Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vancouver Half Marathon

I got a call late to mid Saturday evening from Mel "You are the only person from our Paris team not here in Canada to support or watch the Vancouver Team" - my response -"I seriously would go up if I had signed up for the half or something - I get racers envy and I don't want to just go and party - feel depressed today - I need to run"

Phone rings two minutes later, "I just signed you up for the half marathon so come up" "what time is the race?" "7am" (which meant I couldn't get up and drive in the morning - if anyone knows me - that is close to a near impossibility - "I will be right there, where do we meet?"

One minute later - Mel rings "Dude - I can't believe I want to run, I don't want to have runners envy either. I signed up. Can you go to my house and get my clothes. Shoes. Etc." funny, I thought they would be nicely stacked - it was a scavenger hunt -with more clothes than I on the bottom of her closet.

It was fun. I am glad I ran but - I really loved running through Paris better.
Exibit A below

Vancouver Vs. Paris view
Vancover Rain Tarps Vs Paris Rain Tarps.

done speaking of PARIS - on to MOMAR

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