Wednesday, April 16, 2008

beast and the mud bash

I was asked where my beast report was and I realized it was only on attack point.. and just typing in this little blog I miss it.

So the beast all the way back to March 27 and NW Trail Run, -holy cow was that fun. It was a mud bash. I have never felt so awake, so alive and so wet and muddy and I loved it. Came in 13 out of 50 five milers.. I gave it my all too but that mud and some logs to my mid section were slowing me down, but not ruining any of my fun time though.


I would say we finally started putting our time in for races and then I busted my elbow...I was a little bummed but decided to do the beast anyway... it wasn't my broken elbow, it was my broken brain that put us at the back of the heat after we started with such a strong run.

Mac points out a short cut up a cliff, and me 20 feet into what I think will be the divine shortcut of the world, the coat closet of Narnia, left us in the back in the pit of hell. The little cliff had the same consistency of a sandcastle, and the higher I climbed I put my full arm deep into the sand before moving my next foot and arm, it was CRAZY. Mac thought we should turn back at one point, but where i had once had my foot was no longer sand there. Mac told me later that 25 minute climb, the race was over for him, more about getting off the hill and just navigating the course. I felt horrible. He said if he would have fallen it would have been cartwheels and to our deaths.

I LOVED our biking, I couldn't have asked for better trails coming off an injury. Lots of mud, was able to ride with no fear, didn't fall, in fact I lacked a single sound effect. I did get feedback (he emphasized feedback), "you were awesome on the bike, not afraid, rode tough through the mud, down hills, but you need to get some power in those quads." Heart sank... anyway, I had a blast, I made a poor choice in the nav.

However racing is all about learning. I am not the navigator and I am going to follow like a lemming, I usually do but the climb, the cliff, the possible shortcut was so enticing...

since the feedback, I have been going to the gym, hitting the weights, riding my bike, mt and road, I put on some pounds, not purposely, but moving them to muscle. We have been hitting a few sports a day now we just need to make them extra long so we are prepared for our racing coming up...

my post feels blah, but I have had writers block since I have been so behind.. so expect wit, silliness, great report and some awesome pictures next post because I have been hitting those trails and my race report is going to show it!!!


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