Thursday, July 26, 2007

momar places value on commandoughs

But do the commandoughs?
Tough questions - there is a team name request - because one feels they have to spell out DOUGHS -to let them know we are not like commando tough - I say when we are crawling in dead last - it's a dead give a way, I also think this should be brought to an even higher philosophical question - I mean aren't we tough?. Zero training and then boom in a race? I say leave off the ugh. OR train.
This last race we did finish, no short course, and we were long because of me. SO maybe I train, then talk smack?

Ok, the next part you are about to read seems like train of thoughts so bear with it.. Or bare with it... see.. That’s the mess and typos you are about to enter.

I have some saved blogs and some photos that I need to post so I will catch up soon.

Back to Momar

The race itself was glorious - Our Kayaking was decent for two people that have never kayaked together. We have paddled once in a canoe (for a race) with Kayak paddles, but I don't think that counts. I haven't been mountain biking since I first came to Hawaii, but I have been exercising so endurance would not have normally been my weakest link HOWEVER - I just learned I have zero balance on benadryl. And when we were doing well and our navigator who has cranked it up and is nailing check points; it goes dead to the wall when the teammate (me) keeps falling down. I was like baby Simpson. I had climbed under a tree I couldn't get over and there I was full of stinging nettles. At first I thought it was poison oak so I immediately took two bendadryl. Then I hopped on my bike and about 15 minutes later I would just fall over. Then ride. Fall over. This one girl said, "she fell down again" and it was like on a straight away -I am not sure if it was the meds in my body, or my own being bummed out - but I swear the word again was yelled and emphasized by the biker. Anyway - by orienteering time - I gained a little bit of balance -but what would have been my best part (on foot) was just a so so run. The most amazing part of the race was river running and having to blow up floaties to paddle (with arm like a surfboard) to the checkpoint. GLORIOUS. FUNNY.

I also had some major rock or something in my shoe - and since I have ended a few races with bloody feet - I decided to take care of this matter before running on through the river and D was standing in line for the check point. I take off my shoe - my sock and fish out a dime size pebble - meanwhile I placed my shoe on rock, not only was my shoe was missing - so was the rock - the water slightly rapid and it was a high - the rock was dry - I think the sun dried it out and then boom, no rock and most importantly NO shoe (this is all before Benadryl). I then yell down to some boys running up the river - and said did you see a shoe? Then they said, "What did it look like" and I lift up my left foot and show them a my shoe - I was wearing grey Merrils. They said "Grey?" I then kicked in to my holy grail accent and said, "yes I am looking for a shoe that looks like a rock, have you seen it." they repeated "a rock, yes I have seen a rock" and I say, "can I wear it as a shoe" and then I finally just watched where all the water patterns were going (ten routes) where the shoe went missing and by the grace of AR racing gods, it lodged itself between two rocks ten feet away. LUCKY.

Then the whole thing goes awry - when I ended up with major spiders in my bed, back eaten alive, loss of keys, small planned surgery and whole a lot of tears - back in Seattle.

That's when I come back to Maui and have had five visitors, or maybe I am intruding on their visit. Either way, that story later. Also Valpey - flew me to an island with old growth trees -and had two awesome trails runs (walk runs) - the trees were so large that you could go inside them if you wanted. It was the enchanted forest and a great workout to boot. And when on boat – then popped over to maui.

Thank you for anyone who took my calls - at 9800 feet elevation from my bike ride up to Haleakala. D was giving me tour de France and I was giving him tour de Jill. Matt thought my messages said I rode my bike 200 feet. My ipod went dead 2 miles to go and RVG would NOT sing to me. Josue didn't answer and my mom was like "are you crying -or you happy?" Alix and I were talking about chocolate martinis. Also when I did get to the top all the cars that passed me, were so friendly and the people came to talk to me - I never turn down attention. :) One couple gave me bottled water. One couple crackers. It was freezing up there. I even got a few pictures with people - which made me giggle I probably was going like a turtle - however today I feel like I didn't ride hard enough because I am not sore but I made it. Also everyone offered me so much food, praise, but no a jacket or their blankets they were wrapped up in. AV passed me at 6500 feet. We started at different locations - he did check on my food supply, water, etc, then zip he was gone. Also a bull was hanging next to me when I did a clothes change. There were no fences (who owned those bulls?) anyway -I started even talking to the bull and was like "I hope you can read it says watch for bikers" two seconds later - I see a picture of sign with a bull on it for bull crossing, I am like, "touché"

Last thing –If all that elevation didn’t seem loopy enough – right after I downed a double espresso hammer gel – my ipod was still working and my endorphins were flying HIGH and “your beautiful” came on the ipod and I was like I think someone wrote this for me, then boom he talks about how he saw the girl on a subway and I am like “I haven’t been on any subway” the high and low of that espresso was deadly – I had to move my song to I’m a soldier – then right back up to feeling high and GREAT. Again, wish I would have worked even harder. I thought the big fat was tougher.

Ah decided, not living in Maui, I need Sun and city life. My next few places to check out are Australia, London (cold I know), Cayman (maybe not big enough city), and NY which is both humid and hot. But I need to decide this all soon, live in Seattle, school work, or work in these places. OR start training like a madman and RACE. I would like to be good and to train.

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