Monday, December 28, 2009

Addendum (from previous post)

Ok, lard ass was a little extreme especially when I caught my reflection in the mirror when I was working out. Very very scrawny! This does not change how I feel and what I know about my diet and this program Sparkpeople (an Iphone application) I am not fully convinced of yet. It does point out the obvious -I eat way to much fat but I had no idea my protein what so low. I have weighed in every morning which is new and won't last probably passed today. Its really not important but interesting. The only time I usually know my weight is at the doctor. So small goal, lower fat and sugar and add protein. One problem with a person like me who craves sugar and fat foods is the application may be dangerous. I was trying to type in coffee so I could add it to my daily diet and up comes a list of coffees including Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts has the highest amount of calories with milk and sugar. A normal person would think, "don't drink the coffee there" -I think, "why is there so much calories, does it taste better?" My friends on the East Coast go there so I think this is a must try - so I go to dunkin donuts and it taste like water (the first day) and now I am addicted four days in. See what kind of OCD I am dealing with, knock 1,2, 3!

Onward to better things. Although the temperature in not blazing in AZ for lying around the pool it is perfect temperature for riding and running. You can actually feel the sun on your face and that is good enough! I love it. The picture above is Pinnacle Peak. Its a nice run.

McDowell Mountain.

I could go there every day. It cost six dollars for one vehicle into the park and they encourage mt biking. They give you up a map of all trails and have you pumped up even before you can park. The trails there are endless for biking and they have three different race courses to train on.

One ride we did was really like a track but a slight uphill and coming down was super fast with lots water poles to go over. It was amazingly fun. One ride -I read later was mostly for hikers and horses was so rocky my arms felt fuzzy on the uphills and downhill.

It was amazing the different types of terrain in one place. We go back tomorrow or run pinnacle peak again. Our hotel is staring right at Pinnacle asking for you to run it. :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

anything to be faster.. not about well being

of course I am kidding. what I am eating right now could give me a heart attack.

After being in the car for 25 hours plus I had a lot of time to reflect and eat a lot of double doubles, slurpees, candy and anything else in the junk food category and I came to the conclusion I am a lard ass disguised in medium fit body.

I would like to believe I could just eat what I want and not obsess or feel guilty about the foods I eat and enjoy. There is a happy medium for sure. In fact I have a TON of wiggle room before I hit happy medium.

There are a million more foods I can enjoy and continue with the bacon burgers and cupcakes if I add nutrition. I can finally feel the weight of all these foods I currently eat and I think its slowing me down, causing insomnia, etc.

I have written down the last few days worth of food I have eaten without calories or measurement just to see it on paper. It is truly alarming.

Its a whole lot of common since that fast food should not be on a healthy eating plan, some times its just the easy route and sometimes I just crave it. So instead of a strict diet I am just planning on adding in vegetables (don't make fun of me, if you grew up on canned string beans you wouldn't like vegetables either) :), I need to add a lot more water, protein and vitamins.

Since I started writing down and knowing I am going to have to write down what I eat, I have already skipped on the fast food and starting eating relatively healthy. I had my first carrot. Just checking if anyone was paying attention or not. I do like raw vegetables and will start there. I also did my first weigh in when it comes to possibly shedding pounds. I don't mind my weight if I can transform some of my fat to muscle but I don't want to lose fat and muscle because very important I keep my buff arms and ripped six pack....:)

It's nice to be out of Seattle and have some healthy goals while I am away. I am Mt biking tomorrow with Mac and Martin. Really looking forward to it. Also taking Capone on a trail run. Should be a great day.

I need HELP!


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Big Blue 24 hour adventure

I have a fun story to post but I thought these pictures would just remind me of the first 24 hour race that VG's took Mac and I through. From the beginning post race dinner to after eating dinner was the best food I have ever had. Its been since August 1st and I can official say the 4 hour paddle is no longer a threat and I can sleep soundly at night knowing my arm will not fall off. The whole thing was amazing. The VG's were strong and a lot of fun. Story to follow~ But the pictures below are just a tiny fraction of what was in our adventure that includes lightning and hailing storms while we were on a 9500ft mountain, how great Mac and Ryan looked after the race, a finishing photo and the beautiful JVG drinking a well deserved glass of wine. Thank you VG's and Mac! I also have fun film of searching for water to an empty lake then a stream where we treated the water. RVG's goal was to use everything in our mandatory gear.. not just to use but if we had to... and it just so happen we did. :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Super Jock and JIll

Ran the super jock and Jill with Mac, Alix and Nicole. Marty C was there did great support for his wife which turned into support for me and Mac (we over dressed). Marty also ran with Alix and I to the finish line and was full of energy and pushing a stroller - made us run faster and made us look bad (in a good way). He was awesome! There was no start time mat and we were in the bathroom with the gun went off, time could have just been a few minutes better.. and some gear problems as always. I also had to recover once from inhaling water.. I pinched the cup, drank it slow, and still breathed in and drank... was a decent time for running the day before at Cougar (which I wouldn't take back to even shave a second of time) I love running trails.

Thursday, July 09, 2009

talk about an a++ whooping

holy cow, worse race performance to date.

during the race I had a small panic attack because my face was so hot and I went to touch it and there was no sweat.

i have been so sick and dehydrated the last time they gave me medicine for my ear I got two IV bags of fluid. It stressed me out racing like I shouldn't even be there. I decided then and there I am going to take it easy, but I didn't even have to try to take it easy, my fastest pace was like a slug, I really rode my bike and ran in slow motion. It was AWFUL!

however, that aside, it had to be the most fun endings of race ever. One teammate from each team that came in before a certain cut off were in a real live 5k (with bibs and an announcer) in a stadium with a bunch of adventure racer hecklers! I LOVED IT.

we screamed, "Rudy, Rudy" as Mac crossed last over the finish line. He still had a great time for someone who literally had to drag me through the entire race and he was running up against Bone, Miles, H, Etc.. so of the ten that were eligible to run he did amazing!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Beast

I decided blogging for me will all be about copy and paste...:). Too many typos.

but I better copy this note because I may never see my name in the lead again.

ha. that sounded bad. knock on wood. knock, knock, knock. however there is a race tonight. I am pretty sick (due to ear medication) and D has an injured foot (no excuses) but we are going out to have fun and get on our feet and time in the saddle!

so here it my 15 minutes of fame (ok it might be 5 seconds but if you read two hundred times like I did then it could be 15 minutes.)

BEAST #4 is just around the corner, and as the temperatures are heating up so are the point standings!

Looks like Cory Systma has a sizeable lead over Jeff Brink, but there are several racers with just two races so far (best three are counted), that could change things drastically. In the womens category, Jill Purcell is ahead, but Connie Ness or Sarah Bruce could take over 1st with a strong performance.

Eric Bone

Thursday, June 18, 2009


ok, not technically, because I am just copying and pasting and Eric's email and A member from Team Manny's and not claiming it to be my own. I just couldn't write a better report and I am 30 races, runs, events, breakdowns :), behind in posts. So here goes this but pretty soon out of date events... because I need to tell you how incredible WEMT went.

ok back to the beast report from Tolt (not last weeks) -that I will write myself.

From Eric Bone

BEAST Athletes, Volunteers and Friends,

Kudos to all of you who toughened it out in last Wednesday's miserable conditions, you are true Northwesteners! (except for team Manny's+ who ended up in the bar early, see Marty's didn't-race report below...., sometimes you gotta know when to fold em!)

Tolt-MacDonald Park and the surrounding trails made an excellent, challenging venue for last week's race. The mountain biking and navigation on this course were definitely at the technical end of the spectrum (probably our toughest ever - Eric even made some wrong turns while picking up the markers), but not one of you complained--we are truly impressed.

The race started with an extremely tricky Micro-Orienteering event, followed by a big hill ride then some motalla loops on the bikes to spread the field. After a trekking loop it was all downhill to the finish, where Carol served up some always appreciated BEAST grub, the chilli was again one of the racer's favorites.

now Team Manny's

Report from Marty Couret of Manny's =======
Team Manny’s descended on Carnation with a dream of a gorgeous day and a great race. What was returned to them was 100% chance of rain and a great race? Unlike years past, 2009 is the year of the rain drop.

Mark pulled up in his huge bright orange monster truck got out and looked at Marty and said, “Are we really going to race in this?” To which he responded, “I hate racing in the cold and rain, and after last race I am seriously considering bagging this one.” Kari with her untested Mt bike still on Chips car looked up with hopeful eyes. “I don’t really want to race either.” Chip silently worked on his bike with Colin. Clint comes over with a look of dread on his face. We stand there in the pelting rain. Connie joins the group huddled under her water shedding gortex shell. Memories of last months cold and wet race are fresh in our minds.

We move out of the way for Jill and Dan to park. We tell them we are considering bagging the race and going to get a beer. Jill calls us wimps. Dan looks hopeful that Jill with change her mind. Then Marty does what he does best. He goes to his car and pulls out The Boot. He fills it with a growler of Manny’s Pale Ale and passes it around.

“So what are we going to do?” Kari pleads. “I think Chip wants to race. This weather is why Kara didn’t want to race.”

“I love adventure racing, but I think if I am cold and miserable one more time, I might give up the sport,” Marty replies.

“Clint, what do you want to do?” Marty asks.

Looking like a drowned green rat in his water soaked shell Clint says, “I can do whatever.”

“I am skipping it! I will just be bitter and cold if I race. But I have to wait for David, he was going to race with us,” exclaims Marty.

Eric Bone backs into a parking space close by. Marty runs over and relays his dismay with the weather and his regrets that he will not be racing.

Gary from Oregon’s Team Next Adventure mock us. We all agree that if our team sponsor paid for a van, travel expenses, and entry fees, we would race.

Dan, Jill, Carol, and Robin agree to keep a lookout for David.

“Well let’s get out of the rain,” Kari demands. We are already soaked.

Colin pipes in, “Let’s go to the Roadhouse!”

Eight of us load up into our cars and caravan down the road, stopping David on the way to invite him. He is determined to race.

Check Point 1: The Roadhouse is a fancier restaurant than anyone remembers. Worst of all they don’t have pitchers. That’s ok they have Manny’s on tap. They can’t be that bad. We laugh as we watch squall after squall dumps rain rapidly enlarging the puddles outside. We trade stories and roar as Mark transforms into Super Mark after just two beers. Here’s the line. Here is where he crossed it. Good times.

We all agree we need to do some long rides in the upcoming weeks to get in shape for TRIOBA. But the justification for bailing on the race is easy for us. We are after all, team Manny’s Pale Ale. We need to train our livers as well as our bodies. The Roadhouse has mediocre food and poor service. We excuse ourselves, and the road.

Check Point 2: Tavern. There is no name to this biker bar. Just “Tavern.” It has an eclectic lumberjack motif, guys wearing Harley shirts, UFC in the flat screens that drop from the ceiling, and pitchers of Manny’s. Chip is at home. Having grown up in Fall City, this is his hood. He hits the bar and rolls up to the table with a crisp cold can of Rainier.

The pictures on the wall sell this place. Random most wanted posters with Osama Bin Laden. Framed photos of two guys and their snowmobiles. The topper was a 2x3 foot black and white 1970s picture with 6 shirtless guys in short shorts and cutoffs sitting on a car looking as menacing as possible each cradling a gun. Two cases of Rainier Beer are carelessly set upon the roof. These are men…with guns. Their seriousness is offset by their Village People appearance.

Kari arrives with a pitcher of Manny’s and one of Sierra Nevada. Clint wanting to make a name for himself among this larger than life group of racers quickly downs his first beer. The others break the first rule of adventure racing, “Don’t follow the team in front of you,” and quickly down their next beer as well.

Check Point #3: The rain is finally letting up. We stroll out of the nearly empty bar to a 57 Chevy. The guys take off their shirts and pose with the car, shirtless, cold, happy, and with their own “Gun Show.” (Colin will send out the photo’s)

Overall, a fairly typical race. Chip navigated us effortlessly to the bar. Colin and Connie took pictures. Mark sprinted ahead like usual, and hit Super Mark status early. Marty posed for inappropriate pictures, and convinced others to do the same. Kari supplied the stories that make our lives sound dull. And Clint did what he usually does, lay low then finish ahead of you. To his credit, he was very talkative.

Sorry we ditched you David. Welcome to Team Manny’s!
We will all see you at TRIOBA soon.

Team Manny’s Pale Ale

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I need to post and back track and will later but this is start for my mom.:) My fan.

So day 7.

My running is so slow. It's killing me but I have a new guarded gate for my knee. (Plus I'm sucking wind -gasping, whatever) wussitus! Elevation? A lot of mt. bikers here.. when the trails clear up I may rent if I get some more free time. Its just mornings and little breaks when in study room. Sometime evenings off but you have to practice your practical and study for written exams. A lot of people here already have their wfr or EMT's and are just looking to get both wilderness EMT and EMT B certs at the National level. One adventure race dude, coast guards, a guy from the Navy, girls are climbers and bikers, etc. I like 29 out of the 30 people here a lot. I just don't know that person(nobody does). There are 23 guys and 7 girls. One guy just dropped out. Everyone is very active!!!! I haven't been drinking soda or eating at McDonalds. Just water and nuun. Which everyone loves my nuun and my few bottle supply is almost depleted. I saw something in the ER room that I believe 99 percent of the population would not want to see. I love the wilderness stuff (the bloody broken bones survival stuff much more!) I woke up every morning since I have got here to run with a partner at 615. Today I ran 4.5 miles.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Bridle Trails 50K relay

One of my new years resolutions is to start my blog back up.