Saturday, May 26, 2007


Yesterday ROCKED! Road my bike and went kayaking.

Today does not! Zero workout. Low attitude (some could say grumpy). I am too nice for grumpy more like blah. No. I’m too cute for blah. Kidding! I am a SLUG. Honestly!

Yesterday, Hart and I rode from 10am to about 11:30, we stopped for coffee (shot of espresso for me) then I hopped back on my bike and road until about 1pm. Hart and I worked on technique training (watching one hit a big log and endo over and over again can wear a person down - not to mention me as the rider.) So giving him all my scenarios, we worked on techniques and strengthening skill sets. Lots of drills. It was GORGEOUS out and time flew by.

Next week we will go to tapeworm (I hope.) I am excited since I have made so much progress since Matt and I last went trail riding together and all weekend I am implementing some new things I learned. So the combo will be fun. AND that one root at tapeworm that always throws me off my bike – it’s still my nemesis. Not anymore –until death do us part.

And as always Matt is a good mental coach. He gets you excited about racing, goals, etc. I told him my eating habits. He said that makes me want to gag just hearing that. (That was the only thing negative thing he had to say - but eating McDonalds once or twice a day wasn't a coach’s dream for a client). Anyway, he gets you all fired up. I like it! I love it actually.

I can’t decide about the road bike yet. BUT, ruled the ageless spa idea. I have a tri coming up June 2nd and just like using my mountaint bike for a training esp. having to pedal twice as hard. However, born competitive, the last of the pack thing is for the birds (in these triathlons). My run is good, bike decent to low and swimming, still no training. I want and need to beat my last race time. Then I need to start training even harder for races.

Then I met Mel and called Valpey for kayaking. My energy was so high from riding I wanted to throw in some kayaking. Valpey always insists on his own kayak, leaving Mel and I to a two person kayak. I think I was edgy because even when I was in the back before or in single kayak I didn’t have the rudder in. I felt like I couldn’t even focus on paddling, I was a mess with the pedals. It was so choppy and windy and I swear on a GPS we would look like a zigzag, or worse, when I was aiming for a straight line. I then asked Valpey what he was doing for a training tip because he seemed pretty steady and moving fast he said, “nothing I am just coasting beside you, you are all over the place” needless to say, I shot him my death look and said, “oh if you were paddling what would you be doing or what should I be doing?”
I realize it was me, not him. He looks smooth in the water. He also doesn't enjoy the lake as much as the river but after today I think I haven't even come close to joining any river kayaking.

It was gorgeous on the water. I got a lot of sun but didn’t have the exercising high until near the end when I finally got the groove of steering so that I could go back to focusing on my paddling.

Tomorrow, well actually today, I am lifting, riding, running and looking at that bike. I perform tonight too so I am trying to take it easy. So I should go to sleep, just never tired at night.

Road bike, no rode bike, road bike, no road bike...


melissa said...

god, i'm getting fat.

also... cameron's not coming into town. his ex wife called and wants to get back together. needless to say i'm a bit of a wreck.

want to go to vegas next weekend?

DARTvg said...

Sleeveless with pogeys...nice style JP!

THRILL said...

Mel. No you are not! I am sorry about C. Yes. I want to go again. Lets run after or before! I tried the treadmill again. Fell right off that thing. Tangled mess.

Thanks RVG. :)