Thursday, September 28, 2006

Vertical World

D and I took a class last night and there were only three students... So one of us had to pair up with the teacher why we practiced the my delight, D gets paired up with the other guy. The reason I am thrilled about this is D- will make you do the exercise over and over and over and over (actually I don't think this blog can hold as many characters as I would need to describe over and over). HOWEVER -my best example is when we were getting certified in Cancun, at the bottom of the ocean -when you have to do your drills... and they make you take your mask off, in the salt water, open eyes, find your mask, put it back on and clear it. You hope you can make it once... and then never think about it again! D- on the other hand doesn't feel comfortable with this (because it's painful) so he has to do it again and again, making the class do it again and again.. Don’t get me wrong, it's the smart way to go and it can save your life... But still!
So then when it came to climbing... I got paired with D. She looks at us and asks our weight and goes, oh, hmm “She might go in the air.” D has this look; I think it has been designed for me and only me... He smiles, dead eye contact and he thinks real loud "I like you, but I don't trust you.” He often does this in poker hands and can get me to bust into a smile...and I lose the hand! So as he about to climb... he gives me that look, "I like you, but I don't trust you." ... fair enough.. I did laugh... Smile... And when he did repel, I did come off the ground and had to get pulled back down...

exhibit A - where is the trust?

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