Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Congratulations To Mark and Marna

What a fun weekend for wedding, to the first night of lightning and golf sized hail to the next day full of sunshine.

A lot of people we able to get out and bike and climb on Sun and Monday. I decided to save my knee and not bike, but it didn't stop me from doing flips or hanging upside down on the ropes they were testing before they went outside to climb

Marna and Mark looked down right gorgeous

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Momar Canada

The night before Momar in my hotel home
not a creature is stirring not even Capone.
Ok back it up. That's all a lie. First of all I couldn't sleep. But that is nothing new. But the big weight on me head of the night was my left knee injury and what a let down I will be to my teammate. I couldn't even walk up or downstairs with any sort of pressure. So the last I look at clock one am. Next almost an hour later starting to fade and Capone jumps on my chest with a long low growl. He was protecting me from an inaudible to the human ear but man eating moth. Out of bed again. Then just fear sank in. Will I just give up. Not start. 4am. 2 hours to sleep then woke up to , Jill you going to the race or what? Yes. So then and there thick thru thin I will finish the momar race. As we are I unloading the kayaking I feel more tearing in my knee. I try to stay positive and I positively hate myself and my knee ?and this is my good knee. As Dan runs the car back I hover and sit under the Momar volunteer tent eating a meatball Sandwich. Drinking a coke and whimpering about my knee. Brian's sister says "you are funny, you would never guess your an elite athlete." "I'm not." "Oh." Long awkward silence.. then we just laughed. I continued to pray for my knee instead of world peace. When we got into the kayaks I left it all out on the lake and we still were mid pack. Our 3 times leisure kayaking was no measure to this lengthy jaunt and I kept thinking I saw the turn around there would still be boats ahead. For two non serious kayakers I have to say our big muscles and strong core paid off and we made it through. Our transition was slow and all get out and it was my first let's move it. Foreshadowing to come of me dragging us down for further than a slow TA. On to the bikes. My knee hurt every pedal. This when my teammate reminded me internal dialogue wasn't meant to be heard by surrounding people. However when he did watch and realize I was in this game and not giving up he continued to give me props. Which is a smart way to keep me from wimpering. I rocked some technical downhills. I just did. My weakness was my climbing. Even though I was able stay on my bike 80 percent more on my climbs they are slow and cost us lots of time. The 2nd draw back was the hike a bike or push a bike over a 100 foot sandy hill cliff. Each step was deathly painful and I saw d run ahead and come back for me while he made it to the lip he. Started grabbing some girls and guys bikes and helping them out. As Dan's gets my bike to the top he helps a few more ladies and he looks strong I was proud. Last time killer for our team was my cleats and peddal set up. All three of those things set us back at least an hour and 15. We did not have to search for one check point because we landed on top of them. We even saw packs of people and Mac wasn't second second guessing himself he would be like this way Jill and I would follow. Dan said he was expected a couple of times he would turn and be surprised to see me or some sections on downhills he was expecting me off my either being thown or walking but instead he heard my internal dialogue again as I was praising myself. I kept saying good job. I rock. This rocks. It did feel like we would flow and then run into a section where we were hiking up and the teams would catch my gut would ache for Mac and my knee was cringing. Next came the river run which is truly a deadly combination speed. Wet rocks and a hurt knee. However the water submersion felt great. It was like a nice ice machine. I welcomed it. Then back to the bikes. I was thinking this was the longest single track in AR. My longest mt bike was the big fat at 52 miles. Most I welcoming and almost reveling in my own improvements but then again kicking myself where my knee hurts and off if our bike affected our time. Then back to the trails and then off again for a quick photo. Then on around the corner to the glorious checkpoints 14. 15. 16. My favorite part of the whole race. Swimming with a noodle in an amazing quarry. Then back on our bikes for a small ride to the orienteering. At this point my always painful knee kicked in and I just who cares and just run it. Damage is done and put pain aside. It was no sprint but with dead on nav and one purposeful checkpoint missed I was happy. My mind also switched gears from I feel so sorry for myself. Dan. Etc to everybody suffers and at a start of race and being at this point I would be hurting and I'm hear and never wished to quit but was excited to finish. Not sure taking risks like that on my body with that injury will happen again but I will not take back the experience of doing that Momar. The pain was worth it. I am even more amped to build leg strength for speed on those climbs. I'm actually going to do my first 50k. Just right after my my appt for the dr tomorrow. Oh did you know that d had stitches on his arm from a minor surgery. Yeah he didn't mention in, just saw the stitches... . back to heading to the finish line. How fun. We did a run down the hill could hear the announcements and it was a little psych out when you had to run a little fence to and small park to get their but I felt the happiness tears. No crying just welling up. Also on the orienteering we saw a group run up a hill and came back over the other side and Dan decided to bushwack put us ahead and we smacked into the checkpoint. I was about to compliment him when he turned around with the biggest grin and said I'm f-ing amazing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

just a litle knee hang

top ten thoughts from two different racers...

running the pacifica trail run in 90 degrees these were the thoughts that came to mind

1. I debated eating grass for moisture

A. I was breaking the tall pieces of grass pretending to leave a trail for tracker.

2. I didn't put my foot down when a lizard passed through because I had wondered if I would skid out on it guts.

B. Thought about stealing the guy's hat in front of me and using him chasing me as motivation.

3. I wanted to be upper pack for when I passed out I had a chance for one nice person to stop and get me help.

C. Thought about what it would be like to spend the night up there when running 50 feet off the trail

4. Do I even like running

D. I am never running on a treadmill again, false sense of security

5. After eating GU I said over and over, it just as good as a glass of water and I finally realized it wasn't I wanted to know if I could actually choke on GU.

E. I craddle my waterbottle like a football pretending I was a running back.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

the plunge

Since the power house plunge in Squamish took my ego down to a level 0 (except rating still high for cuteness) - I decided that I have been giving everything about 10 percent. So I set my goals high from that Momar forward and moving it to 60 percent.

SO - the Beast comes.. what.. its supposed to be this little jaunt canoe/kayak, bike ride and small run. Which we all have come to learn EBone 3 miles could mean anything from 3 to 100 miles.

So I train.. truly, riding my road bike 40 miles on the hardest gears, I am spinning, I am riding my mt bike, I am trail running, I am running like crazy in the mornings and evenings with Capone. I am even out there kayaking, Capone has even been kayaking..(how long will this build up go on? I guess when I actually lose myself reading it too)... oh and Mac has finally honed in the navigation.

Race comes June 3rd, and we get a bit of storm. Race starts late. I am still all happy. Feeling for once, I am OVER prepared, at least from an endurance perspective, that doesn't mean speed, but it means I am not hopping into that 52 mile mt. bike race like last time only have ridden my bike like 16 miles max before...

phew get on with it.. ok... so we start off and we are nailing checkpoints and we are cruising with paddles... then comes the awful checkpoint and there is two of us in the boat and one of the two of us (jack ass) leans over to stop us from crashing into rod iron gate under a freeway and grab the checkpoint at the same time. We fell so hard, we dunked even with our life jackets, when we came up for air, all I could think of is please Mac be alive. We both simultaneously jumped up on this rail (I have ten bruises on my bottom to prove it), then mac attempted a dump of the water, and as we began to paddle, him now in front, water is still in the boat, we slowly began sinking. I couldn't stop laughing, and what an idiot I am.. oh wait I just admitted it was my fault. SHIPE.. We then had to make our way to an island, Mac flipped over the boat with one hand (kind of hulk like) and was like "get in" - i had asked if he was mad and he said "hell no this an adventure."

When we got to the biking section normally in this race a road bike would be an advantage - me with no disc break and a little tropical storm, I wanted my mt. bike. At the last leg of the bike, after the run, I swear I heard Mac say get off your bike. When I did, I slid in my bike cleats with a bike in hand on a crazy downhill for a long long time, longer than a slip and slide until I finally hit coble stone and fell bending my derailer.

So Mac needs a new partner, my looks are only taking me so far.. this giving it 60 percent is for the birds.... do I go back to zero training? Or take it to the max... I have two more races in Canada, one in Portland, a couple in Seattle, San Fran, NY and a Tahoe ride.. and that is just what I have planned so far... I am coming back.

I will say one thing about our team. WE DO NOT QUIT.. even when you ask the Magic 8 Ball "should I quit?" and it says, "all signs point to YES" we say hell no. watch out for our next race... not the trail run Sat, cuz D is betting against me and I can't feel my toes..

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Picture from Momar May 10th in Squamish.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beast and the mud bash

I was asked where my beast report was and I realized it was only on attack point.. and just typing in this little blog I miss it.

So the beast all the way back to March 27 and NW Trail Run, -holy cow was that fun. It was a mud bash. I have never felt so awake, so alive and so wet and muddy and I loved it. Came in 13 out of 50 five milers.. I gave it my all too but that mud and some logs to my mid section were slowing me down, but not ruining any of my fun time though.


I would say we finally started putting our time in for races and then I busted my elbow...I was a little bummed but decided to do the beast anyway... it wasn't my broken elbow, it was my broken brain that put us at the back of the heat after we started with such a strong run.

Mac points out a short cut up a cliff, and me 20 feet into what I think will be the divine shortcut of the world, the coat closet of Narnia, left us in the back in the pit of hell. The little cliff had the same consistency of a sandcastle, and the higher I climbed I put my full arm deep into the sand before moving my next foot and arm, it was CRAZY. Mac thought we should turn back at one point, but where i had once had my foot was no longer sand there. Mac told me later that 25 minute climb, the race was over for him, more about getting off the hill and just navigating the course. I felt horrible. He said if he would have fallen it would have been cartwheels and to our deaths.

I LOVED our biking, I couldn't have asked for better trails coming off an injury. Lots of mud, was able to ride with no fear, didn't fall, in fact I lacked a single sound effect. I did get feedback (he emphasized feedback), "you were awesome on the bike, not afraid, rode tough through the mud, down hills, but you need to get some power in those quads." Heart sank... anyway, I had a blast, I made a poor choice in the nav.

However racing is all about learning. I am not the navigator and I am going to follow like a lemming, I usually do but the climb, the cliff, the possible shortcut was so enticing...

since the feedback, I have been going to the gym, hitting the weights, riding my bike, mt and road, I put on some pounds, not purposely, but moving them to muscle. We have been hitting a few sports a day now we just need to make them extra long so we are prepared for our racing coming up...

my post feels blah, but I have had writers block since I have been so behind.. so expect wit, silliness, great report and some awesome pictures next post because I have been hitting those trails and my race report is going to show it!!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St Paddy Day Dash

Here are my results and then there was going to be a cute quick story about Marna and Mark winning best costume, but I have no photo's of them. They are hoarding them until they splash into the front pages of NW runners magazine or maybe it will be next year's photo for the race, but they were darn right CUTE... Congratulations to them both. They are rock (movie) stars!

gender: F
location: Seattle, WA
overall place: 982 out of 8328
division place: 24 out of 631
gender place: 189 out of 4402
time: 26:38

The run said it was 3.58 miles.
We started in the back of the first heat, when they announced there was 5000 people in the first wave, i thought, "you better be in top 2000" Then I realized we were actually behind 5000 people who were forced to walk 400 feet after the start because of the crowd. I reminded myself, FUN, FUN, FUN, and continued in my position. Then when it slightly slightly thinned out - somewhere my head was like, this will be the biggest pick off of my life, I love it. Don't worry, I know I was no rock star, and I myself have been completely not only picked off but plucked! But still I was going to try to run past all the people without being obnoxious or some kind of crazy yelling "ON YOUR LEFT ON YOUR LEFT" - but just running and dodging without touching, only passing. I had fun.

I felt tired for a 5k, and thought about an ultra runner on a particular turn - called myself a pansy and picked up the pace. I ran past a lot of people, one advantage of being in the back. When I saw I was 24 of 631 of my age group, I was a little bummed I wasn't the crazy starting at the front pushing leprechauns down. Do you think my position would have changed? Not the pushing down, the starting in front? It didn't feel as much down hill as last year did, but I was a little zigzag.

Here is Capone - doubled in size plus 2. He is like Celsius to Fahrenheit (minus 30).

Monday, March 10, 2008

Half Mercer On Me

Catchy title, but that's about all I got. And to some, the title might not even be catchy, just a groan... however, that is still all I got.

I ran the half mercer this Sunday March 9. I thought harder than I ran, my head was on FIRE. It is the real first exercise I have done since I broke my elbow. AND this time when I broke my elbow, it was NOTHING pain wise compared to the first time. Less bones involved, but whatever it was -it zapped the LIFE out of me. So went from sleeping three weeks to waking up to half marathon.

I was analyzing every racer type, groups, front section runners, to mid section runners, picnic-ers and cotton sock wearers, skinny short girls with large calves, old men using their last steps for a half marathon, to the spry older man that has a pep in their step to thank every volunteer and police officer.

I could put 80 percent of the racers in to ten categories with actual real more detailed description but i don't won't to fully stereo type for two reasons, this blog will haunt me when I run for president, and two, I am not sure what category I fall in to.

I did run with a 12 year old -75 percent of the race -It was like I couldn't shake her. She actually deserved to have either fifteen minutes shaved on her time or an added extra two miles. She would have to run to every person that put their hand out to high five. People would yell "YOU ROCK" I would think, which makes me SUCK. I only felt sorry for myself for the two seconds, when I realized my dad's coaching motto, always run with the best, I was, she was just 12. And people kept running, by us and smiling at us. I was old enough to be her mom, both blonde and both flat chested, we could have been related!

I had no umph, no know how, power, each step was solemn, EXCEPT today, I am happy, out of my coma, excited to workout tomorrow and I have a race March 27th. Oh and I am running the st. paddy's day - Love em and leave 5k was 7:41 mile, I would love to beat that time but if I even try to be competitive with a thousand drunk leprechauns for a dash - you have full rights to shoot me.

P.S. Lululemon has hit the scene. Everyone was out full spring and the race shirts were thrown aside -despite the attempt to for a dri-fit - It was the stage of a great fashion show!

Good race. I know the people that started that race, great people, great race, great time (a day later)!

just a little more inside thoughts race day
"who ends a race on an uphill?"
"who put the finish line water further than the race itself"
"oh I bitch about running with the 12 year old - but is she doing a break a way?"
"who runs with a broken elbow?
"is it me, or is john cash annoying if your ipod gets stuck on the same song over and over"
"where is my eminem, eye of the tiger, rocky theme song?"
"I don't even run with music, why am I now?"
"If I could just catch someone I would give them this ipod like I am just a promotion out here running"
"I can't even pick people off this race"
"oh my god - I just got picked off"

Monday, February 18, 2008

Disclaimer about earlier post

I actually didn't have the winter triathlon set as a race race. It was more of a weekend get away, so I am no longer beating myself up not being a cross country skiier. I know how to do it. I will be slow. BUT I won't ever quit, even if the banners, finish line or what have you gets taken now. I am just going to go out there and have fun. It sounds lame (I can be some time - sorry for any fans I have just punctured their image of me - did I say fans I meant fan.. or mom), however this is just a little adventure with some skill sets I don't have and in truth, I have practiced endurance, I do run (which is 1/3 of the race), and I have been biking... it's going to be great. No stress... I mean my lodging, the food and wine list alone can be a reason enough to be dead last and call it a successful weekend.

I do need to pick out a specific race or races and really train - and do it all the right way!

By next Friday, a race, a date, or a type of race and time frame (gosh I can't commit) - kidding. NEXT FRIDAY - a race calendar and some goals will be set. I will still be racing, or running every week or two, but I mean the kind of training the big kids too. The kind my trainer likes.... quoting AV before he kicks as in a race, GIDDY UP!


I broke a promise to myself and it's bumming me out. I have the winter triathlon, and I didn't really train for the cross country piece, or riding my mountain bike up a huge hill, packed with snow.I have road my road bike, been on my mountain bike double then last year, went on runs, training has been fun, endurance is up, but I promised myself to train and boom, I'm in race with NO cross country skiing abilities... . think positive -endurance is up, except the pain in my side is still killing me.

Today was a beautiful day with sunshine for an 11 mile cougar trail run. I took a tiny little extra loop - ignoring my navigator but my phone rang, "read me the nearest sign when you come to one" "Ok,...." as I run a down hill, see an amazing waterfall, yet, trail is getting skinnier and no signs,I felt a little dumb, I did have a compass, but I didn't know if the car was N, E, S, or W. finally up a hill, I saw a sign, and named the trail, "ok take a left and run straight. It was like I was a little adventure race minion - Then came the smart advice, "don't leave your navigator unless you have a map or you will be the guy that fell under the log and covered himself with leaves" - "I would actually admit to going to Vegas" "Vegas would be the first place I would check if you ever went missing"

Then we grabbed Capone and ran around Green Lake. He is cute and fast. Tiny little fella too. He is going to get bigger, but he runs fast, and I love it.

Road riding yesterday, I actually felt good about myself. For the first time I saw improvement, i felt like I was keeping up with D - but maybe I just imagined it, or he made me feel better... either way, I felt great.

Here is another picture of Capone -After runs, he gets to soak in the tub, and be dried with warm towels straight from the dryer. He has 11 toys, and its 5:17 am, and I just took him out for a little jaunt and bathroom break... he is so amazing.

I am going to be very drastic is training in the next ten days...some people say you can't train for a race in ten days, I think Hart has really helped with the endurance, my racing and lifting weights with D has also helped.. I just need to learn to skate ski.. I think I can do that in ten days...

Congratulations Hart on taking 1st in the Orcas Island 50k.

The other results weren't published, I can't wait to read how well my other friends did!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines 5k

Checking the temperature is the key element for runs. I have been perfectly cold this whole winter, warming up running. I still hear everyone's voice, "start cold, you will warm up."

Once I got to Green Lake it was like, "dang I am hot before we start"

"guess the temperature?"


Close 47.

I need to put checking the temperature on the to do list before going out the door. I did want it to be wet, rainy and windy and to enjoy crazy seattle weather with 1500 plus people running around the lake (and this little loop they create for the extra distance).

We stood in the 8 minute mile group and we couldn't even run when we hit the start line, then I zipped away and was dodging people. My energy was low though and I felt like a slug. The one positive thing is I was passing people instead of people passing me, so I was doing something right. When I know there is one mile left I love to kick it into a higher gear. Today I was like, "nah" I felt lazy. I also didn't think I was running very fast to make any difference on my time.

I was very surprised to find out I ran 23:55 - I think that is a 7:41 minute mile. Not bad. It makes me want to race again, especially when I feel well and I feel like I am pushing hard, because this was a great time for me, although if you can imagine, I moaned and groaned "why, why, why??? didnt I sprint out the last mile, or even half mile?"

I'm ready to start my track training. Right now though I need to go cross country skiing at least six times six and and three rides up Tiger... desperately... for the winter triathlon I am doing in March.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Meet Capone

weighing in at 6 pounds. SMOOCH.

He had his first run today up and down the hallway... fast.

Also gorgeous day cross country skiing despite all my mishaps. Snowing while the sun was out. Pretty dang surreal. The snow is awesome this year..

Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Tap Out Tap Out"

Whistler was an amazing time - 29th the 5th.

We had a lesson for classic cross country skiing. It was glorious with gorgeous huge snow flakes. We went around the lake three times.

There were some friends there - one of the days of snowboarding, I flipped over the t-bar. Talk about a thrill. My heart was pounding so hard.

Taking Jake up on the innertubing was a a blast. We all used him as an excuse.

We watched the glorious win of RUSH in the UFC. I won a bet.

We discovered a new little place called FOOT. They soak your feet in warm water and it turns into a thick jello and then they wash it off and 45 minutes of complete bliss of Reflexology. They do massage all the way to your upper leg. It was so amazing I wanted to go back so bad. So two days later we sign up for the 45 minute neck and back massage and the 45 minute reflexology. My lady was too hard. I went from thinking this place was bliss to plain torture. I serious kept saying stop. NO. And I didn't mean yes. I was getting so hacked at that lady I would have punched her if I had any arms free at all. She grabbed both arms back and put her knee in my back to crack it. I heard Mac's evil laugh and I was fighting with my massage lady when she then trying to crack my neck. I yell to Mac "tap out. tap out." I looked worse that Matt Hughes and he is still laughing. She said, "Do you try to be pretty?" I'm was like "what?" "Do you try, you know, to be skinny, you feel like tofu. You have no muscles." Ok muscles breaker, caused a bruise, and my ego.. hello do you guys know I lifted weights starting in high school? all the time... no muscle? I was even on my high school weight team.. well there were no other 93 pounds in the weight class, but still... and I used to workout all the time at SAC before the WAC. TOFU????