleep over that.. back to the story, so watching this guy swim in the water for .93 mile for a an hour forty minutes, and every volunteer and local in the water surrounding this guy to bring him in, locals with their surf boards, the kayak angels, a swimmer going back out and mentally coaching him through, and then the guy on the megaphone yells, "ok, there is a cut off after an hour and fifteen so we need to give this guy a big cheer when he comes in because it's the end of the race for him"

I say "you are NOT cutting this guy off" and him being in local in hawaii (very laid back), and every volunteer and spectators were cheering at my reply he says, "time cut off is when this guy comes in" -you would have thought we just watch the guy come in first we all cheered so hard. When he finally stood up out of the water, I cried and cried and CRIED...

and I saw him get on his bike and take off... now this is a day worth living. Good job Albert! (At least that is what is family was calling him, I assume it's his name)

I am flying to Oahu for a trail run race this weekend.

My neices surgery went well and she woke up and said, "that was not as bad as I thought"

Also my mom told me before she went under they gave her drugs and she said, "mom you have four eyes, no make that three eyes" I love her. Glad she is good. Hard to be so far away on a day like today.

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