Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alix Boot Camp and Rehab

Alix has zero body fat, healthy and very athletic. I decided after being at the beach with her the first day, I say, "you make me never want to eat at McDonalds again." She is like "yeah, we won't be eating at McDonalds" -she even rallied locals for a McDonalds watch - I am not allowed. Jokingly I say, "I eat what you eat for now on." but then it suddenly became all to real and we are taking this literally. I have eaten more veggies and fruit then I have ever have. Her beverage of choice, water. So that means zero soda. You might also guess natural fruit bars instead of ice cream...

She is also teaching me Kung Fu. We run, we swim and we are taking a Hip Hop Class. Which was very hard for me to focus, I never knew I was that long without muscles. It was throwing me off and in additiona I have zero rhythm.

I am taking her to her first official race. She runs she just hasn't entered any races. She also is a massage therapist and said "I am curing of you of your insomnia." I am truly at the alix boot camp rehab. I love it.

We went to Charlie Murphy - Hilarious.

Tonight we go to an outdoor film festival.

We went down to an awesome pools of water down these cliffs, so steep you use ropes to get down, (the ropes look a little eroded from the salt water). It was gorgeous.

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DARTvg said...

WOW! On another note, Did you say no McD's! Good luck with that one.