Thursday, September 07, 2006

how many corn dogs can a girl eat?


Holy cow... Since the beast I have eaten FOUR! I will not add any of my other my food intake, but lets say my bank account is hurting from McDonalds and Starbucks abuse.

And my work out... Um, a dip in the pool...

and the only good training, and it was low impact because it was my first time paddling since my arm injury... but an hour and half ocean kayaking on Sept 5th. that's it!

so.. the question was posed by D, do you use these races for training for adventure races. The answer must be yes, because I can't get out there to train without some force! I need a course. People. Trainers. Someone...

Anyway. I am going to do Escape from the Rock this Sept 10th (This Sunday). Swimming, Biking and Running.
It might be a sad sad image for me to be dog paddling such long distance... I should have trained. Eating corn dogs and drinking beers isn't cutting the mustard! (Well, there was mustard)... so the only way I know how to train is to put myself in a race.. They kick my ass.. But I need it!

Peace out.. And pray they allow water wings.

Fast transitions.
Staying afloat in the water.
Enjoying myself.
Properly dressed.

Oh I received a nice email from D about what RVG said -it looked like a forward email, or maybe d just made it up J but I am reading it over and over, cuz i am kicking myself for not being as strong as I wanted to be and it sounded like encouraging words.
"it was cool to see you guys keep up with Alex and his girlfriend late in the race. Even though you thought you might have been dogging it you guys never stopped and kept moving. Also Jill was tough after each of her falls she stood up and kept moving, kind of inspiring. It was cool to see you guys get pumped about dropping that team in the single track too. We did lots in the three hours it took us."

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