Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Tap Out Tap Out"

Whistler was an amazing time - 29th the 5th.

We had a lesson for classic cross country skiing. It was glorious with gorgeous huge snow flakes. We went around the lake three times.

There were some friends there - one of the days of snowboarding, I flipped over the t-bar. Talk about a thrill. My heart was pounding so hard.

Taking Jake up on the innertubing was a a blast. We all used him as an excuse.

We watched the glorious win of RUSH in the UFC. I won a bet.

We discovered a new little place called FOOT. They soak your feet in warm water and it turns into a thick jello and then they wash it off and 45 minutes of complete bliss of Reflexology. They do massage all the way to your upper leg. It was so amazing I wanted to go back so bad. So two days later we sign up for the 45 minute neck and back massage and the 45 minute reflexology. My lady was too hard. I went from thinking this place was bliss to plain torture. I serious kept saying stop. NO. And I didn't mean yes. I was getting so hacked at that lady I would have punched her if I had any arms free at all. She grabbed both arms back and put her knee in my back to crack it. I heard Mac's evil laugh and I was fighting with my massage lady when she then trying to crack my neck. I yell to Mac "tap out. tap out." I looked worse that Matt Hughes and he is still laughing. She said, "Do you try to be pretty?" I'm was like "what?" "Do you try, you know, to be skinny, you feel like tofu. You have no muscles." Ok muscles breaker, caused a bruise, and my ego.. hello do you guys know I lifted weights starting in high school? all the time... no muscle? I was even on my high school weight team.. well there were no other 93 pounds in the weight class, but still... and I used to workout all the time at SAC before the WAC. TOFU????

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