Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bamboo Forrest

oh wait that's me not the bamboo forrest, just through that picture in for my mom, last one with all that hair color. Next one, BLONDE. (She has called me every day about it) :P
Self Photography :)

Back to Bamboo Forrest.

Bamboo Forrest - I can't even explain it, but will attempt it. Lets just say a top five experience for sure and I am still in awe. I can not even begin to explain life or living in the moment. Even in some of my greatest experiences I'm still day dreaming or catching myself not living in the moment. Like scuba diving I start day dreaming and all of sudden I'm Ichiro at bat or kicking George (Rush) St Pierre a++ (even tho he is my idol). But at the Bamboo Forrest I was so present. I didn't have any other thoughts then what I was seeing. I could have lived and stayed there forever. First the trail of bamboo I felt like I jumped into an unreal world, the trail was gorgeous, peaceful, muddy in some spots and dry in others, but the bamboo all looked the same, so surreal. Then the rocks, some difficult rock jumping to rock climbing. Then jump in swim to a waterfall then out again up to the next water fall. One time using bamboo to rock climb (also to reppel) then swim through another pool of water with gorgeous water fall. Then there was the rope climb. I felt a little weak on the rope. Need to lift more. But I made it. Then we swam a pretty nice swim to the last water fall. Swimming was so cool and refreshing. Someone in our group said, "I feel like we are in a movie." Just swsimming then turning the corner, just surrounded by bamboo, rocks and water, then the water fall. Felt prehistoric -nothing has changed. Like it was a movie set or we were preserved in a time warp. (Um how did you like the five ways I decribed prehistoric?)

I didn't take camera in. I needed both hands, and one swim was pretty long for holding camera in the air. I wish I had photos. AMAZING.

Today we went to fishbowl to snorkel. Climbed down in lava rock for a three mile hike. It was also amazing.

Tonight we have kick boxing, not like areobic dance. Real kick boxing.

Also Alix Kung Fu Lesson will involve the move mittens of death.

I have not had any soda, I drink just water and nuun. I only have three tablets left.
Zero fast food and no fried food.

(I could have broke that down to three sentences - no fast food, amazing workouts, amazing trails and swimming)

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