Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Yet, I couldn't get in the pool.
I signed up for Black Diamond Tri immediately after my last race. I need a reminder NEVER to do anything so irrational again!
I have less than a week and half to get a decent swim.
HOWEVER -I stood at the edge of the pool last night at 10:10 and didn't want to go in.
It was cold! ha! pool! cold? I stood there forever. FinallyI had to have a serious talk with myself, trying to bring back the swim in my head and remembering not moving forward.
Funny. I was exhausted just after a few laps... maybe the dog paddle for 32 minutes is easier on body then a full on swim. I did practice for a few laps - it was much nicer then being in the lake. so easy to quit after a few laps. I am going to need a serious swim in the lake, or I will be right back in the middle of that nightmare I was at last week. ARGH!

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