Friday, September 29, 2006

and the Oscar Nominees are

RVG –in TIGER MT -when you watch this character you are amazed that he can tow two people up tiger MT while singing metalica crossed with a little bit of improv. He shows strength, determination, leadership skills and is respected and admired not only from an audience perspective but through the other two characters as well. He shows no mercy! He does at times, in jest or to motivate, let the other two characters know where they stand. One example is when JP was wheezing ¼ up Tiger (while in tow) RVG turns back and says, “I would have been up to the top 9 minutes ago” RVG has JP exhausted, bruised and tired after riding three hours, he again says, “That loop takes me an hour and ten minutes, however I was able to appreciate the little things I have never noticed before, for example that little spider crossing in my path.” He stays loved with his humor, training techniques and his funniness never stops even when he opens his mouth and catches a moth.

JP- in TIGER MT -Her character was a little raw and hormonal. This was very obvious. She played this role very well; her head and biking was like a roller coaster ride. She went from “shit I suck that I have to be towed” to seconds later having much gratitude for RVG and trying as hard as she could. She was forced to ride ahead so the boys could stop and take the same route with much more speed. Saddened by her skill set, then she would flip a switch and nail some crazy roots, rocks and drop offs. This character might be needy because when she was speeding and making gnarly drops she wanted to have witnesses, again very hormonal, but then her head flipped back to normal and into the game and she was having a blast and loved the adrenaline. But even within the movie itself –the two other characters, RVG and D commented on her acting ability and sound affects. They told her they couldn’t determine if her screams meant she was hurt, scared, or having a great time. So they commanded her to do explosion noises for fun, and when hurt to yell, “Shepard a sheep is down”

D in TIGER MT. He rode hard, showed strong skill sets and NO fear. Hits everything he can and picks up much speed during the movie. He started off in the prequel early May, taking it easy, and never losing control now to quoting, “To live you have to be willing to die.” He wants to go faster and faster, taking every jump and risking it all for speed. Once behind JP (who once again believed she was working hard) He said, “Step it up” and begins to really sound like RVG. But the most dramatic moment of the night, -and I really liked the angle is the view and perspective was from JP, first you hear a sound of fall, a crack and JP looks over, her headlight illuminating the scene (and the sky) and one branch broke, then another and another, D rolling and rolling down the cliff with the bike, and nothing is strong enough to stop this abominable force, and at one point, D is making no verbal sounds, not even agony – picking up even more momentum…JP can’t determine its branches breaking or bones and screams “D are you ok?” No answer… JP dismounts her bike running to the scene and D continues to fall…finally, he stops, all is quite –even the little spider RVG befriended had to take a peak, and finally D moves and says, “I’m fine.” D standing in the middle of the cliff, immediately JP realizes he isn’t dead or broken she begins to snap photos while laughing.

And the Oscar goes to… D for the fall:

JP is still stunned by no Oscar for her overall hormonal cuteness and bad ass bitchen riding.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vertical World

D and I took a class last night and there were only three students... So one of us had to pair up with the teacher why we practiced the my delight, D gets paired up with the other guy. The reason I am thrilled about this is D- will make you do the exercise over and over and over and over (actually I don't think this blog can hold as many characters as I would need to describe over and over). HOWEVER -my best example is when we were getting certified in Cancun, at the bottom of the ocean -when you have to do your drills... and they make you take your mask off, in the salt water, open eyes, find your mask, put it back on and clear it. You hope you can make it once... and then never think about it again! D- on the other hand doesn't feel comfortable with this (because it's painful) so he has to do it again and again, making the class do it again and again.. Don’t get me wrong, it's the smart way to go and it can save your life... But still!
So then when it came to climbing... I got paired with D. She looks at us and asks our weight and goes, oh, hmm “She might go in the air.” D has this look; I think it has been designed for me and only me... He smiles, dead eye contact and he thinks real loud "I like you, but I don't trust you.” He often does this in poker hands and can get me to bust into a smile...and I lose the hand! So as he about to climb... he gives me that look, "I like you, but I don't trust you." ... fair enough.. I did laugh... Smile... And when he did repel, I did come off the ground and had to get pulled back down...

exhibit A - where is the trust?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

slacker or destiny?

Ok... it has been killing me about not doing the Black Diamond tri -even though I only signed up to beat my swim time. It was killing me. Felt like a quitter! However (here is me justifying) - it was a race I signed up less than 10 days prior and I just did a tri two weeks ago. BUT back to what’s killing me.. I STILL need to beat that swim time... And the season is getting colder.. And that is a goal within this year…

I had so much panic by not doing the race that “race packet pick up night” I drove all the way to Black Diamond to tell the lady (and that is me being nice calling her, "the lady") that I was not picking up my packet and now out of town, flying to New York. She replied back, "so." - it took me three hours to drive there in traffic... a lot of sweat and tears.. Calling my trainer, and friends for advice all over the world…eating myself alive.. What kind of person would not do a race they signed up for?

BUT when LV found out I wasn't going to NY for her Birthday she said, "but that is all I wanted for my Birthday, I thought you were surprising me!” UGH…that.. then the trapeze.. I buckled...

BUT -There is point for anyone who has stuck through this so far…

I just read the Black Diamond Results and in big red BOLD writing their disclaimer said…

"Due to a disconnected cable on the swim finish box, many athletes did not get a recorded swim finish.”

I would have CRIED! I don’t wear a watch when swimming, running or biking. I would have never known...

Anyway, I promised my trainer I would start wearing a watch/heart monitor biking…BUT it’s so hard to run late when you have a watch on… you feel so guilty.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Triathlon Transformation

New Disciplines

Volley Ball

Trapeze 02:02:09.0 Run1 00:20:31.6 T1 00:05:36.0 Volleyball 01:58:38 T2 03:01:53 Drink 09:20:50.1 Finish 19:57:03.9

Trapeze –Rocked. We went four times more than a full class. Currently sitting up, breathing, and laughing HURT my stomach.

Run 1 Distance between the trapeze and outside volley ball court through the park. Gorgeous.

T1 – Total picnicker... sat and ate a ham and cheese sandwich and guzzled grape Gatorade.

Volleyball –Great time. Felt very alive. One bad hit on my right knuckle (which is so bruised and swollen). I have a sand burns from dives (I don't even think I was near the ball).

T2 – Shameless. Walked to Laura’s home, many stops to grocery stores... Than a pedicure, shower, make up, flat iron. (First in Tri-Record)

Drink – One of the top parties of all time! We made Jell-O shots that look like dice, and everyone had snake eyes… when LV or I would cut a perfect square, they made it to the plate, any mistakes…. We ate…

I would write more... But way too exhausted!

Friday, September 22, 2006


I just got the pictures from my NY trip.. and I am 98 percent positive my arm is healed enough to Trapeze again.. so I am going to Vegas next weekend... while the girls will be drinking at the pool, i will be flying!

FLYING! ...please catch me!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

6:55 am swim

I am NOT a morning person, and lately... Not really a water person (all because of this swim)... pretty soon i thought I won't even hop in a bath, shower, etc.. Then today a break through...
Don't you love those?

Hart's offer was 6:00 swim or 7:00? My reply, "7:00, I'm a monster in the morning."
He quickly replied “6:55 I will see you there.”

So since the pool is in my building. I set my alarm for 6:45, put my swim suit on, sweats, and held my goggles and swim cap in my hand and prayed that he didn't call. (The whole world is blowing up around us and there is poverty, death, disease… and I like to keep my praying in house -like maybe my trainer won't show up).

So with all my gear on, my bed becomes my TA and I lay down.. "Please don't call" - but if he does -I'm dressed, ready to go and Hammer Gel espresso under my pillow...

Phone rings exactly on time... "Purcell, Hart, downstairs, meet you at the pool."

I hate mornings.. And I have hated my swimming...

After adjusting to the water, I thought, "I really like water.” I have been blowing all this out of proportion. Matt has been a strong teacher and I nearly doubled my strength from first lesson. That's huge! (Again, I had a 32 minute swim time). I think the intimidation of being out there the first time and not a strong swimmer has put evil thoughts in my head about water. BUT I love water. I love water sports. Wakeboarding. Scuba Diving. Pools. Bathing…etc…....So I felt the love for the water today.
This might be my weakest sport yet. But I will take five minutes off that swim time!

Monday, September 18, 2006

Charlie's Angel meet TRI

I think I can cut ten minutes off my time.. um, quit posing.. wait.. i am out here for the fame.. funny thing i didn't know at that point i was getting my picture taken..... so was i smiling like that the whole time? ok, a little more concentration.. a little less acting like a runner...and do you like 70's hair?

I need a shark

I think right now, it's the only way to cut 5-10 minutes off my swimming time.. if I were being chased by a shark, ... even it caught up with me and chomped me all up, it would be a cool way to die... i mean way better than drowning...right?

Thursday, Sept 14 thru Sunday, September 17 Training.

Thursday - Rode bikes with D. Swam for 30 minute (in a four foot pool).

Friday - Hart and I had swim lesson, it was a little tougher than my swim a lap (stop), catch a breath.. etc.. it was more of real workout.. my lungs were expelled of all energy.. I could even feel it in my heart.. i guess a push I haven't even felt when running before.. just mere exhaustion and it wasn't as intense as he could have made it. But he saw my limitations.. still can push me harder than I can push myself. Amazingly so.

Friday night, -John Daley workout.. um, no wonder the guys has off golf days. My Saturday was so lame, it was my day of rest anyway.. but I didn't even enjoy it. I did go to a wedding in Orcas, but was definitely dragging.. No drinking until the end of October.

Sunday, Bike Ride with D we had a comedy of errors. Two popped tires, only one tube, and a fall (me - on pavement.. that took like 15 minutes to happen.) I hit this tiny tiny curb wrong, and I skid across it forever.. I couldn't even unlock myself from the curb.. The noise was loud and annoying and sounded painful. And the whole time I am like, "that's me and I am screwed!"
However since broken elbow I have this new tuck and roll thing... very ninja turtle like. And I was unclipped and rolling once bike hit the ground... D said, "That sounded a lot worse than it was" - I was still on the ground, bonked head., scraped and my hip hurt, and I am like nodding.. And then a little girl in the background screams, "Mommy did that girl just fall from her bike?" Just let’s say right after falling everything out of the gate I heard I had to edit any external dialogue and breath in and out before I spoke. " I'm fine. Let's go." D said, "You got that tuck and roll thing down." It was funny. We had to laugh.

It wasn't great exercise... but fun riding.
Tonight I swim, then hop on stationary bike... I don't like the idea.. but I have no lights.. next purchase.. a great light for bike… I have theatre tonight too.. So my training will have to start after ten.



Thursday, September 14, 2006

Paparazzi Finds Hart at Cyclocross 201

we arrive for cycloscross 201 and I step out of the room for just one minute and I come out to Hart in a full on photo shoot. I tried to pop in but he jokingly said, "You’re ruining my photo op!" or was he joking...? Apparently they were doing some press for their class... right spot at the right time? or ultra athlete in class? I think the latter.

Anyway, I had NO idea what to expect. Especially since we skipped 101 and went straight for 201. –Rock Stars! However, I read anaerobic... I truly thought lifting weights.

But by definition - I added the third (sometimes dictionaries protect you from the truth)


(of an organism or tissue) living in the absence of air or free oxygen.
pertaining to or caused by the absence of oxygen.
Pure Hell

We rode a course designed for fast starts, clicking in and out, clicking off with only one foot and running while clicking out. The toughest part of class was picking up the bike and running with it - that is where I learned #3 above. I looked at Matt and said, "I thought this was anaerobic?” again somehow in my mind I just thought of us curling our bikes, doing bike presses, etc... And he said, "You sound like your breathing hard to me." I am like, "I know, aerobic" - he is like, "no anaerobic -without oxygen." He was dead on about that. That’s when I let him know we might have different opinions of what fun is.

However once that moment kicked in where you do have fun, class was over too fast. I would be interested in doing another cyclocross class. I would even do one of their races. I felt high energy afterwards, then I really wanted to go riding, but it was pitch black out.

Hart is a good mental coach too... He keeps you positive.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Yet, I couldn't get in the pool.
I signed up for Black Diamond Tri immediately after my last race. I need a reminder NEVER to do anything so irrational again!
I have less than a week and half to get a decent swim.
HOWEVER -I stood at the edge of the pool last night at 10:10 and didn't want to go in.
It was cold! ha! pool! cold? I stood there forever. FinallyI had to have a serious talk with myself, trying to bring back the swim in my head and remembering not moving forward.
Funny. I was exhausted just after a few laps... maybe the dog paddle for 32 minutes is easier on body then a full on swim. I did practice for a few laps - it was much nicer then being in the lake. so easy to quit after a few laps. I am going to need a serious swim in the lake, or I will be right back in the middle of that nightmare I was at last week. ARGH!

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Big Escape

I was the last one out of the water (except the other guy who was taken away in
an ambulance). I biked strong to decent but not much people to pass when your so far away from the rest of racers.

Friday (prior to race Sunday) we pulled up to Mercer Island and got out of the parking lot to view and ride where "The Escape From The Rock" will take place. We followed the arrows and came unto an open field -empty. In the far distance there were honey buckets. D said "This must be it, I like how organized they are". He loved their
emptiness and cleanness and he felt that was organized. The air was very
electrifying. Nobody was there but just knowing there would be fun, chaos and a
thousand racer made the air energized. We rode our bikes across I90 and
the route the best we could. We rode down to the water to check it out. Fun.
Fun. Fun. Only 9 mile ride. The bike will be 12 for the race. Half mile swim. 2.5 mile run.

Saturday. One day before the race I stood in line to register. 3rd in line.

Sunday 620 pick up. 7:00 am arrival. Need to set up TA.

What if I drown?
My entire swimming career (or I shall career with water) is baths, chasing
the rope for wake boarding (scuba - where they insist no swimming just kick with
legs) and a dip in the pool and getting to the edge with a dog paddle. I
have not even swam an half mile in my entire life total.

I was damn organized and proud of my set up. Then the water. Oh the water. We stood why the guy spoke and spoke. Is it me? Or is he just not funny? Then he asked if john ____ was out there. (can’t remember his last name) He said, " John how many times have you done this race?" he yelled back "5." The announcer said "John is blind, his son will assist him.” Me. Tears.

Then his son sang the national anthem and we all sang. I have to say for a bunch of swimmers (some of us not swimmers) we were as good as any church choir –I suspect, I never have attended church…. I cried again. More like teary eyes.

Then the water. I opted for the wetsuit for buoyancy. A lot of good that did me when I was swimming in circles. One time I just needed a big break and decided to do backstroke. I went backwards for 1/10 of a mile before the kayak angel yelled "your swimming backwards." Ugh. The swim never got much better. Although I didn’t move at any pace, there was never even a remote thought, give up. Shore. Stop. It was like, you will get through this. You will make it out. Just never stop. I wasn't even tired as much as kicked in the face, choked by water and just didn't move forward.

My transition rocked. Pulled off wetsuit. Dried only my feet and put on socks
and my bike and ran out of their until I could mount bike (three ambulances
stopped my path running out of the water, which was actually counted as run 1) well the ambulances didn’t really stop me actually D grabbed me by the collar and held me back (after my poor swimming performance he didn't see me as leaping through aid cars as

So off to my bike ride. I stuffed one gu in my pocket and water bottle was already on bike. Didn't catch many too bikers since they had about a 25 minute lead time. Biking was fun.
Fast. I rode hard. D said my time was pretty decent. I then ran my bike and just
switched shoes. Another awesome TA but I had to pee. I think I had cross the
running line too which counts against running time. Running I rocked. Left at
the end of this pack was the weak and the tired. I was very much alive and
picked them off one by one. To one guy I caught up to I said, "red, purple and grey ahead
we pass them" so he stayed with me. Then next I said “down hill six runners ahead
starting with older guy –lets pick them off one by one.” so we sprinted down. Then on the turn around we just kept calling them out to each other then just passed them. Then the run was over. I wish I knew it was that short I had so much more to give. I didn't
nearly run it as fast as I could. It was 2.5 miles I ran in 19 minutes. My time said 20 but I ran back over cross to use the bathroom… WHY? I should
have sprinted that thing. Damn. Anyway. I put my arms up in the air and demanded
a clap from people watching people come in. Crossed over finish line and they handed me a medal. I prefer a medal being put on rather
than handed to. I had a small cry again.. just emotional that day. Just an eye watering cry.

I signed up for the black diamond tri Sept 24. I am no longer denying anyone asking me for a swim.. The answer is YES. YES. YES.


Swim 00:32:08.0 Run1 00:02:57.6 T1 00:02:36.0 Bike 00:56:38.8 T2 00:01:53.3 Run2 00:20:50.1 Finish 01:57:03.9

Friday, September 08, 2006


Here is my first painting sold.

I was never going to sell my art, just for me, or my family but..friends that are like family asked for me to paint one for their home. i already miss her.

I am biking lightly tonight 10-15 miles to practice for Sunday. Same course as race course.

I have to go Saturday to see if I can even register.

I am putting together a tough biking schedule after this weekend. I have a 50 mile mt. bike ride coming up in less than a month. I am not even close to where I need to be. I need to bike bike bike. bike.. and then BIKE~!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

how many corn dogs can a girl eat?


Holy cow... Since the beast I have eaten FOUR! I will not add any of my other my food intake, but lets say my bank account is hurting from McDonalds and Starbucks abuse.

And my work out... Um, a dip in the pool...

and the only good training, and it was low impact because it was my first time paddling since my arm injury... but an hour and half ocean kayaking on Sept 5th. that's it!

so.. the question was posed by D, do you use these races for training for adventure races. The answer must be yes, because I can't get out there to train without some force! I need a course. People. Trainers. Someone...

Anyway. I am going to do Escape from the Rock this Sept 10th (This Sunday). Swimming, Biking and Running.
It might be a sad sad image for me to be dog paddling such long distance... I should have trained. Eating corn dogs and drinking beers isn't cutting the mustard! (Well, there was mustard)... so the only way I know how to train is to put myself in a race.. They kick my ass.. But I need it!

Peace out.. And pray they allow water wings.

Fast transitions.
Staying afloat in the water.
Enjoying myself.
Properly dressed.

Oh I received a nice email from D about what RVG said -it looked like a forward email, or maybe d just made it up J but I am reading it over and over, cuz i am kicking myself for not being as strong as I wanted to be and it sounded like encouraging words.
"it was cool to see you guys keep up with Alex and his girlfriend late in the race. Even though you thought you might have been dogging it you guys never stopped and kept moving. Also Jill was tough after each of her falls she stood up and kept moving, kind of inspiring. It was cool to see you guys get pumped about dropping that team in the single track too. We did lots in the three hours it took us."