Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Blue 24 hour adventure

I have a fun story to post but I thought these pictures would just remind me of the first 24 hour race that VG's took Mac and I through. From the beginning post race dinner to after eating dinner was the best food I have ever had. Its been since August 1st and I can official say the 4 hour paddle is no longer a threat and I can sleep soundly at night knowing my arm will not fall off. The whole thing was amazing. The VG's were strong and a lot of fun. Story to follow~ But the pictures below are just a tiny fraction of what was in our adventure that includes lightning and hailing storms while we were on a 9500ft mountain, how great Mac and Ryan looked after the race, a finishing photo and the beautiful JVG drinking a well deserved glass of wine. Thank you VG's and Mac! I also have fun film of searching for water to an empty lake then a stream where we treated the water. RVG's goal was to use everything in our mandatory gear.. not just to use but if we had to... and it just so happen we did. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Jock and JIll

Ran the super jock and Jill with Mac, Alix and Nicole. Marty C was there did great support for his wife which turned into support for me and Mac (we over dressed). Marty also ran with Alix and I to the finish line and was full of energy and pushing a stroller - made us run faster and made us look bad (in a good way). He was awesome! There was no start time mat and we were in the bathroom with the gun went off, time could have just been a few minutes better.. and some gear problems as always. I also had to recover once from inhaling water.. I pinched the cup, drank it slow, and still breathed in and drank... was a decent time for running the day before at Cougar (which I wouldn't take back to even shave a second of time) I love running trails.