Tuesday, May 22, 2007

They, Annoymous

"what do you want for your birthday"
"Ageless spa gift certificate, I'm so old"
"so a road bike then?"
"Do I have red lines on my face?"
"so a red bike"
"Maybe laser eye surgery for wrinkles"
"So a red bike with flames?"
"Something for puffy lips. No I would look silly with puffy lips, or would I?"
"Road bikes have skinny tires."
"Maybe an eye lift?
"If you would just pedal faster all those g -forces will take care of all your wishes about your face. I’m kidding. I'm mean on the face, not about pedaling faster"

I feel like this week has been fun.
Highlights –Adventure Race
Running Greenlake with friends and then dinner
Kayaking with Mike C for 3.5 hours – he claims we went like 4 or 5 miles. I said 11. We went from NWOC to the end of the Bellevue side 520, back to south side of lake union then back to NWOC. I googled it. I think I am dead on. I will wear GPS –topo next time.
Movies and chocolate Pate.
Purple with Joanna and Mel.
Eating dinner with Dawn and seeing all her hair back, and all cancer gone. And she says she has no more aches and pain. Just feels great.
My parents taking me out tonight.
Having a midnight drink on Saturday night. That was FUN!

Do you notice ratio to eating to exercising? This week I have been LAME. I need be out there every day. I do have a spa appointment tomorrow, does that count? I mean it involves muscles?

I do have set training with Hart with Mt Biking Thursday. I can’t get enough of Mt. Biking.

P.S. That guy that was missing came home (thank goodness he was alive). I need to follow the story more but - he came home yesterday said he was passed out since Friday, went from Cougar to Tiger - then fell down a ravine, woke up, filled his water bottle and walked home. I must have my facts wrong. I just want to interview him. Is that possible? Anyone know him? Again, thank god for his family, that he is alive, but there is something more I need to know.

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