Thursday, December 06, 2007

Post Traumatic Beast Syndrome

Last night at Tower of Powers right when I got out the car I had butterflies. I had major flashback to Sunday's Beast and was questioning whether I even like to ride. But last night turned out to be such an amazing time. My riding time was a little longer because people had to wait for me. However I took more chances than ever and it felt great. Hart rode behind me for a while to give me tips and it was helpful and I was getting over big logs, huge drops and of course BIG FALLS. Mac impressed me by riding with no back break. One thing that was helpful was I took my time instead of hopping off by bike for a root, or whatever scared me I took a shot at it. Sorry I slowed anybody up, but I was happy over all with my riding.

Back to the Beast -

It was great fun, probably the most suffering I have ever had in a race temperature wise. I do love mud and down hills but not when its freezing like that. I learned a lot about gear (which I was lacking). I had amazing support from Rinn, Mac and RVG -when I felt like I was getting onset of a little hypothermia. I was probably far from it, but I did lose a litttle vision, fell, and asked where rain came from or something. Next thing I know Rinn is putting layers on me with Mac, RVG is switching out my gloves to these dry glorious waterproof warm gloves, while blowing into them. They did make me run with my bike to warm up my feet. For a minute I thought they were going to tell me quit, and I did have a thought, "what's it take to get out of this?" But after that I just turned my head to "you can suffer mode" and just kept going. Never thought again about wanting it over. Did dream of sun though.

Did you see that awesome picture on Hart's blog of Rinn holding on to my backpack and I am towing him up the hill? ok. ok, he is pushing me - and he did a few times too on the bike. I felt a little bad after for relying a bit on him and MAC.

Rinn also got a flat -which he changed faster than I could change my shoes in the TA even with a TA Angel. Another learning point.

The run was great. My feet were toasty, dry and I don't run with gloves and my hands were so warm. I was a happy camper. I did feel exhausted and was a little teary eyed when we finished. In a good way. I wouldn't say it was my fastest running because was I beat but it was so awesome to feel warm. I thought Rinn and Mac were awesome navigators. Rinn is amazing.

I asked Hart if I didn't recover enough before the race, and he said for your A race we will do lots of different recovery. I have a jingle bell 5k this weekend, I wish I would have told him that was my A race because he kicked my a++ again this week. He is an amazing coach. I do need to get a calendar out and set up some races.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hollywood Rock Star Training Camp with MHart

Yep. 3 days a week workout with Matt Hart

To be the best you need to hang with the best.

I even signed up for his track workouts for December -which are amazing. I was only able to attend a few last series but it was so fun, great group of people, awesome trainer and training.

Drawback -He is kind of putting small damper in my style, not completely bad but after we lifted weights today I went to get us protein shakes and he took a sip, "what's in this?" me, "fresh stawberries and whey protein." he is like "do you mind if we ask?" turns out, strawberry syrup and protein. I was also off on the protein amount. So we actually bought new real fresh fruit protein shakes. Then I ordered food to go and I got a salad, again if he wasn't there, big fat juicy burger.

ALSO -When we were lifting weights there is little bench bar for skull smashers (tricep exercise), and I am like "it weighs 35 pounds." he was like "oh, no that's a 20 pound bar." "I am like no its 35 pounds" then literally 3 workers over heared me said, "he is rights, its 20 pounds." Then I said, "does anybody have a scale?"

so I truly might be a hollywood star after all this, healthy eating, working out, not sleeping a day away, actually making me track my progress... thank goodness he likeable - if this doesn't workout - I am going for Britney's trainer, people complain about her all the time, but all this pictures she looks happy with her perfectly white teeth.

My true goals with Matt (and he will make me succeed)
Run an ultra at a decent speed (to finish #1 goal)
Become GREAT at MT biking
Be a competitor in Adventure Racing
and maybe just one day tow RVG while pushing Hart biking, just to say I did it.

Peace out and go carrots (kidding)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


It was 10,400 elevation ride I did with AV is August. Talked about it in early post, but just finally got to posting how cool it looked at top

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Mailbox Peak

After the Death March Led by Mathew Hart

Top of The Mailbox Peak minus the Mailbox

REI's models (Dog still takes focus- Damn)

No one stripped searched my bag and was able to have yummy bacon at the top

Gorgeous View

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Are Family I got all My Sisters and Me


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Today we celebrated my dad's birthday out on my sister's dock - all four of my nephews and neices were there - Two boys from one sister and two girls from another, they all look hauntingly alike and are GORGEOUS...

I painted a painting for Mitch's room per his request (more like command) and was a hard driver. Calling me, begging me, he was giving me painters block. So I finally delivered the abstract basketball and he said I love it I love it. Then his little brother eyes began to water and he tried to hide his face. He finally told papa (my dad) that he didn't know why I didn't paint him a baseball for his room. I then cried and stressed all the way home. My sister said, "you could never have kids, you are too sensitive" she said, "I spent the other day at the water park for six hours going on slides with these boys, we then went to a really nice dinner, just the three of them and Clint looked at her and said, "No matter hard I try I still love dad the most."

she is right - that would break me - I am too sensitive - but what would also make me the greatest, look, one tear and I stayed up all night to paint his baseball and it will be at his door tomorrow morning when he wakes.

I have news on training.. which I will post when lucid.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Cougar takes Husky down!

Friday night D and I meet to lift weights. We make a mutual decision he will be the enforcer of weight training and mountain biking and my job is to get us running. For the first time in our adventure racing career (yes a few small races and I call it a career) we are on the same page. We are both done suffering in race from lack of training. So we shake hands on it. We will train.

So Saturday morning comes and we head out to Cougar Mt to run the 13 mile trail run. I ran it last year so I already have the goal to beat last years time. First year actual races are looping around so I can see if there is any progress.

I have nuun instead of gatorade. check. I have sworn NO stops at water stations. check. There is just one thing holding me back from beating last years time. The runner in front of me and the pace we are going.

D and I decided to run together like a team, he always holds back, avoiding the crowds and finds his place right away. I am not going the exact pace I wanted but am ok with it, for about 2 to 3 miles. The person ahead of me feet are sliding all over the place and it's not the technical piece. Its not even the elevation gain or lost, its the nicest part of the race. So as I watch her feet slide and the distance between her and the runner in front of her is growing, growing and then out of sight. My heart feels a twinge and I'm bummed. I then realize that with a broken elbow last year I ran faster. I turn behind me and said, "lets pass." "I'm ok" hmm. The trail still looks tame and her feet are dancing all over the rocks. I think of the spills I took last year and I turn back and say, "We should sprint this part then we can slow because it gets brutal in there." "I'm ok." I have no idea why I take this the wrong way, because Mt. Biking I can't go any faster, but here on my feet I am like I can't take this. I can't. I then just jet.

I poured my heart into the next 10-11 miles. I was running so hard. I only beat my time by 32 minutes and felt really let down. One friend said, that's more than 2.5 minute per mile that's great. But honestly what I put into and the return factor for my time -which was 3:05 - I was really upset with myself.

I was like I need to make up from the slow poke ahead of me and I just was seriously giving every once of blood I had. I was blazng down each down hill and I mean FAST. I felt strong and then KABOOM! I hit the ground (bang bang I hit the ground, bang bang I hate that sound) and I truly popped up faster than I fell. I swear I don't know if it was me that brought my body off of the ground or if it was a fall so hard I bounced back up. There were four guys now behind me that were saying, "lets wash her knee, pull her to side" and out came, "don't touch me." and this guy still running behind me says, "you should check out your knee." I say, "I can feel the blood in my sock. I don't want to fall into my fall." (What does that mean? I don't know and I said it but I knew at the time.) Then I was like "I'm sorry" these guys were like "no, it's ok. We shouldn't thought you wanted to stop" and then one guy stayed behind me and the other guys were a little behind.

It was so great. We are out there running 13 miles. It's gorgeous. I am wearing cute shorts :), its a good day to be alive (all that runners high stuff), but I am still giving it all I got and I catch a few more people, then I go barreling down the next hill and try to turn a corner. I ran straight off the path and kept going. I couldn't get my legs to stop. It was like I had no control, it wasn't even downhill anymore as much as momentum and rubber legs. I then even conciously was like stop legs stop. Still running in the bushes about to run into a log and I use my shoulders to fall to the right of the log. Behind me a girl comes up laughing and laughing - I thanked her and ran away.

I don't wear a watch but I swear that my pace wass so much faster than last year.

So as I cross the line and see 3:05 my heart sunk. Bleh. Run that hard and be that slow.. what the hek? I thought I gave it my all. Then as I come over I still had outwardly good attitude and was truly happy to finish but then there was silence. A crowd. Silent. For one small second I thought, oh my knee, then a guy grabbed my arm and another woman began talking and before sentences were formed I instantly think something is wrong with D. Then this guy says, "Your husband is at the hospital." I took deep breath. No husband so no hospital. Then he held up D's keys and my knees almost fell. Esp the way he was holding my arm and the other woman says, "he is in shock. His finger hyper-extended and he has a compound fracture." and so on and someone else and someone else. She went on to say he hasn't been to the hospital since wakeboarding accident (those were those EXTREME lessons we took), I was like how does she know this why is she still talking? What? She said, "it's so werid cuz his dad just lost his fingers too." WHAT??? stop. Then she said, "have some food and get some water he will be in the hospital for awhile." WHAAAAAAAT? like I'm going to be chowing on some food.

So I drive to the hospital talk to my Brother in Law Mark. He said, "so weird I was going to call him today, I'm going to pop over there."

So I get there expecting to see this laid out shocked person instead I get greeted with the biggest smile and he says, "Oh my god, I would have been so pissed if I lost my finger running." and he laughs. D was just funny. Telling the great story how he ran down these hills and finally did pass that girl, and was just feeling great and catching time on down hills when his feet got away from him he just fell. He said he put his hands down and when he looked at his hand, the top of his pointer finger was pointed back at him. He said not only was his pointing back it was crooked and the skin ripped on the other side. He popped his finger into place and just held it. He then he said he did an inventory of his body to see if anything else was injured. He said he debated running and then realized there were rocks in his finger (which the doctor cleaned out with a toothbrush). He always says I am known for story telling. I think he told the facts all up until the part he said, "I am so bummed I didn't get to finish the race I was having a good run." It sounded fishy. I now imagine D on mile 4, busting his own finger back and saying, "screw this trail." so the truth is still unknown.

Immediately when his finger was wrapped and in a splint he said "Rock paper scissors" with this perma straight finger. It was funny. I told him the girl thought he was in shock because he was so matter of fact, get me to the hosptial, and I looked at him and realize I should have known she could have taken his personality for someone in shock. HA.

It goes to show you how you deliver news and also the persons injured attitude. It could have been trauma and just a bad day. It wasn't. Normal eating food and story telling. The only bummer was it was his left hand and he is left handed. Of course that he was injured but he was so like its a good day. I am ok.

The thought makes you weasy but when you see the actual rip ts's impressive! When he only had two stitches I thought it can't be too bad, but when you see it, the tear is the entire width of his finger and they did only two stitches to seep out the rocks, which he showed me, "look, just like that." as he pulled a pebble from his finger. Injury of the month for sure. Atttitude of the YEAR for sure!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I decided to take group cycling yesterday for our team training since one of us has injury and can not shift gears. We set off to class and my partner left me to go get his heart monitor. Meanwhile I'm just standing near my bike stetching because I'm still sore from Saturdays run (story to be posted tonight or tomorrow). The class is so loud and three ladies that are in class are screaming to the teacher the stories of their training which entailed three sports for training, but one of them being dinner and a bottle of wine each. Then the teacher who is on foot comes up to me and says, "aren't you going to get on your bike?" "Oh class started? Do you get on your bike?" "Yes class started. No I don't get on the bike." So my riding guy is back and gets going on his bike. And the cackling gets louder and the teacher says something about RPM's but I couldn't hear. So I say, "I can't hear the teacher." And then the talking lady says to him she didn't hear either so he repeats it. Then they start talking (more like shouting) about drinking and eating early and I am on edge. My bike partner says, "Relax!" I'm not sure about anyone else but there is hardly a time when on edge that being told to relax I slightly giggle and say, "your right its me, I will relax." Instead my eyes turned to slits my head cranked to him and I was about to hiss when the teacher caught part of their conversation and brought this guy Bruce into the conversation. The teacher said, "Tell them how important it is to rest." He said, "Rest is very important..if you are in shape." ZING. I wanted to hug him. I am usually not bratty but one time a month my thoughts (hormones) are those of mean girl and today was that day. They were silent. Then finally one spoke, "yeah but have you probably haven't done a triathalon before." he then said, "if you don't count my ironman this summer your right." then they just tried to engage him and pegged him with questions. He eventually hopped off his bike for the cool down piece and said to the teacher, "don't ever bring me into their conversation again." Afterward, I realized it was 50/50. My mind wasn't normal and those ladies were out of control. I do have to say though it's hard to drag yourself to indoor workouts and I want a stress reliever and I felt worse. So I went and got a massage and the hiked little si with Marna and Misha. After my massage -my head was set straight and I loved little si. We had a great time. It was glorious to hear about Marna's 7 day biking trip.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Everything is Gravy

No really! That's all that I can think about is gravy. Drinking gravy (actually). Doug Heffernan just did it on the King of Queens. It was disgusting watching, yet, the thought of drinking gravy is all consuming. Someone even asked me what I'm doing tomorrow and what came as was "all I know is breakfast and gravy." I meant to say, "biscuits and gravy."

Far cry from how I felt last week. All I could do is get sick. Violently sick. Right after my race of six degrees of navigation. I could blame heat, over workout, not enough training (for me), but right before I was laid out to die, no matter what it could have been, it just hurt my skin. I loved racing. I had a great time. We were even singing. I would have enjoyed some single track and some technical riding. But I had a blast. Riding my bike on a huge rock was a highlight. After the race, it was there and then that I decided - after a race; suffering is no longer needed. I have proved I can do that - why not go in to a race experienced. I'm a competitor - I keep thinking I want first - but then my training is spotty. Commandoughs have a race coming up in September - I raced with a different team for six degrees. Again, they were fun, this all comes back to me. I talked to the leader of our team (Commando), and told him my views and we are in fact our going to train train train (right after I drink a cup of gravy).

Oh - don't want to feel ill again, changing subject. Spaghetti is no replacement for gravy. I just ate spaghetti by my parents’ house and I am going to have to say that spaghetti is spotty at best too. Your teeth can't really sink into a noodle. I'm near choking before I believe I have a bite. Even then spaghetti is weak. I need steak (or just a cup of gravy). Will I get sick? Hmm. Need a risk assessment team.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

momar places value on commandoughs

But do the commandoughs?
Tough questions - there is a team name request - because one feels they have to spell out DOUGHS -to let them know we are not like commando tough - I say when we are crawling in dead last - it's a dead give a way, I also think this should be brought to an even higher philosophical question - I mean aren't we tough?. Zero training and then boom in a race? I say leave off the ugh. OR train.
This last race we did finish, no short course, and we were long because of me. SO maybe I train, then talk smack?

Ok, the next part you are about to read seems like train of thoughts so bear with it.. Or bare with it... see.. That’s the mess and typos you are about to enter.

I have some saved blogs and some photos that I need to post so I will catch up soon.

Back to Momar

The race itself was glorious - Our Kayaking was decent for two people that have never kayaked together. We have paddled once in a canoe (for a race) with Kayak paddles, but I don't think that counts. I haven't been mountain biking since I first came to Hawaii, but I have been exercising so endurance would not have normally been my weakest link HOWEVER - I just learned I have zero balance on benadryl. And when we were doing well and our navigator who has cranked it up and is nailing check points; it goes dead to the wall when the teammate (me) keeps falling down. I was like baby Simpson. I had climbed under a tree I couldn't get over and there I was full of stinging nettles. At first I thought it was poison oak so I immediately took two bendadryl. Then I hopped on my bike and about 15 minutes later I would just fall over. Then ride. Fall over. This one girl said, "she fell down again" and it was like on a straight away -I am not sure if it was the meds in my body, or my own being bummed out - but I swear the word again was yelled and emphasized by the biker. Anyway - by orienteering time - I gained a little bit of balance -but what would have been my best part (on foot) was just a so so run. The most amazing part of the race was river running and having to blow up floaties to paddle (with arm like a surfboard) to the checkpoint. GLORIOUS. FUNNY.

I also had some major rock or something in my shoe - and since I have ended a few races with bloody feet - I decided to take care of this matter before running on through the river and D was standing in line for the check point. I take off my shoe - my sock and fish out a dime size pebble - meanwhile I placed my shoe on rock, not only was my shoe was missing - so was the rock - the water slightly rapid and it was a high - the rock was dry - I think the sun dried it out and then boom, no rock and most importantly NO shoe (this is all before Benadryl). I then yell down to some boys running up the river - and said did you see a shoe? Then they said, "What did it look like" and I lift up my left foot and show them a my shoe - I was wearing grey Merrils. They said "Grey?" I then kicked in to my holy grail accent and said, "yes I am looking for a shoe that looks like a rock, have you seen it." they repeated "a rock, yes I have seen a rock" and I say, "can I wear it as a shoe" and then I finally just watched where all the water patterns were going (ten routes) where the shoe went missing and by the grace of AR racing gods, it lodged itself between two rocks ten feet away. LUCKY.

Then the whole thing goes awry - when I ended up with major spiders in my bed, back eaten alive, loss of keys, small planned surgery and whole a lot of tears - back in Seattle.

That's when I come back to Maui and have had five visitors, or maybe I am intruding on their visit. Either way, that story later. Also Valpey - flew me to an island with old growth trees -and had two awesome trails runs (walk runs) - the trees were so large that you could go inside them if you wanted. It was the enchanted forest and a great workout to boot. And when on boat – then popped over to maui.

Thank you for anyone who took my calls - at 9800 feet elevation from my bike ride up to Haleakala. D was giving me tour de France and I was giving him tour de Jill. Matt thought my messages said I rode my bike 200 feet. My ipod went dead 2 miles to go and RVG would NOT sing to me. Josue didn't answer and my mom was like "are you crying -or you happy?" Alix and I were talking about chocolate martinis. Also when I did get to the top all the cars that passed me, were so friendly and the people came to talk to me - I never turn down attention. :) One couple gave me bottled water. One couple crackers. It was freezing up there. I even got a few pictures with people - which made me giggle I probably was going like a turtle - however today I feel like I didn't ride hard enough because I am not sore but I made it. Also everyone offered me so much food, praise, but no a jacket or their blankets they were wrapped up in. AV passed me at 6500 feet. We started at different locations - he did check on my food supply, water, etc, then zip he was gone. Also a bull was hanging next to me when I did a clothes change. There were no fences (who owned those bulls?) anyway -I started even talking to the bull and was like "I hope you can read it says watch for bikers" two seconds later - I see a picture of sign with a bull on it for bull crossing, I am like, "touché"

Last thing –If all that elevation didn’t seem loopy enough – right after I downed a double espresso hammer gel – my ipod was still working and my endorphins were flying HIGH and “your beautiful” came on the ipod and I was like I think someone wrote this for me, then boom he talks about how he saw the girl on a subway and I am like “I haven’t been on any subway” the high and low of that espresso was deadly – I had to move my song to I’m a soldier – then right back up to feeling high and GREAT. Again, wish I would have worked even harder. I thought the big fat was tougher.

Ah decided, not living in Maui, I need Sun and city life. My next few places to check out are Australia, London (cold I know), Cayman (maybe not big enough city), and NY which is both humid and hot. But I need to decide this all soon, live in Seattle, school work, or work in these places. OR start training like a madman and RACE. I would like to be good and to train.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Surf Lesson(s)

I went surfing with Jason Saturday. Photo was when he was in the shallow area taking his dog surfing (whom did better than I). We drove near half this island for a good spot. Me, "good spot? Let's try a wave pool." I got pumpled. Brutilized and had a couple waves of mother nature slamming and pulling me down showing me whose boss. I didn't stand up. I was just releaved to catch on enough to be laying on my board riding a wave instead of being thrown. One time I was slam dunked which felt like 8 feet only to come up to a wave smacking me down harder. I also ended like five wave layers out even tho I was paddling like mad to come in, thinking, "great where's my gu if I get lost out to sea?"

Jason starts yelling "hey come here. Come by me. " I was thinking "he is kidding right? does he really think I'm not trying to get to him? All I want to do is be close I'm scared out here. The waves were even bigger out there.

Then today I went out with Susie. I got up. We were in iddy biddy waves and she was more of the hands on approach. I had fun both times. No fear today. Saturday was fun but a little shaken. I am going again tomorrow. Hopefully something in between. I will post a picture of Susie. Her friend took pictures. Need to get them.

Friday I ran from Alix's to the Four Seasons. Best check point I have ever seen. The bell boy was like welcome back. Handed me an iced towel and bottle water. I went and changed into a bikini and hung out there all day. When I was running up the hills instead of "I think I can. I think I can. 'It was Four Seasons. Four Seasons'."

I'm going to stay there my last two nights, whenever that will be.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bamboo Forrest

oh wait that's me not the bamboo forrest, just through that picture in for my mom, last one with all that hair color. Next one, BLONDE. (She has called me every day about it) :P
Self Photography :)

Back to Bamboo Forrest.

Bamboo Forrest - I can't even explain it, but will attempt it. Lets just say a top five experience for sure and I am still in awe. I can not even begin to explain life or living in the moment. Even in some of my greatest experiences I'm still day dreaming or catching myself not living in the moment. Like scuba diving I start day dreaming and all of sudden I'm Ichiro at bat or kicking George (Rush) St Pierre a++ (even tho he is my idol). But at the Bamboo Forrest I was so present. I didn't have any other thoughts then what I was seeing. I could have lived and stayed there forever. First the trail of bamboo I felt like I jumped into an unreal world, the trail was gorgeous, peaceful, muddy in some spots and dry in others, but the bamboo all looked the same, so surreal. Then the rocks, some difficult rock jumping to rock climbing. Then jump in swim to a waterfall then out again up to the next water fall. One time using bamboo to rock climb (also to reppel) then swim through another pool of water with gorgeous water fall. Then there was the rope climb. I felt a little weak on the rope. Need to lift more. But I made it. Then we swam a pretty nice swim to the last water fall. Swimming was so cool and refreshing. Someone in our group said, "I feel like we are in a movie." Just swsimming then turning the corner, just surrounded by bamboo, rocks and water, then the water fall. Felt prehistoric -nothing has changed. Like it was a movie set or we were preserved in a time warp. (Um how did you like the five ways I decribed prehistoric?)

I didn't take camera in. I needed both hands, and one swim was pretty long for holding camera in the air. I wish I had photos. AMAZING.

Today we went to fishbowl to snorkel. Climbed down in lava rock for a three mile hike. It was also amazing.

Tonight we have kick boxing, not like areobic dance. Real kick boxing.

Also Alix Kung Fu Lesson will involve the move mittens of death.

I have not had any soda, I drink just water and nuun. I only have three tablets left.
Zero fast food and no fried food.

(I could have broke that down to three sentences - no fast food, amazing workouts, amazing trails and swimming)

two commandough recruits and me running on beach

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Alix Boot Camp and Rehab

Alix has zero body fat, healthy and very athletic. I decided after being at the beach with her the first day, I say, "you make me never want to eat at McDonalds again." She is like "yeah, we won't be eating at McDonalds" -she even rallied locals for a McDonalds watch - I am not allowed. Jokingly I say, "I eat what you eat for now on." but then it suddenly became all to real and we are taking this literally. I have eaten more veggies and fruit then I have ever have. Her beverage of choice, water. So that means zero soda. You might also guess natural fruit bars instead of ice cream...

She is also teaching me Kung Fu. We run, we swim and we are taking a Hip Hop Class. Which was very hard for me to focus, I never knew I was that long without muscles. It was throwing me off and in additiona I have zero rhythm.

I am taking her to her first official race. She runs she just hasn't entered any races. She also is a massage therapist and said "I am curing of you of your insomnia." I am truly at the alix boot camp rehab. I love it.

We went to Charlie Murphy - Hilarious.

Tonight we go to an outdoor film festival.

We went down to an awesome pools of water down these cliffs, so steep you use ropes to get down, (the ropes look a little eroded from the salt water). It was gorgeous.

Monday, June 11, 2007

bossy racer spectator

This is the last guy out of the water for the maui triathalon

I'm not sure what got into me (except my personality) -or that I just got short coursed a puzzle at the beast (yeah I know?????) AND we were there before the cut off time - she was like it's been taking too long for people, I am like "you have got two puzzle heads right here" phew let that go still losing sleep over that.. back to the story, so watching this guy swim in the water for .93 mile for a an hour forty minutes, and every volunteer and local in the water surrounding this guy to bring him in, locals with their surf boards, the kayak angels, a swimmer going back out and mentally coaching him through, and then the guy on the megaphone yells, "ok, there is a cut off after an hour and fifteen so we need to give this guy a big cheer when he comes in because it's the end of the race for him"

I say "you are NOT cutting this guy off" and him being in local in hawaii (very laid back), and every volunteer and spectators were cheering at my reply he says, "time cut off is when this guy comes in" -you would have thought we just watch the guy come in first we all cheered so hard. When he finally stood up out of the water, I cried and cried and CRIED...

and I saw him get on his bike and take off... now this is a day worth living. Good job Albert! (At least that is what is family was calling him, I assume it's his name)

I am flying to Oahu for a trail run race this weekend.

My neices surgery went well and she woke up and said, "that was not as bad as I thought"

Also my mom told me before she went under they gave her drugs and she said, "mom you have four eyes, no make that three eyes" I love her. Glad she is good. Hard to be so far away on a day like today.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

"That's a lot of bike"

one could say no its not really -pick it up. But I knew what they meant, second rider approaches, "that's a lot a bike" out of ear shot to AV, "Is that a lot of bike?" "No, perfect. Never too much bike. A lot of bike is a great thing." affirmation covered in all directions.

So I met AV, Mike and Martin for a ride. I was straight forward with my no road biking skills, except for my test run after purchase, they were well prepared (except for my a lot of bike I brought).

I still questioned riding my for the tri since I honestly didn't have the gears down. Martin was awesome and saved me a hill that I could easily take on my mt. bike, so my little rings (right hand gears...done and learned). Then one other hill he is like you have two big rings. Wow. Shift. um... ok, there I felt a lot of bike a lot of nada in my skills set with shifting, but I was honest coming out of the gate. I also didn't know their stroll in the park was starting at Seward, coming up around through to I -90, mercer loop and then back over I 90. Lots of hills up and down. BUT by the end, it was the best gear changing and the major support system one could dream of. I had a remarkable time. ALSO, I know they could have even looped me more, but I got out of saddle for hills, rode hard and I didn't whine. Not even a wimper. In fact I had a great time. I was singing "cool wind in my hair." crossing back over I -90. Splendid I tell you.

The very end was a little scary. AV said, "ok lets just granny granny and spin. Zero lactic acid in those legs JP." So as I am doing this, he request a practice of gear changing. When I felt I was complete and exhausted from our drills he reached over and grabbed my gear. I swear, had I not walked the tight rope and have all that balance - I would have bit it (ok, maybe I haven't walked a tight rope, but a plank for sure requires balance). However, I was like "why are you trying to kill me?" which would mean STOP. Then it seemed that it was his mission to get me to gear change by reaching over and grabbing my gears. He says my only near falling was pulling away. We needed a jury. Chan was too nice to make a judgement call we when reported our story and he said, "I can see both sides."

Then I wore AV's outfit to dinner - he threw bread at people and the night ended. Then -maybe two hours later I had a dicks burger, fries, and sundae while watching King of Queens. It was fun. Brilliant night.


I liked riding with those guys a lot. When Martin, Chan and AV were going fast around the corners they looked professional. It was awesome.

OH and another swim lesson today. I love her. She is amazing swimming coach. However, I kind of liked going in blind to the last race.

All this was in the mid to late evening to see the sun out, set and the GORGEOUS moon. TODAY rocked.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I got the most beautiful ROAD bike Saturday. I just want to stare at it. I will post a picture and all it stats in a bit if any one wants to just stare at it too.

Right after we got it on Saturday we rode for 16 miles and it was in fact faster then me riding my mountain bike on the streets. Those thin thin tires make me feel like a baby rock could throw me to my death. The first five minutes I was a little nervous, I just like my big fat tires and my mountain bike, but after how fast I could go on the straight a ways, I FELL IN LOVE. I have been pedaling like mad for this tri on my mountain bike, so this will be a great test to see how much of a time difference.

Sunday I ran the trail for the tri Issaquah - first time ever doing that. Could this be training? I know it’s the week of, but I ran the trail. My running time is slower since I have been running longer distances lately. I felt like my pace was turned way down. I hope when I am in the tri I go back up to what my normal speed is for shorter distances.

Monday SLUG.

Tuesday (Today) I just got back from my swim lesson. I have three, right before the tri. She is the swim coach for the masters team for Seattle and the WAC. I signed up for "survival lessons" since the race is only five days away. :) We made awesome progress. She is so likeable and a great swimmer/teacher.

My tri race to beat all my times is Escape from the Rock –which is the first and only tri, so I am way ahead of schedule. It would have been nice to train for this one, but I am out biking and running a lot. I hope to do decent, come September - I am going to rock that race.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yesterday ROCKED! Road my bike and went kayaking.

Today does not! Zero workout. Low attitude (some could say grumpy). I am too nice for grumpy more like blah. No. I’m too cute for blah. Kidding! I am a SLUG. Honestly!

Yesterday, Hart and I rode from 10am to about 11:30, we stopped for coffee (shot of espresso for me) then I hopped back on my bike and road until about 1pm. Hart and I worked on technique training (watching one hit a big log and endo over and over again can wear a person down - not to mention me as the rider.) So giving him all my scenarios, we worked on techniques and strengthening skill sets. Lots of drills. It was GORGEOUS out and time flew by.

Next week we will go to tapeworm (I hope.) I am excited since I have made so much progress since Matt and I last went trail riding together and all weekend I am implementing some new things I learned. So the combo will be fun. AND that one root at tapeworm that always throws me off my bike – it’s still my nemesis. Not anymore –until death do us part.

And as always Matt is a good mental coach. He gets you excited about racing, goals, etc. I told him my eating habits. He said that makes me want to gag just hearing that. (That was the only thing negative thing he had to say - but eating McDonalds once or twice a day wasn't a coach’s dream for a client). Anyway, he gets you all fired up. I like it! I love it actually.

I can’t decide about the road bike yet. BUT, ruled the ageless spa idea. I have a tri coming up June 2nd and just like using my mountaint bike for a training esp. having to pedal twice as hard. However, born competitive, the last of the pack thing is for the birds (in these triathlons). My run is good, bike decent to low and swimming, still no training. I want and need to beat my last race time. Then I need to start training even harder for races.

Then I met Mel and called Valpey for kayaking. My energy was so high from riding I wanted to throw in some kayaking. Valpey always insists on his own kayak, leaving Mel and I to a two person kayak. I think I was edgy because even when I was in the back before or in single kayak I didn’t have the rudder in. I felt like I couldn’t even focus on paddling, I was a mess with the pedals. It was so choppy and windy and I swear on a GPS we would look like a zigzag, or worse, when I was aiming for a straight line. I then asked Valpey what he was doing for a training tip because he seemed pretty steady and moving fast he said, “nothing I am just coasting beside you, you are all over the place” needless to say, I shot him my death look and said, “oh if you were paddling what would you be doing or what should I be doing?”
I realize it was me, not him. He looks smooth in the water. He also doesn't enjoy the lake as much as the river but after today I think I haven't even come close to joining any river kayaking.

It was gorgeous on the water. I got a lot of sun but didn’t have the exercising high until near the end when I finally got the groove of steering so that I could go back to focusing on my paddling.

Tomorrow, well actually today, I am lifting, riding, running and looking at that bike. I perform tonight too so I am trying to take it easy. So I should go to sleep, just never tired at night.

Road bike, no rode bike, road bike, no road bike...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

They, Annoymous

"what do you want for your birthday"
"Ageless spa gift certificate, I'm so old"
"so a road bike then?"
"Do I have red lines on my face?"
"so a red bike"
"Maybe laser eye surgery for wrinkles"
"So a red bike with flames?"
"Something for puffy lips. No I would look silly with puffy lips, or would I?"
"Road bikes have skinny tires."
"Maybe an eye lift?
"If you would just pedal faster all those g -forces will take care of all your wishes about your face. I’m kidding. I'm mean on the face, not about pedaling faster"

I feel like this week has been fun.
Highlights –Adventure Race
Running Greenlake with friends and then dinner
Kayaking with Mike C for 3.5 hours – he claims we went like 4 or 5 miles. I said 11. We went from NWOC to the end of the Bellevue side 520, back to south side of lake union then back to NWOC. I googled it. I think I am dead on. I will wear GPS –topo next time.
Movies and chocolate Pate.
Purple with Joanna and Mel.
Eating dinner with Dawn and seeing all her hair back, and all cancer gone. And she says she has no more aches and pain. Just feels great.
My parents taking me out tonight.
Having a midnight drink on Saturday night. That was FUN!

Do you notice ratio to eating to exercising? This week I have been LAME. I need be out there every day. I do have a spa appointment tomorrow, does that count? I mean it involves muscles?

I do have set training with Hart with Mt Biking Thursday. I can’t get enough of Mt. Biking.

P.S. That guy that was missing came home (thank goodness he was alive). I need to follow the story more but - he came home yesterday said he was passed out since Friday, went from Cougar to Tiger - then fell down a ravine, woke up, filled his water bottle and walked home. I must have my facts wrong. I just want to interview him. Is that possible? Anyone know him? Again, thank god for his family, that he is alive, but there is something more I need to know.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

odd feeling

i literally just left purple and the last conversation I had was with Joanna speaking about the 13 mile run we did at Cougar in August or September. She was my friend that got lost out there. We brought it up because I wanted to run the cougar five mile series race this year instead of starting at 13 miles. Start at the five. Oddly my mom asked me to rest a day since I haven't shaken this cold. First request -even as a kid, and I obliged. I had ZERO idea (actually Joanna also had no idea) that a runner went missing on Cougar Friday when Joanna was talking about how lost she was. They were even going to call search and rescue for Joanna when I was asking about who are the sweepers etc. It's on my blog - a bit back. HOWEVER -watching the news tonight I discovered the runner didn't tell his wife that he wasn't going running at 7am. Is that common? He wasn't reported missing until 11pm. I can't google him for any race - which means he could just be a recreational runner - they had a 180 searchers looking for him. Two heli's with infered light. Is he there and they missed him? Does any one ever feel the need to go join the search? - they just called it off and I am thinking professionals couldn't find him, why would I be able to, but what if he is hurt? they even searched in the mines...sad. I hope and pray he is alive, but he is not at Cougar.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Momar = #VALUE!

I think on the list of Adventure race how you would want to be ranked would be as follows
1.Finsih Full course 1st Place
2. Finish Full course
3.Short Course
4. DNF
5. #VALUE! (what the hek?)

First I have to say I wouldn't even change a thing about the race itself or about our performance -even if it meant one tweak or change would have put us at first. I had so much fun. I wouldn't change ONE moment. It was amazing from start to finish.
The course design A+
AR community A+
The location A+
Race Director (personality and presentation) A+
Medals A+
Volunteers A+

When we got our passports and found out we were on foot first - we ran to the furthest checkpoint and came backwards 6 through 1, and then 7. You could go in any order. We spent forever and day looking for check point 6. TOO much time. And the fact that each team kept hitting our same road, then giving up left us with maybe we are on the right track. The other teams gave up after moments - time restrictions - and the ones we didn't see on the road were at the right check point.
That was our only BIG mistake. After that hitting check points 5-1, 7. Nailed like dead on. Check point 4 to 3 D said, "Do you trust me?" I was completely thrown off by the question but of course, "yes" Then I realized he was making a navigational decision that he would be putting 10 tree's lives in jeopardy. Actually these trees were already dead for any green peace readers, they just were standing up - lets just says I moved them from purgatory to laying down dead.

He points out the map and says "this hill down (cliff) or couple miles running up and then a switchback" I am like, "I trust you"

So we both on our own on little paths down, he is leaping like a deer, and I am feeling like I'm scaling from a cliff so I am cautiously taking my first steps,
Then I see my only hope for me not to fully roll down this cliff is to use branches and trees - the first branch I grab - it came fully off. I fall forward to another tree - and had that branch not been dead too - it would have pierced my chest! Instead when I fall forward to the what i think is a dagger to my death, the branch nearly diminishes like ashes. Then I decide -no branches - I will use only tree's to put any weight (if I have too). My first slipping foot I lean on a tree - circumference is about the size of grape fruit, not largely tall and i seriously push it down (There was a moment I felt like say "fee fi fo fum" and continue marching, but even these shattered trees, I didn't want to hurt.) SO then I decided a low crouching walk - and I start going under fallen trees, trying to use ground if I need to stop from falling and then I poked my head up and I was in the middle of ten fallen trees - small -not large - double my length - and I feel like I just entered a game of pixy sticks, like one move and I am causing this forest to fall all at once - so I crawl underneath and finally make it to the bottom at the road- D says "The next checkpoint should be three hundreds meters on the right of the road, down in the trees" and boom there it was! Then we ran a beautiful run around the lake for check point, 2 and 1 and the had to locate 7 (a girl) on the beach because she thought there was nobody else out there.

On to bikes - It felt so GREAT - The view already from the trekking had blown me away, but my energy level just started to rise, and we were on a major time crunch from our checkpoint six snafu (I blame myself). However I was reminded "next race, speed, this race, navigation and mostly here for FUN" - I wanted to chase ahead to make the cut off time, and then my bag was being inspected by D and he was throwing away my Arby's sandwhich (where is the fun in that?) He was like “that meat will make you so sick after this heat, eating Arby's off their shelf is questionable."

On bike route - To date I can claim - my best riding yet. I was standing up on the uphill(s) and I was going faster than I ever have. I wasn't even begging for tow or wishing death upon me or even thinking, "When will this end?" Just LOVING it. There was the section, "Hike a bike" where I did dream of RVG popping the woods and saying hey JP let me carry that up for you. That hike a bike could be a race in it's own. And I am not counting it against my riding and I made it.

Then we got to the pink flags bike design - you just go through and then at the end you loop back for your check point. FUN. Gorgeous. Stayed on my bike the whole time except one backwards wheelie. Even after I fell I had to bring my hand through by bike to undo my shoe - at my angle I couldn't twist one shoe out. That ride was FUN.

This is where -
of the race - so we weren't speedy enough to make up for our lost time - although we did go fast but we had such a tiny window – so they say you are supposed to be short coursed, you know when people say “who is the they?” there was really no they. No one was there to say, “here is your new course” or go on to check point _____.

So then it was the executive decision to ride the course, since we were loving it this far, and we ended up getting check point 13, 14, then we knew we would miss another time cutoff - so we rode the course, since this seemed to be the best part of the whole race - the views, the rides, WAS gorgeous- but we wanted (or thought somebody must be worried) so we decided to go to check point 17 - passing 15 and 16 - because that is where you check in again and repel.

They didn't notice us missing and we checked in then jumped back on to course -finished 17- 21. I heard a team didn’t even get to ride out some of the flagged designed course because they didn’t realize a team was out there and picked up the flags. So I am grateful we were able to ride that.

We also decided once we were not going to make it to 15 in time and we were ready to take major bombing hill all the way down because we rode up hill FOREVER and earned it! But at such speed and so much fun -the one left we were going to take we zipped by it, and ended up on HWY99. Our navigator looked at that map, knew which residential streets to take to get us up to checkpoint 17, and there we were again. Only one beginning error and it cost us so much time -crazy. Again, I would not change a moment because that could mean one change could take away how much fun we had. How hard we rode and we didn’t get hurt. D did have one moment where his legs cramped – we were NUUN-less (yeah all that bragging about sharing my NUUN left us with NONE) So a girl gave him salt and he instantly was back in the game. I watched her do that, I licked my arm cuz I was really sweaty and salty and thought it might work. I never cramped so my test is currently just a theory.

BUT - had things not happened how they had we would not have had some of the fun, the great riding, the people we met and these two guys for the city run. HILARIOUS. They actually hit all check points so they were "qualified" dead last.

When watching the slides show - Alex -one of the guys we met, was slouched, in pain, drinking and watching the slide show. As they would show people on the podium he jump and say stuff like, "my grandpa beat me?" FUNNY.

By the time we did come in the clock was on the ground.
In the slide show we found it fell down. Rinn was there as witness to the fall and to witness people putting it back up.

I had a marvelous time all the way up until I read results
I wouldn't mind dead last, but to read NO VALUE or at least #value! esp since we had check points in those sections.

Looking back I am glad we continued to follow that map. That course was AMAZING!!!

Food - good - but the Beast post race -immediate tailgate provided by Bruce has forever ruined me.

The dinner and party was fun.

I did have to go eat BigMAc an hour later.

Only posting two pictures today. Tomorrow no words, just a few more pictures. I have some cool ones of Dart Sport too. AR is an extremely nice and a fun person. A+

Picture 1) A Commandough going back to find the guy that typed #VALUE! by our names. Kidding!

Picture 2 New Team Outfit

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vancouver Half Marathon

I got a call late to mid Saturday evening from Mel "You are the only person from our Paris team not here in Canada to support or watch the Vancouver Team" - my response -"I seriously would go up if I had signed up for the half or something - I get racers envy and I don't want to just go and party - feel depressed today - I need to run"

Phone rings two minutes later, "I just signed you up for the half marathon so come up" "what time is the race?" "7am" (which meant I couldn't get up and drive in the morning - if anyone knows me - that is close to a near impossibility - "I will be right there, where do we meet?"

One minute later - Mel rings "Dude - I can't believe I want to run, I don't want to have runners envy either. I signed up. Can you go to my house and get my clothes. Shoes. Etc." funny, I thought they would be nicely stacked - it was a scavenger hunt -with more clothes than I on the bottom of her closet.

It was fun. I am glad I ran but - I really loved running through Paris better.
Exibit A below

Vancouver Vs. Paris view
Vancover Rain Tarps Vs Paris Rain Tarps.

done speaking of PARIS - on to MOMAR


I feel like a I was a working out machine this last week and half, getting up going swimming, weight lifting at the WAC, road riding, mt. bike riding.. Thurday I felt ill. It was when we were lifting weights that I felt like lactic acid like immediately go into my system. I can't tell if it was the weights - or was sickness coming on. I even had a light 4 mile run at alki this last week to keep every thing from being sore. Just feeling good, then BOOM - out of ORDER... But Friday night I put my rally cap on and watched my sister and her husband start the NW FAI chapter with a committee and the Benefit was on this Last Friday. While Robert kennedy Jr. spoke and gave awards, Wally Walker gave Elise and Mark an award. I cried the whole time. Their video they made called SOMEDAY - was the day a cure comes for life threatening allergies. They didn't do those videos where they pull you apart and you leave yourself to cry and feel sick inside. It was happy kids, even those the kids that spoke its so serious 1/2000 of cross contamination can kill them -with their food allergy. To see clint talk and say what he was allergic to, I lost it. But then they all said what they wanted. One girl was a teenager and she said, "All I like want is like to eat a Dick's cheeseburg." It was so funny and cute.

of course included, self photo, Robert Kenedy Jr and I. I brought him a day pass to the WAC :) and took a photo with him at party. He was very well spoken. Looks like a Kennedy. Picture of my sister Elise with Joyce Taylor - and one of Elise and her husband. I can't believe how remarkable they are!

Oh and thank you to Lisa and Norm - they are so generous and my seat was in the smack dab middle of them - I hope it wasn't date night -I might have put a monkey in that wrench... wrench in that monkey? A wrench at the monkey? something..but I was delighted to be at the fun table - there were so many friends of our family's there. It sold out. They reached their goal - the love in the room was amazing!!

Friday, April 27, 2007


AV's circa 1995 Nokia has been confrimed dead after getting lost at the top of Tiger. It had been reported earlier that it went missing after free falling from his backpack on a late Thursday night ride. Friday JP and AV road to help save him from his fate. AV claims it was an accident and JP questions it may have been a suicide. It had everything from and antena to crank on that thing. The Nokia is survived by AV.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Yep I got up at 6am (after it took me 24 hours to get home) and went swimming. I said my next goal was that .93 miles swim in Lake Washington and I have now decided training may be key to my new set of goals. It's been all about finishing before -now its going to be about speed, technique and endurance.

Take a look at this photo

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Paris Marathon

Before race.

I have never been this scared in my life. I haven't trained for this race most I have ever run on the streets is 13 miles 3 weeks ago for the Mercer half marathon.
I have not slept in four days. On the plane a teammate sitting next to me said "have you ever ran a marathon before?" I am like “no. you?” She said in Japan she WON the Sasayama marathon. At that moment my fear jumped even higher. I think I can say I am only that wants the plane to be hijacked. Not from a terrorist but a cute little old Irish man who temporally lost perspective when he needs to be home because his wife is at the hospital just to have their first child. A little baby girl. The type of story we would all be clapping for him when we land on the street by the hospital but then it would make it too late for us to make the marathon.

Once we got to the hotel my roommate Lyle was unpacking and she said "have you ever ran a marathon before?" "No. You?” “This will be my 46th.” Now I wish I would have jumped from the plane. God. I took three xanax it 20 hour span, not one helped. I have not slept in 4 days.

Afraid to talk about it because it seems to summon negativity. I wasn't fishing for affirmation but I sure as hell was asking for anybody bad beat stories. But they came flooding in and who is the guy about the mile 18 but no offense but before the race, I couldn’t stop help thinking I am going to go thru some kind of vortex and it’s going to be this hell. I do think one foot in front of the other Purcell was perfect. And another friends, “you have the mental strength.” So I summoned all the gods to bless me on this very day for the Lukemia foundation and anyone that has been touched my cancer.

Race day. 35 thousand plus racers

I got all excited –and with my deepest voice yelled “Bring on the pain” then I realized Pain in French is Bread. I just yelled bring on the bread. So I yelled one more time “Bring on the Hurt” started jumping and down. Someone says that is my karaokee voice (you know who you are) Endorphins kicked way up. At that point I had no fear I wouldn’t finish. My coach is like “she is back” and I was jumping up and down. Roaring.

They started running out of water, and one mentor was cutting back saying keep this speed to keep water. I was well stocked, three bottles, with new in my belt, four gu’s, two hammer gels. I would take water on the course and also drop my tablets in the bottles.

It was 86 degrees and I was had two bottles of nuun I was handing out little tablets to teammate before the races, refusing people saying no I have water. Some graciously took it. None of them had used them before.

It was out of Dean Koontz novel watching people get water. They also ran out of water for the people very end.

Also when I ran under the 32K banner, I was like sweet! 10 K left. And I heard for most people that was the hard part knowing they had six miles lefts. Or they would say the six miles were there toughest, me, knowing I had that only that amount left was the easiest. I think the small adventure races I have done have given me training, because you don’t know when you are going to end. Knowing there was an end in sight was glorious.

The only sad thing was the last six miles I saw a few deaths. CPR. A man on life support and one on our teammates in ambulance after the race. 200 people throwing up and many on the ground with space blankets waiting for ambulances.

I took it slow. I did pee blood from a kidney infection half the course and am on antibiotics. I tried holding pee-ing for and hour and half before the race. No bathrooms. Team didn’t want me to leave out of line. Then I ran 45 minutes before I could pee. That was the worse of it.

The close down the marathon after 540 but they left it open until 6:11. Me watching anyone coming in afer 5 to 611 looked like a death march. I heard this is abnormal. Because kona is even hotter and less sick racers.

This is not my best report and will be edit with better details. Exhausted and bought small wi fi time.

However as teammates came in they were praising me on the nuun. I was like a god. I am either insecure or a god. Notice? The carnage on the last six miles of the course was lack of water and electrolytes. Very unsupported race and they weren’t expecting the heat and VERY unsupported race. Except spectators. It was like a parade. We were the parade. A little French girl with a cute little accent yelled right at me “I believe in you” I cried so many times for happiness and sadness when people were down. I also need to write about Austri, the most amazing girl I have ever met and I ended up running with her. AMAZING.

A woman Elise I met on our team said at mile 17 she decided to quit. She had an empty water bottle. A fireman filled it up (lucky her, eh?) and then he said “your freckles have no more color maybe you should stop.” Then she said she remembered the nuun – and put it in. She swears it changed her life. She got up and finished the race. I have no reason to pump up nuun…no sponsors, I am pumped about the fact she loved me for it and my status was raised by my teammates. NUUN –GOD SEND!

This is what you look like when finish a race is Paris. Ok truth, this is what you look like when you won’t take your medal off. All waiters “did you win?” “oui” really? No. I heard another girl say (because I wasn’t dressed American –wearing like four inch heals, jeans and lingerie shirt –when in Paris (I was taller than all the men I walked by) and sitting with a couple who I met who kept speaking French to the waiters –so these American’s said, “I bet she has to keep that on” HA.

I have some of the most amazing photos in the world through the course.

This will be edited with more fun events and better grammar, just wanted a post a thanks to all my friends who I race with and send out love to all that supported me emotionally or donated. I will send the link of the running pictures. Ran the entire city of Paris.. Amazing.. oh and it was not 26.2 miles. I am in Paris. It was a 43K. My next goal is a 50K trail run. But that I will train for.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


What can get two boys to turn their heads so fast at you that they could almost get whiplash?

A) Be a smoking HOT chick
B) (Which turned out to be my case) take a photo of RVG while I’m on tow and he is pushing D up the biggest hill in the beast race.

Yes, one could say, "what the flip?" as if I was not pedaling back there. BUT one could also say that's a pretty monumental moment and a tough ass racer and who wouldn't want some footage? I was pedaling really hard up until that very moment. I can honestly claim I was winded and giving it all I got. Then I just checked out and my head starting talking to me in this UFC announcement voice, "and on his right he is pushing heavy weight champion MAC daddy weighing in at 225 and towing light weight JP coming in at 110" and I was like this is a photo op. The scrutiny for 15 seconds was all in the flip of their heads, the look of astonishment, but then it became humorous - and comments from D and RVG were like, "does she have her feet up?" “yes while on her cell phone”…etc. Lots of laughter but for one second I was the mortal enemy. But I wouldn't take that moment back, even for a second. NO REGRETS.

The race started and 7, put on by team Mergio -Bone -dead on navigator, Roger -speaks more languages then there are countries and AV –kind of a ladies man. :) Also recovering to be racing again.. but you know that from other posts.

It was chilly in the beginning. D and I thought we were racing alone and in pops RVG he was there for support or lotto -we say you want to race with us he said "Is it ok with you guys" and literally dropped his clothes and he was dressed and ready to rumble.

D and him made this decision that D would navigate and RVG would correct if we were off course. This lasted six checkpoints when RVG kick in some competitiveness when seeing other racers and his instincts were saying go this way. D was doing great, it was just excitement of the race. I felt helpless -I kept say Never Eat Soggy Worms (something I learned in grade school to remember direction) but that only works if you know which way is North. I, however, will begin more navigation classes, orienteering and take my compass out of my backpack. I will strengthen that skill. I am very determined. I don't take promises lightly and I PROMISE this will become a strength. D and him continued to make decisions –but he did train D and they liked talking about it.

There was a straight away where D and RVG were at same speed and I got to be back on tow (yes one would think I would be banished) but I was on hardest gears and standing up, giving it all I got and still RVG was tugging me - we were flying. I think I was actually going faster than when I wake board or water ski. I love speed.
It also was amazing to me that D is so strong biking. I am going out there too, its just happening at different speeds.

I had a blast. There is not a moment I could wish differently. Even where I noticed my weaknesses, it just gave me goals to shoot for (Maybe next time too, I can turn off my flash since I had the booming light and the boys would have never noticed me taking photos on tow – see? already thinking ahead).

Top things
-Even though it started off chilly, I was in that happy buzzing mood I see most racers prior to a race. Just down right giddy.
-There were a couple of down hills where I used zero breaks and I was flying and it felt so amazing.
-I was winded before a body piece hurt - I will be sore tomorrow but usually I am suffering some ailment (my toe hurt but nothing like the last few days.)
-Some of the single track was smooth as butter after riding tapeworm.
-The race was well done and had a lot of tough spots and exciting pay offs.
-I love seeing some of the friends I met before and meeting new people.
-As always the food was amazing -my hats off to the chefs. I loved it
-My light was bigger than the moon. I felt it was amazing and a curse at the same time. If anyone was lost I felt like at a check point I was the spotlight you follow in the sky. People also when we passed said "Bright light, Bright light" -I wasn't sure how to take that so I internally was like "damn this light ROCKS"
-I took some great photos of as many people I could.
-Our transition was 30 seconds or less. We ran with everything -just a shoe change.
-I couldn't ask for better, stronger, funnier teammates. They were BRILLIANT.
-We went to wash our bikes off and D said "I ate so much (this sentence is usually followed by a "why did I do that?") but this was "I ate so much, I need more food" so we went to Dicks on 45th, deluxe, fries, cheese burger and a coke. That was the best coke. My mouth just watered typing that. YUMMY.

Great job Beast go-ers. Thank you to the volunteers as well. I will send a link to the Roger or Eric for people to view of all the racers.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Great tued dude

that was a text I just got, I yet to decipher it.. and I consider myself great at puzzles, but I can’t.. hmm

I would say I don't have a lot going on but I have the beast tomorrow and a marathon on Saturday that I fly too - which seems tougher than the race (please don't let me eat my words)

I haven't exercised a lot since the half marathon, it wasn't the right toe keeping me from running, it was the left toe. Little infection by the bone, I am like when doesn't running injure me, and where do I draw the line in the sand as injured or pansy apple?! HOWEVER, at our Team in Training Kick off Party I was wearing sandals because my toe on the right wasn't into wearing socks at the moment and my coach pointed out something looked wrong with my toe, the left toe, not the red rum toe - I was like grr. She said I will make a call, one HEALTHY toenail removal later (didn't drain any infection) and antibiotics. - It was hell! So that is my lazy excuse!

Anyway Sunday night in the rain -we rode to Alki and back, oh stopped for a sugar fix of hot chocolate and a danish. We rode about twenty miles. Felt so great.. I forgot the memory of a high from exercise... it was fantastic. WET. COLD. but very ALIVE.

I need to download awesome motivating itunes for Saturday. I need suggestions. I have gone ipod free for a month or two.

The top title could be slang for "great attitude dude." "or your a tool dude.."

Sunday, March 25, 2007

red rum red rum

I keep playing with my toenail and opening it back and forth saying, "red rum, red rum." No one is particularly enjoying this. The toe was only lifted a little, just newly injured from the race today. But we all have ripped toenails off before so we could put our shoe back on, or to run a race. No big deal right? But this puppy was still alive and even connected down to the nerves where they push your cuticles back (all but one piece let go) it hurt like and SOC (son of a cat) -not allowed to swear. And it was still attached to my skin under the toe, they are usually dead, so I didn’t know this about the toenail…. it was so gory it was like something out of Friday the 13th. :)

Anyway the half marathon was fun. I ran with D, we decided to go a slower pace -this was his longest running race (YEAH D!) - but at the five mile mark -the lady standing by the 5 mile sign yelled "fifty minutes" and I look around me and these mothers were around me chit chatting up a storm (nothing wrong with mothers) -just not out of breath talking about their kids, an old man right in front of me, and there it happened, that thing I do, I can't let these people beat me, I want the front, I want to go go go go, no goodbye, nada, just got a little lost in the moment and started running. My leg, toe, knee hurt, but I felt emotionally great, not winded. It was a pretty hilly run which surprised me. I finished just at two hours - D quickly did the math. I ran five miles at ten minute miles and 8:37 for the last 8. I had a lot more to give too. Darn it.

I have to post my Jamaica pictures, esp. my zip line pictures, one was a thousand feet and one was 750. There were seven total. Being in the jungle was awesome, walking up to the zips, it was like an adventure.

I also kayaked -almost lost forever. I was by myself in the kayak and the waves kept taking me out further and the wind was brutal, I did all the tricks trying going in slightly parallel, but it was tough and turned out to be a good exercise. Lesson learned; don’t go by yourself out in the ocean –no one to eat if you are lost out to sea. You will starve!

I went run at 6am on an 8 mile beach, I climbed these rocks when the beach ended and there was a little cove, and these guards (guards with guns- started yelling at me.) But hotel said it was an 8 mile beach and I knew I had only gone two –and I am almost over the rocks and they are yelling more – I finally stop look up and they were pointing to a gate, oops, “It’s easier. Ya Man?” Probably would have been but I enjoyed the climb.

We also snorkeled... just BEAUTIFUL.

I had extra stress on my mind which put a damper on the trip but there were over 20 of us so it helped a ton. Such beautiful fun people.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Cute rat pack of peeps again hitting Mr. DNA and Tapeworm, one dropped from last week, and a few invites I assume were too afraid of the rain :). The rain made this ride spectacular. We loved every moment of it.

I do love downhills.. and that thrill.

I don't love that I can easily get thrown from my bike, sideways roots kill me. The same root has knocked me off four times now!

Jen gave great tips tonight, D cleaned my shoe like a horseshoe hammering it with a stick so I could clip in, Ryan even once was manually pushing my tire to get me up a hill..(while still balanced on his bike)! yes you could say I was the weakest link but why would you? it was too fun for name calling and they all had great ride... it was a great ride.

I vow to my friends that train me..I am learning and I will try even harder. I love it out there. Gracias night riders!

DISCOVERY -Tuesday March 6

Gorgeous run along the water.. I felt great, strong, happy, running up the stairs I just felt energized, my leg had same pain but easier to ignore.. then the run came to screeching halt for someone when we made it back to the car. I say "Time" "one hour and two minutes" "oh, we need 20 more minutes" he said "I will support you, run" and "I am like you can't quit" "I completed my run not quitting, run around the parking lot" -at first I was like "what?" but then I started sprinting and going faster and faster and faster. TRULY.. I was so giddy happy. Then "TIME." Mission accomplished.

I carried this in my backpack for afterwards to keep me motivated. YUMMMMYYYYY.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Nightmare after Nightmare

Lance Armstrong immediately after his marathon, "That was the hardest thing I have ever done."

I sit up with cold sweat. What the flip? and why did he say that publicly?

I am in crash course 101 for a marathon..

Tonight I ran for one hour and two minutes at a great pace at discovery. Tomorrow one hour and fifteen and stronger pace... god us help us all..even if it's just to complete a marathon. I have one month to train.. is this possible? (For those of you that have donated ignore this blog) and know that my RUN was gorgeous, the moon was large YELLOW ORANGE and near full. I have my big runs on the weekends...

Anyone want to run with me.. tomorrow?

St.Edwards March 4th

1. I am passed the point of wrecking when someone says, “good job” this came simultaneously when someone kindly pointed out even when I wasn’t being told “good job” I was always crashing in the bushes or having a little ruckus with a tree here or there.
2. Chilly Hilly prepared me greatly for uphill riding that I know I used to walk (or at least want to)... Also there is the voice of friends in my head that taught me, locking your arms, spinning, and moving more forward on the front of the bike during an uphill. I listen peeps, tell me more.
3. Tapeworm, still may be taking me down, but it sure made choosing a line and cornering so much easier on a regular trail.
4. I am still after tapeworm.
5. I can honestly say I love my bike.
6. I did a bunny hop, it was little itty bitty bunny hop – but a bunny hop none the less…
7. I was able to slightly purposely pull my front tire up (premature to say wheelie)
8. D sunk in the mud and I buzzed passed him, and one point he was near stopped and very quicksand like... I laughed and laughed…full stop and sinking, it was hilarious!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Saturday March 3

I have always been a little on the emotional side - but AV walking - well it made my eyes water. He was already on the water until I got there and he came in for me get in a kayak and go. I asked if we could paddle together instead. He -always easy going- "sure" and I went to turn around to either look for crutches, something to help him out and I turned back and he was walking past me to grab another kayak. At the same time the woman was trying to get me a life jacket. I was still shocked, kind of loud, "YOU CAN WALK" and the lady looked at me like I was crazy but it was nice to see him without crutches.

Great day for a paddle. No one was out there, which is too bad, it was so gorgeous in its own Seattle way... I don't even think I saw a boat (I hope I didn't just post a picture and there are millions of boaters and kayaks about.) Anyway it felt good to be in the presence of the athletic AV, far cry from Harbor View. He looked fit and strong. I guess he has been paddling for awhile and able to spin... in no time...he will be at the top of his game.
Yeah AV is back!

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I think saying, "I shall conquer the tapeworm" was pre-mature.. The more I stay on my bike, the harder it gets. :) That course can never get old - you can just go up different levels. I'm not sure I am at a level yet.. but I will be sure to tell you when I am.

I went with a rat pack of friends to tapeworm tonight (the cutest rat pack of people you have ever seen). It was so COLD starting, but I swear I have JVG's voice in my head from a race once, "start off cold, don't overlayer" its like Galadriel's voice in Lord of the rings - I hear it when I about to put on two fleece, a neck warmer, ear muffs, gloves, and long johns and underoos...because once I didn't listen and I was running and changing at the same time, I was so overheated I wanted to die.. so now the voice enters my head tonight, in the dead of darkness, wind below 20 degrees, snowing and I am like -maybe I need a fleece and then I hear it, "you will heat up trust me" - and then it is so!

I swear this Under Armor shirt with my Arcterxy jacket has been my perfect combo. I can't stand the happiness. Two minutes into riding I was perfect temperature and never thought once about the weather, except how beautiful and light the snowflakes were.

I did think "DAMN IT I SUCK" on a couple of endos or bad turns. The whole course is designed for tight cornering and I was like a kid in a big wheel, my radius was off. Cool thing is I didn't need to rush to keep up because of the twist and turns they could see me and truthfully I am so loud with sound effects - (I am like my own little beacon). I was trying HARD to stay on my bike, hit the roots and trying hard not to cry. KIDDING. kind of.

I would say better than last ride but a long way to go. I need MORE technical training and just to RIDE RIDE RIDE.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Chilly Hilly

What I started out was going to be a 10k, turned into the Hilly Chilly.
and I say today A+! Minus 10 points because I was late meeting D causing us literally to pedal, my fastest in my life, to an almost pulled away ferry but they let us on. Plus 10 points (Bringing us back to A+) –because of my lateness D assisted in a medical 911 when a man walking right by him went into a seizer. I said, “You saved his life.” He said “Assisted someone in need.” People thought the man was drunk so he was being ignored but D helped him, got him to the ground, and had 911 to the scene. So with all the frenzy, He said, “Jill never again.” I shed a tear. I hate it when I let people down but truthfully it was the man lying on the ground with all that vulnerability just made me sad. BUT only one tear. So before anyone could say stop crying I was done. Glad that guy was ok.

I nailed and I mean NAILED my attire, what I packed, water, my nuun, protein and my food intake. I was never too warm, too cold.. I was just right. I wouldn’t let D stop for any picnicking. Only bathroom stops. I did see him wash his Rudy’s, but I realized he wears contacts so it was forgiven and he waited for me at the tops of many hills when he could have looped me, so I am far from saying no washing the glasses.

3 miles in I was just enjoying this little old ride when D came back from the top of hill to me and said, “Can we get a little more power out of those legs, put it in middle middle stand up if you have to but if you need to double your speed, grandma just passed you. Or we are going to short course it” That was not tough love, that’s just tough. BUT I did once say I want to be faster and I am biking with a guy that loves pure anaerobic hell in the quads. I was up for the challenge and usually I don’t respond well to that kind of feedback, but the word short course FRIGHTENS me. It worked; I gave it all I got.

It lit me up and I did pedal strong and rode ten times faster then I was riding previously. But one hill, I was in granny granny and I couldn’t do a thing about it. I saw a lot people getting off their bikes and I decided my goal for this hill would not be speed (thank goodness I was going two miles an hour) but this time but to stay on my bike –which I accomplished.

Mind you, everyone was on road bikes and D and I were on Mountain Bikes. We got a lot more feedback from people then expected. It was a conversation starter, like “awesome job being on Mt. bikes. Etc. was it longer? I would never have done that without a road bike... Etc...”

It was such an incredible ride. I had an incredible high from it. I could have definitely kept going. The ride was 33 miles and truly was hilly!

I love the buzz of the energy of people heading back on the ferry. I loved it all. It was fun to hear people cutting out, doing the short course – I would not revel in ones failure, but I was surprised we didn’t have any of the complaints, or do the shorter course. We heard complaints about temperature, food, hills, and the course, etc.

However we were the majority – most everyone else had an incredible ride.

And I also got the, “your riding, preparedness, awesome attitude made up for any lateness, this day rocked.” Then I got knuckles.

Riding home from the ferry was the only moment I was not as excited about - chilled down, but it went so fast, and those hills seemed so easy peasy after that ride!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

a little jaunt in the park

I ran only 4.2 miles at Discovery and my poor leg and knee hate me. But one thing I feel esp. proud about it, in the past I couldn’t tell a one tree from the next or what direction I was facing. On highways or streets I know direction, but never in the trails. I listened in my Nav class and I really am now noticing my surroundings from small things to big HUGE water towers – I know you think it would be obvious.. But it wasn’t before and now I have a perspective of where I am –and I love that piece. Puzzle like. I have much more to learn but I am enjoying this process. My leg hates me but my head likes me... so I will call it an even-steven day. I have a 16 mile run on Saturday and I wish I was doing the Orcas run but I will be running on the street, I know ,OUCH.. then a Sunday 10K, I think on the street as well. :( Orcas trails sounds GORGEOUS. Good luck to my friends out there running it. You will be spectacular.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


we were little speed demons today on the hill.. they said lots of new snow, but your ride to ride the chair ratio is off... I need Whistler.:) I did have a blast, laughed a ton, it was WINDY and as always ate yummy food.

My brother-in-law ruptured his Achilles Tendon - it was completely severed. His surgery was really early this morning and he came to late to mid evening. They live on a golf course and he golfs more than anyone I know and that is all he really talks about.

My sister R bought him a trip to Pebble Beach for Christmas and that was the first thing he mentioned when he came to is how sad he was about their trip.

My heart aches for him for his recovery road ahead. He is just the greatest nicest guy and FUNNY.. and he has two little girls that he is dying to teach sports and instead they love flowers, dishes, and anything pretty.. it kills me (funny kills me) to watch him try to teach Halle baseball, she says, "now why would want to do this?" she is so cute and tiny.

They had to do a spinal. YEE. He is in a hard cast and can't move for awhile and then when he does he won't be able to place his foot down for six months!!! Then of course rehab. He injured it playing football. Not the same brother in law with the Nike life, this is the brother in law with the golf life..

I have heard (and this is just hearsay -did I use that right?) that the Achilles Tendon is was one of the most painful injuries, surgery and recovery. He isn't talking about physical pain yet. He just is CRUSHED.

Maybe I buy him Wii Golf.