Thursday, July 09, 2009

talk about an a++ whooping

holy cow, worse race performance to date.

during the race I had a small panic attack because my face was so hot and I went to touch it and there was no sweat.

i have been so sick and dehydrated the last time they gave me medicine for my ear I got two IV bags of fluid. It stressed me out racing like I shouldn't even be there. I decided then and there I am going to take it easy, but I didn't even have to try to take it easy, my fastest pace was like a slug, I really rode my bike and ran in slow motion. It was AWFUL!

however, that aside, it had to be the most fun endings of race ever. One teammate from each team that came in before a certain cut off were in a real live 5k (with bibs and an announcer) in a stadium with a bunch of adventure racer hecklers! I LOVED IT.

we screamed, "Rudy, Rudy" as Mac crossed last over the finish line. He still had a great time for someone who literally had to drag me through the entire race and he was running up against Bone, Miles, H, Etc.. so of the ten that were eligible to run he did amazing!


Hart said...

what race was it purcell?

THRILL said...

The Beast.