Monday, February 11, 2008

Valentines 5k

Checking the temperature is the key element for runs. I have been perfectly cold this whole winter, warming up running. I still hear everyone's voice, "start cold, you will warm up."

Once I got to Green Lake it was like, "dang I am hot before we start"

"guess the temperature?"


Close 47.

I need to put checking the temperature on the to do list before going out the door. I did want it to be wet, rainy and windy and to enjoy crazy seattle weather with 1500 plus people running around the lake (and this little loop they create for the extra distance).

We stood in the 8 minute mile group and we couldn't even run when we hit the start line, then I zipped away and was dodging people. My energy was low though and I felt like a slug. The one positive thing is I was passing people instead of people passing me, so I was doing something right. When I know there is one mile left I love to kick it into a higher gear. Today I was like, "nah" I felt lazy. I also didn't think I was running very fast to make any difference on my time.

I was very surprised to find out I ran 23:55 - I think that is a 7:41 minute mile. Not bad. It makes me want to race again, especially when I feel well and I feel like I am pushing hard, because this was a great time for me, although if you can imagine, I moaned and groaned "why, why, why??? didnt I sprint out the last mile, or even half mile?"

I'm ready to start my track training. Right now though I need to go cross country skiing at least six times six and and three rides up Tiger... desperately... for the winter triathlon I am doing in March.


Hart said...

awesome run! congrats. let's get track workouts going!

THRILL said...

I loved them. Esp since we would get close to six miles in with our fast runs and warm down runs. It was a great workout. Interested trail groups you mentioned. Dart-Nuun and Light in motion bike wednesday over?