Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I feel like a I was a working out machine this last week and half, getting up going swimming, weight lifting at the WAC, road riding, mt. bike riding.. Thurday I felt ill. It was when we were lifting weights that I felt like lactic acid like immediately go into my system. I can't tell if it was the weights - or was sickness coming on. I even had a light 4 mile run at alki this last week to keep every thing from being sore. Just feeling good, then BOOM - out of ORDER... But Friday night I put my rally cap on and watched my sister and her husband start the NW FAI chapter with a committee and the Benefit was on this Last Friday. While Robert kennedy Jr. spoke and gave awards, Wally Walker gave Elise and Mark an award. I cried the whole time. Their video they made called SOMEDAY - was the day a cure comes for life threatening allergies. They didn't do those videos where they pull you apart and you leave yourself to cry and feel sick inside. It was happy kids, even those the kids that spoke its so serious 1/2000 of cross contamination can kill them -with their food allergy. To see clint talk and say what he was allergic to, I lost it. But then they all said what they wanted. One girl was a teenager and she said, "All I like want is like to eat a Dick's cheeseburg." It was so funny and cute.

of course included, self photo, Robert Kenedy Jr and I. I brought him a day pass to the WAC :) and took a photo with him at party. He was very well spoken. Looks like a Kennedy. Picture of my sister Elise with Joyce Taylor - and one of Elise and her husband. I can't believe how remarkable they are!

Oh and thank you to Lisa and Norm - they are so generous and my seat was in the smack dab middle of them - I hope it wasn't date night -I might have put a monkey in that wrench... wrench in that monkey? A wrench at the monkey? something..but I was delighted to be at the fun table - there were so many friends of our family's there. It sold out. They reached their goal - the love in the room was amazing!!

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