Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I got the most beautiful ROAD bike Saturday. I just want to stare at it. I will post a picture and all it stats in a bit if any one wants to just stare at it too.

Right after we got it on Saturday we rode for 16 miles and it was in fact faster then me riding my mountain bike on the streets. Those thin thin tires make me feel like a baby rock could throw me to my death. The first five minutes I was a little nervous, I just like my big fat tires and my mountain bike, but after how fast I could go on the straight a ways, I FELL IN LOVE. I have been pedaling like mad for this tri on my mountain bike, so this will be a great test to see how much of a time difference.

Sunday I ran the trail for the tri Issaquah - first time ever doing that. Could this be training? I know it’s the week of, but I ran the trail. My running time is slower since I have been running longer distances lately. I felt like my pace was turned way down. I hope when I am in the tri I go back up to what my normal speed is for shorter distances.

Monday SLUG.

Tuesday (Today) I just got back from my swim lesson. I have three, right before the tri. She is the swim coach for the masters team for Seattle and the WAC. I signed up for "survival lessons" since the race is only five days away. :) We made awesome progress. She is so likeable and a great swimmer/teacher.

My tri race to beat all my times is Escape from the Rock –which is the first and only tri, so I am way ahead of schedule. It would have been nice to train for this one, but I am out biking and running a lot. I hope to do decent, come September - I am going to rock that race.

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