Wednesday, September 20, 2006

6:55 am swim

I am NOT a morning person, and lately... Not really a water person (all because of this swim)... pretty soon i thought I won't even hop in a bath, shower, etc.. Then today a break through...
Don't you love those?

Hart's offer was 6:00 swim or 7:00? My reply, "7:00, I'm a monster in the morning."
He quickly replied “6:55 I will see you there.”

So since the pool is in my building. I set my alarm for 6:45, put my swim suit on, sweats, and held my goggles and swim cap in my hand and prayed that he didn't call. (The whole world is blowing up around us and there is poverty, death, disease… and I like to keep my praying in house -like maybe my trainer won't show up).

So with all my gear on, my bed becomes my TA and I lay down.. "Please don't call" - but if he does -I'm dressed, ready to go and Hammer Gel espresso under my pillow...

Phone rings exactly on time... "Purcell, Hart, downstairs, meet you at the pool."

I hate mornings.. And I have hated my swimming...

After adjusting to the water, I thought, "I really like water.” I have been blowing all this out of proportion. Matt has been a strong teacher and I nearly doubled my strength from first lesson. That's huge! (Again, I had a 32 minute swim time). I think the intimidation of being out there the first time and not a strong swimmer has put evil thoughts in my head about water. BUT I love water. I love water sports. Wakeboarding. Scuba Diving. Pools. Bathing…etc…....So I felt the love for the water today.
This might be my weakest sport yet. But I will take five minutes off that swim time!

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