Monday, September 18, 2006

I need a shark

I think right now, it's the only way to cut 5-10 minutes off my swimming time.. if I were being chased by a shark, ... even it caught up with me and chomped me all up, it would be a cool way to die... i mean way better than drowning...right?

Thursday, Sept 14 thru Sunday, September 17 Training.

Thursday - Rode bikes with D. Swam for 30 minute (in a four foot pool).

Friday - Hart and I had swim lesson, it was a little tougher than my swim a lap (stop), catch a breath.. etc.. it was more of real workout.. my lungs were expelled of all energy.. I could even feel it in my heart.. i guess a push I haven't even felt when running before.. just mere exhaustion and it wasn't as intense as he could have made it. But he saw my limitations.. still can push me harder than I can push myself. Amazingly so.

Friday night, -John Daley workout.. um, no wonder the guys has off golf days. My Saturday was so lame, it was my day of rest anyway.. but I didn't even enjoy it. I did go to a wedding in Orcas, but was definitely dragging.. No drinking until the end of October.

Sunday, Bike Ride with D we had a comedy of errors. Two popped tires, only one tube, and a fall (me - on pavement.. that took like 15 minutes to happen.) I hit this tiny tiny curb wrong, and I skid across it forever.. I couldn't even unlock myself from the curb.. The noise was loud and annoying and sounded painful. And the whole time I am like, "that's me and I am screwed!"
However since broken elbow I have this new tuck and roll thing... very ninja turtle like. And I was unclipped and rolling once bike hit the ground... D said, "That sounded a lot worse than it was" - I was still on the ground, bonked head., scraped and my hip hurt, and I am like nodding.. And then a little girl in the background screams, "Mommy did that girl just fall from her bike?" Just let’s say right after falling everything out of the gate I heard I had to edit any external dialogue and breath in and out before I spoke. " I'm fine. Let's go." D said, "You got that tuck and roll thing down." It was funny. We had to laugh.

It wasn't great exercise... but fun riding.
Tonight I swim, then hop on stationary bike... I don't like the idea.. but I have no lights.. next purchase.. a great light for bike… I have theatre tonight too.. So my training will have to start after ten.



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