Tuesday, March 25, 2008

St Paddy Day Dash

Here are my results and then there was going to be a cute quick story about Marna and Mark winning best costume, but I have no photo's of them. They are hoarding them until they splash into the front pages of NW runners magazine or maybe it will be next year's photo for the race, but they were darn right CUTE... Congratulations to them both. They are rock (movie) stars!

gender: F
location: Seattle, WA
overall place: 982 out of 8328
division place: 24 out of 631
gender place: 189 out of 4402
time: 26:38

The run said it was 3.58 miles.
We started in the back of the first heat, when they announced there was 5000 people in the first wave, i thought, "you better be in top 2000" Then I realized we were actually behind 5000 people who were forced to walk 400 feet after the start because of the crowd. I reminded myself, FUN, FUN, FUN, and continued in my position. Then when it slightly slightly thinned out - somewhere my head was like, this will be the biggest pick off of my life, I love it. Don't worry, I know I was no rock star, and I myself have been completely not only picked off but plucked! But still I was going to try to run past all the people without being obnoxious or some kind of crazy yelling "ON YOUR LEFT ON YOUR LEFT" - but just running and dodging without touching, only passing. I had fun.

I felt tired for a 5k, and thought about an ultra runner on a particular turn - called myself a pansy and picked up the pace. I ran past a lot of people, one advantage of being in the back. When I saw I was 24 of 631 of my age group, I was a little bummed I wasn't the crazy starting at the front pushing leprechauns down. Do you think my position would have changed? Not the pushing down, the starting in front? It didn't feel as much down hill as last year did, but I was a little zigzag.

Here is Capone - doubled in size plus 2. He is like Celsius to Fahrenheit (minus 30).

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