Tuesday, December 22, 2009

anything to be faster.. not about well being

of course I am kidding. what I am eating right now could give me a heart attack.

After being in the car for 25 hours plus I had a lot of time to reflect and eat a lot of double doubles, slurpees, candy and anything else in the junk food category and I came to the conclusion I am a lard ass disguised in medium fit body.

I would like to believe I could just eat what I want and not obsess or feel guilty about the foods I eat and enjoy. There is a happy medium for sure. In fact I have a TON of wiggle room before I hit happy medium.

There are a million more foods I can enjoy and continue with the bacon burgers and cupcakes if I add nutrition. I can finally feel the weight of all these foods I currently eat and I think its slowing me down, causing insomnia, etc.

I have written down the last few days worth of food I have eaten without calories or measurement just to see it on paper. It is truly alarming.

Its a whole lot of common since that fast food should not be on a healthy eating plan, some times its just the easy route and sometimes I just crave it. So instead of a strict diet I am just planning on adding in vegetables (don't make fun of me, if you grew up on canned string beans you wouldn't like vegetables either) :), I need to add a lot more water, protein and vitamins.

Since I started writing down and knowing I am going to have to write down what I eat, I have already skipped on the fast food and starting eating relatively healthy. I had my first carrot. Just checking if anyone was paying attention or not. I do like raw vegetables and will start there. I also did my first weigh in when it comes to possibly shedding pounds. I don't mind my weight if I can transform some of my fat to muscle but I don't want to lose fat and muscle because very important I keep my buff arms and ripped six pack....:)

It's nice to be out of Seattle and have some healthy goals while I am away. I am Mt biking tomorrow with Mac and Martin. Really looking forward to it. Also taking Capone on a trail run. Should be a great day.

I need HELP!


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Hart said...

you crave the junk food because you are addicted to it. it's not your fault. it's by design.

i suggest you read "the end of overeating" by david kessler. it might shed some light on how you are feeling.

good luck jill!