Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Jock and JIll

Ran the super jock and Jill with Mac, Alix and Nicole. Marty C was there did great support for his wife which turned into support for me and Mac (we over dressed). Marty also ran with Alix and I to the finish line and was full of energy and pushing a stroller - made us run faster and made us look bad (in a good way). He was awesome! There was no start time mat and we were in the bathroom with the gun went off, time could have just been a few minutes better.. and some gear problems as always. I also had to recover once from inhaling water.. I pinched the cup, drank it slow, and still breathed in and drank... was a decent time for running the day before at Cougar (which I wouldn't take back to even shave a second of time) I love running trails.

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