Thursday, May 31, 2007

"That's a lot of bike"

one could say no its not really -pick it up. But I knew what they meant, second rider approaches, "that's a lot a bike" out of ear shot to AV, "Is that a lot of bike?" "No, perfect. Never too much bike. A lot of bike is a great thing." affirmation covered in all directions.

So I met AV, Mike and Martin for a ride. I was straight forward with my no road biking skills, except for my test run after purchase, they were well prepared (except for my a lot of bike I brought).

I still questioned riding my for the tri since I honestly didn't have the gears down. Martin was awesome and saved me a hill that I could easily take on my mt. bike, so my little rings (right hand gears...done and learned). Then one other hill he is like you have two big rings. Wow. Shift. um... ok, there I felt a lot of bike a lot of nada in my skills set with shifting, but I was honest coming out of the gate. I also didn't know their stroll in the park was starting at Seward, coming up around through to I -90, mercer loop and then back over I 90. Lots of hills up and down. BUT by the end, it was the best gear changing and the major support system one could dream of. I had a remarkable time. ALSO, I know they could have even looped me more, but I got out of saddle for hills, rode hard and I didn't whine. Not even a wimper. In fact I had a great time. I was singing "cool wind in my hair." crossing back over I -90. Splendid I tell you.

The very end was a little scary. AV said, "ok lets just granny granny and spin. Zero lactic acid in those legs JP." So as I am doing this, he request a practice of gear changing. When I felt I was complete and exhausted from our drills he reached over and grabbed my gear. I swear, had I not walked the tight rope and have all that balance - I would have bit it (ok, maybe I haven't walked a tight rope, but a plank for sure requires balance). However, I was like "why are you trying to kill me?" which would mean STOP. Then it seemed that it was his mission to get me to gear change by reaching over and grabbing my gears. He says my only near falling was pulling away. We needed a jury. Chan was too nice to make a judgement call we when reported our story and he said, "I can see both sides."

Then I wore AV's outfit to dinner - he threw bread at people and the night ended. Then -maybe two hours later I had a dicks burger, fries, and sundae while watching King of Queens. It was fun. Brilliant night.


I liked riding with those guys a lot. When Martin, Chan and AV were going fast around the corners they looked professional. It was awesome.

OH and another swim lesson today. I love her. She is amazing swimming coach. However, I kind of liked going in blind to the last race.

All this was in the mid to late evening to see the sun out, set and the GORGEOUS moon. TODAY rocked.

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