Monday, February 18, 2008


I broke a promise to myself and it's bumming me out. I have the winter triathlon, and I didn't really train for the cross country piece, or riding my mountain bike up a huge hill, packed with snow.I have road my road bike, been on my mountain bike double then last year, went on runs, training has been fun, endurance is up, but I promised myself to train and boom, I'm in race with NO cross country skiing abilities... . think positive -endurance is up, except the pain in my side is still killing me.

Today was a beautiful day with sunshine for an 11 mile cougar trail run. I took a tiny little extra loop - ignoring my navigator but my phone rang, "read me the nearest sign when you come to one" "Ok,...." as I run a down hill, see an amazing waterfall, yet, trail is getting skinnier and no signs,I felt a little dumb, I did have a compass, but I didn't know if the car was N, E, S, or W. finally up a hill, I saw a sign, and named the trail, "ok take a left and run straight. It was like I was a little adventure race minion - Then came the smart advice, "don't leave your navigator unless you have a map or you will be the guy that fell under the log and covered himself with leaves" - "I would actually admit to going to Vegas" "Vegas would be the first place I would check if you ever went missing"

Then we grabbed Capone and ran around Green Lake. He is cute and fast. Tiny little fella too. He is going to get bigger, but he runs fast, and I love it.

Road riding yesterday, I actually felt good about myself. For the first time I saw improvement, i felt like I was keeping up with D - but maybe I just imagined it, or he made me feel better... either way, I felt great.

Here is another picture of Capone -After runs, he gets to soak in the tub, and be dried with warm towels straight from the dryer. He has 11 toys, and its 5:17 am, and I just took him out for a little jaunt and bathroom break... he is so amazing.

I am going to be very drastic is training in the next ten days...some people say you can't train for a race in ten days, I think Hart has really helped with the endurance, my racing and lifting weights with D has also helped.. I just need to learn to skate ski.. I think I can do that in ten days...

Congratulations Hart on taking 1st in the Orcas Island 50k.

The other results weren't published, I can't wait to read how well my other friends did!!

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