Sunday, May 20, 2007

odd feeling

i literally just left purple and the last conversation I had was with Joanna speaking about the 13 mile run we did at Cougar in August or September. She was my friend that got lost out there. We brought it up because I wanted to run the cougar five mile series race this year instead of starting at 13 miles. Start at the five. Oddly my mom asked me to rest a day since I haven't shaken this cold. First request -even as a kid, and I obliged. I had ZERO idea (actually Joanna also had no idea) that a runner went missing on Cougar Friday when Joanna was talking about how lost she was. They were even going to call search and rescue for Joanna when I was asking about who are the sweepers etc. It's on my blog - a bit back. HOWEVER -watching the news tonight I discovered the runner didn't tell his wife that he wasn't going running at 7am. Is that common? He wasn't reported missing until 11pm. I can't google him for any race - which means he could just be a recreational runner - they had a 180 searchers looking for him. Two heli's with infered light. Is he there and they missed him? Does any one ever feel the need to go join the search? - they just called it off and I am thinking professionals couldn't find him, why would I be able to, but what if he is hurt? they even searched in the mines...sad. I hope and pray he is alive, but he is not at Cougar.

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